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Dan Jackson

Through research and interviews Dan looks at all things education in order to help teachers implement strategies that focus on developing student capacity to be self-sufficient learners as well as providing other tips for teachers to enhance their effectiveness.

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As a school looks to improve, one of the key aspects is trusted leaders. Discover what you will learn from "TrustED: The bridge to school improvement" by Toby Travis. You can check out the show notes and win a free book by going to https://www.teacherspd.net/TrustED

Nov 20

13 min 11 sec

Dan discusses how focus impacts our effectiveness. Our culture of distraction is training our brains to avoid focus, but focus is vital for effectively doing hard work. Access the show notes at https://www.teacherspd.net/96

Nov 14

11 min 19 sec

Discover the benefits of beginning each lesson with a classroom circle designed to help you better understand your students and improve their ability to become lifelong learners. Free questions are available at the show notes page https://www.teacherspd.net/95

Nov 6

14 min 33 sec

We often set goals as teachers and then stray from the path as the term gets busier. In this video, Dan explains how he uses a weekly schedule to help him keep on track to achieve his goals and prioritise what is most valuable.

Oct 30

10 min 28 sec

In this interview, Jake explains how he created student-paced units and lessons to help his students take more control and ownership of their learning and become lifelong learners.     Watch the video on YouTube here   Want the free chapter from my book head over to teacherspd.net/workless   Connect with Jake Miller at jakemiller.net  

Oct 16

14 min 35 sec

Dan interviews Monica Burns to discuss how technology can be used to help create lifelong learners by fostering curiosity and inquiry with our students. Get the full show notes at https://www.teacherspd.net/92

Oct 3

13 min 13 sec

Lesleigh is one of the founders of Google Educator Group - Global. She has plenty of teaching experience and is with us today to talk all about the benefits of a global PLN for your classroom. Get the shownotes at www.teacherspd.net/91  

Sep 28

14 min 7 sec

What do cows have to do with teaching? That is a fantastic question. Learn how Seth Godin guru of marketing can help you increase your impact on your students. Grab the show notes at https://www.teacherspd.net/90

Sep 20

6 min 35 sec

If you need to reduce your workload this video will help you get started. Learn how to identify your high-impact tasks as a teacher and discover which tasks you can ditch completely. You can learn more about the book at https://www.teacherspd.net/workless

Sep 12

8 min 58 sec

Time is our greatest resource and we need to take control of it. Too often we allow school to dictate too much of our time. Let's get our priorities right and allocate more time to what really matters and less time to work. Access the transcript and video at https://www.teacherspd.net/88

Aug 8

6 min 6 sec

Dan is back after a short break to talk about increasing your personal effectiveness so that you are a better quality teacher and person as a result. It's time to get more control in our lives. 🙂 Show notes are available at https://www.teacherspd.net/87

Aug 1

10 min 59 sec

Dave Burgess is a world-renowned expert in education. His book, Teach Like a Pirate, was a New York Times bestseller. In this episode, Dan sits down with Dave to discuss how he would help students become lifelong learners. You can access the show notes at https://www.teacherspd.net/86

Jun 13

12 min 56 sec

Learn how learning happens in the brain and what you can do in your classroom to leverage this information and make learning easier for your students. Dr Judy Willis is an M.D. in Neuroscience,  completed many brain surgeries over a 15 year period and taught in the classroom for over 10 years. Come and learn from her expertise.

Jun 6

27 min 11 sec

Dan sits down with the amazing Ron Ritchhart to discuss how visible thinking routines help our students become lifelong learners.

May 23

19 min 34 sec

Hyperdocs have been around for a while now and are a fantastic tool to use in your classroom. not only do they free you up as a teacher and help structure your lessons, they also enable students to develop the skills they need to become lifelong learners. In this episode, Dan interviews Lisa Highfill, one of the authors of the Hyperdocs Handbook and co-founder of all things hyperdocs.

May 16

18 min 49 sec

Dan discusses Trevor's new book Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition to tell you exactly what you will learn from this book that will be released on 15 May 2021 on Amazon.com

May 12

16 min 44 sec

Dan sits down to talk with Trevor MacKenzie, author of Inquiry Mindset, to find out what you will learn from this fantastic book. 

