A Cuppa Tia


This podcast was made as a place to share and talk about things we want to be discussed in the media that aren't, for every single person. It will discuss anything and everything, from boobs and vaginas to relationships and self love.

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An advice podcast guest starring Yasmin Stefanie, where we offer our opinions and solutions to listener's dilemmas and situations that they have sent in.


Oct 25

36 min 2 sec

This episode is slightly different to my usual style podcast. I'm doing a radio show style to launch my new podcast A Cuppa Tia in honour of Yasmin and I's student radio show as music is a large part of my life, plus it's a but of fun! We talk popular culture, our song of the summer and play a game.


Oct 10

41 min 9 sec

Temisis and I talk about how we've been after graduating, post covid, and how being a control freak isn't all bad.


Sep 9

40 min 58 sec

In this podcast, Davinia, Emily and I talk about starting our small businesses during a global pandemic, how we've made them grow, what challenges we've faced and what we've loved the most. Davinia runs wall print business @geminiprints and food account @marbleousfood. Emily runs jewellery business @mayjewels and social media agency @maymovemedia.


Mar 31

23 min 50 sec

Temisis and I, speak about vaginas, periods, sex education and so much more! 


Nov 2020

46 min 19 sec

In this podcast, my guest Yasmin and I talk about how Coronavirus has impacted our day-to-day lives from relationships and self-love to reflection on the treatment of women. 


Oct 2020

37 min 58 sec