World Web Stories

David Dias

Every week, I interview someone who is passionate about the web, living in a different country. We talk about their life story, their failures and their successes. Join us on this weekly adventure around the globe!

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In this 3rd episode of the podcast World Web Stories, Sandeep talk about his daily job as a Front-End developer and describe the community of developers living in Mauritius. Takeaways: Don't rush in learning how to use frameworks, learn your basics first…

Jul 6

37 min 41 sec

In this 2nd episode of the podcast World Web Stories, David has the pleasure to interview Rana Ahmer Yasin, a software web entrepreneur from Pakistan. Ahmer is passionate about entrepreneurship and solving real problems. Through failures and successes, we…

Jun 15

45 min 52 sec

In this short episode zero, David Dias presents himself and why he is launching the podcast "World Web Stories". Takeaways: If you are interested in talking about your experience and you life story, feel free to fill the form to be a guest . Episode…

Mar 17

3 min 16 sec