May 9

13 min 27 sec

Laura, host of the After the Bell with educatinglaura podcast, joins Dan to discuss how to leverage student learning styles or preferences to help students become lifelong learners.

May 9

6 min 36 sec

Dan sits down with Trevor MacKenzie, author of Dive Into Inquiry to find out exactly what you will learn from his first book. Trevor provides lots of helpful strategies you can use in this book as well as clear processes for getting into free inquiry projects.

May 5

13 min 23 sec

The multi-award-winning Eleni Kyritsis joins Dan to discuss effective feedback, what it is, what it looks like and how it helps our students become lifelong learners. 

May 2

16 min 52 sec

Win a TeachersPD membership while you learn about the importance of frameworks for student learning. This episode explores what a framework is, how they impact learning and provides practical tips to apply them in your teaching to help students learn.

Apr 25

23 min 48 sec

David Ausubel said “The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly.”... But is he correct and how do you apply this to your classroom. Find out how in this episode with Dan Jackson

Apr 18

11 min 31 sec

Assessment should replicate the real world, check for understanding, and match up with your learning goals and syllabus/curriculum outcomes. Find out how to create engaging and authentic tasks in just 4 steps.

Apr 11

13 min 52 sec

Learn the connections between gardening and teaching in this episode with Dan Jackson. He is a great lover of a good garden and discusses how matching seeds, plants, and conditions in much the same thing as he does for his students. All in an effort to ensure they thrive.

Mar 28

9 min 10 sec

Learn how to develop a rapport with your students so that you can have a positive impact, not just on their learning, but on their life. And make sure you head over to teacherspd.net/76 to get your free infographic.

Feb 28

11 min 14 sec

Learn this basic 4 step process to creating engaging lessons that meet your students where they are, hook them into the learning and connect with them in an authentic way.

Feb 21

12 min 56 sec

Flip your Classroom has been one of the most influential books on my approach to teaching. It revolutionised my teaching. Made me more impactful by giving me back the time in my classroom to then create rich and engaging learning experiences for my students. Come and learn all about what you will learn from this fantastic book by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams.

Feb 16

30 min 16 sec

Want to learn a basic 4 step process you can use to create programs that are coherent and targetted to your students. The type of program that works with your students and helps them achieve. Check out Dan's 4 step process to creating gourmet units of work. - Comes with a free Infographic

Feb 14

19 min 32 sec

Getting to know your students is one of the greatest things you can do as a teacher. It helps develop rapport, and when you use this information to differentiate your teaching there is magic that can happen. Learn more about 3 easy ways you can get to know your students this week.

Feb 7

11 min 38 sec

Dylan Wiliam is the guru of formative assessment and has shared some fantastic strategies and approaches to education in his book Embedded Formative Assessment. Learn how to increase your impact and enable your students to become lifelong learners in this episode.

Feb 3

26 min 35 sec

Coaches and mentors can have a huge impact on your teaching and as a result your students' learning. Learn 4 of the key benefits of a coach in this episode and how you can both improve your practice together. 

Jan 31

12 min 16 sec

Discover how to make your first lesson of the year one where students feel welcomed, empowered and that enables you to develop their literacy from the very beginning with advice from Annette Gray.Annette Gray is a literacy consultant and adviser. She has many years’ successful teaching experience in classrooms K-10 across Australia and in international settings. 

Jan 24

17 min 17 sec

Sir Ken Robinson is possibly the most widely known educator in the world. He has the most viewed TED talk ever and this book clearly captivates his ideas and vision for schools across the world. Find out what you will learn if you read Creative Schools by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica.

Jan 19

19 min 32 sec

Learn how to set yourself up for a great year by establishing your workflow, preparing to meet your students and setting your own professional learning goals. Dan will discuss all this and make a short announcement regarding the future of the podcast and its focus.

Jan 17

10 min 50 sec

How does James use school raves and cross-disciplinary learning to help engage his students and stimulate curiosity? Find out how he does this and uses raves to inspire his students to become lifelong learners.

Jan 10

13 min 55 sec

Last week was my final week as Deputy Principal. I have absolutely loved my time at SEDA College and am looking forward to what next year brings. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Head over to www.teacherspd.net/workwithme to find out more.

Dec 2020

2 min 57 sec

In this episode, Dan interviews Katherin Cartwright from Primary Learning to talk about strategies she uses in Mathematics that help students become lifelong learners. 

Dec 2020

17 min 7 sec

In this episode, Dan interviews Kirsten Lardner a grad student from the University of Woolongong to talk about her recent lessons using escape rooms and orienteering to help students engage with learning and become lifelong learners.

Nov 2020

17 min 40 sec

In this episode, Dan interviews Jay McTighe, author of Understanding by Design, and education consultant. This is the third episode of a 3-part series looking at the Understanding by Design Framework. In this episode, Jay focuses on "planning learning experiences".

Nov 2020

23 min 55 sec

In this episode, Dan interviews Jay McTighe, author of Understanding by Design, and education consultant. This is the second episode of a 3 part series looking at the Understanding by Design Framework. In this episode, Jay focuses on "Determining Evidence of Learning".

Nov 2020

19 min 11 sec

In this episode, Dan interview's Jay McTighe, author of Understanding by Design, and education consultant. This is the first episode of a 3 part series looking at the Understanding by Design Framework. In this episode, Jay provides an overview of the framework and then focuses in on "Desired Results".

Nov 2020

24 min 7 sec

In this episode, Dan talks about four easy teaching strategies to develop literacy when reading. Literacy is crucial in a child’s development. It is the foundation for lifelong learning and a strong sense of well-being. Thus, educators have a pivotal role in developing literacy among students. Every educator should take the challenge to find more ways to make literacy fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate.

Oct 2020

12 min 1 sec

In this episode, Dan talks about differentiated teaching, a method for using different approaches for students at varying learning levels based on a standard. Students learn at varying paces, depending on how educators teach a lesson. Some might catch on quickly with a lecture, while others may understand a concept better through other methods. The regular classroom setting, however, does not often account for this variance. This one-size-fits-all approach can spell trouble for many students. When education is inflexible, some may struggle and fall behind. Differentiation is one way to address this. 

Oct 2020

16 min 53 sec

In this episode, Dan tackles how you can structure units based on student learning. Every day, students get exposed to an immense amount of new information that they must store in their memory. This memory becomes their foundation in answering unit tests and activities for their learning. However, after class or a test, a lot of students struggle to retain what they learned, resulting in poor academic performance. Fortunately, there are various techniques you can adopt to improve the long-term memory of students.

Oct 2020

10 min 3 sec

A motivated student is only a few steps away from becoming a lifelong learner. However, without the proper mindset and environment for learning, the fear of failure can override their motivation. That's why teachers and educators must nurture students’ motivation to learn. With the proper teaching strategies and methods, you can help set up your students for personal growth and success.

Sep 2020

11 min 1 sec

In this episode, Dan interviews Cassie Stephen to discuss how art can help students become lifelong learners. Some people underestimate the power of art in transforming mindset and behaviour. Practising creativity can encourage children to express themselves and build their self-confidence. They can also utilise this creativity at home and in other areas of their life.

Sep 2020

16 min 42 sec

In this episode, Dan explains how behaviour management effects not just learning, but lifelong learning.

Sep 2020

16 min 33 sec

In this episode, Dan talks with Imogen about how she flips her classroom and the impact this has had on her students. Imogen has been teaching for 3 years, teaching PDHPE to Years 7-12. Things became very theoretical with COVID and she wanted to make her classrooms more active as school returned. After listening to Episode 5 Flipped Learning Imogen was motivated to try this approach that she had learnt previously at uni.It has had a fantastic impact on her classroom. 

Sep 2020

14 min 28 sec

In this episode, Dan walks through the need to use examples, worked examples, partially worked examples, and possibly partner work before students complete individual learning activities.  

Sep 2020

9 min 23 sec

In this episode Dan gives tribute to Sir Ken Robinson by looking at his TED talks and the call to an education revolution.

Aug 2020

17 min 25 sec