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For this episode will be talking to Than Toe Aung. He is a poet, writer, and activist-scholar. He started a spoken word movement called “Slam Express,” which intersects activism and art, in his hometown Yangon. He is currently completing his Masters in Critical Gender Studies at Central European University in Vienna, Austria.  When he is not writing or slamming poems, he writes about his ongoing identity crisis of growing up and living as a minoritized Muslim in Buddhist Burma. His interests lie in identity, belonging, borders, migration, race, ethnicity, decolonization, (trans)gender, non-binary, and queer politics.

Nov 14

1 hr 38 min

For this episode will be talking to Maw Htun Aung Laphai, Deputy Minister for the National Unity Government in Mynamar. A fellow in Obama foundation’s Leaders Asia pacific program, Maw was the Country Manager for Natural Resource Governance Institute in Myanmar. He is a devoted policy advocate on Transparency and Accountability in Natural Resource Governance. He oversaw the research and advocacy on SOEs reform Fiscal Analysis on mining, Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, Natural Resource Federalism, and open data utilization in the extractive industry. He is a Founder of Another Development, a local think tank for sub-national governments and currently helping as a strategic advisor. He also serves as board chair for Arravati social development organization and a board member for Paung Ku, a local civil society strengthening initiative and its affiliate Lann center. He currently now serves as the Deputy Minister for the National Unity Government. This episode was recorded earlier in the year in March. Due to technical issues, there was a delay but luckily it is out now.

Oct 23

44 min 14 sec

For this episode will be talking to Crystal Thane, an Art Director. Born and raised in Yangon, Crystal is an art director currently based in NYC. She moved to the U.S. seven years ago to pursue a film degree with plans to eventually return home but somewhere along the way, she stumbled into the world of advertising and now works for a global ad agency. She’s passionate about storytelling, crafting experiences, and flamin’ hot Cheetos.

Sep 19

1 hr 14 min

For this episode will be talking to Hnin Thet Hmu Khin, a Humanitarian and Social Worker. Hnin is a Master of Social Work graduate at Washington University in St. Louis. During the Rohingya crisis, she worked as a humanitarian worker in conflict-affected areas of Myanmar. She finds herself at the intersection of humanitarian and social work issues. She is committed to fighting for human rights and social justice in Myanmar and elsewhere.

Aug 20

54 min 56 sec

For this episode will be talking to Htet Myet Oo, the Founder and Managing Director of Rangoon Tea House. Born in Myanmar but raised in the UK, Htet is a Yangon-based restaurateur, currently the managing director of Rangoon Tea House Group, one of the leading casual dining restaurant groups in Myanmar, founded in 2014. Home to 250+ diverse employees and restaurants, Rangoon Tea House is a traditional tea-shop inspired restaurant with ambitions of taking Burmese cuisine global.

Jan 31

1 hr 41 min

This episode will be talking to Aung Pyae Phyo, an entrepreneur from Yangon, Myanmar. Aung is currently a Founder and CEO of MM-Digital-Solutions & PADC-Academy.  Aung orchestrates Mobile Solutions & sets out to make a difference in the local digital product/solution industry. In this episode, we touch upon how he found his businesses, his vision of the start-up scene,  tips to young entrepreneurs in Myanmar, and so much more.

Nov 2020

1 hr 39 min

For this episode will be talking to Aung Zan Baw, a self-taught full-stack web developer, based in Yangon, Myanmar. Aung has worked in various startups as a developer and he’s also a co-founder at Fairway Technology which teaches children how to code. He’s had experience on the digital agency side and now works in the transportation sector as a tech lead. Aung has had vocational training in downtown Yangon and focuses on basic programming to advance web development. On this episode, we talk about how Aung learned about coding, how hard it is for Myanmar developers to keep up with the modern world, and so much more.

Aug 2020

2 hr 3 min

Thihan Cho Oo is a self-taught designer from Yangon, Myanmar. He currently works at Grab as a Product Designer and is very passionate about the concept "less is more". Thihan started his design career in the advertising industry but found his way into the tech industry teaching himself UX. Before he moved here to Singapore, he was doing tech review videos on Facebook as a side project in Myanmar. In this episode, we talk about how Thihan grew up in Yangon, Myanmar, and the struggles he faced. He will talk about his life journey... from Mynamar to Jamaica to Singapore. We find out how he taught himself how to speak English, how he learned about design in general, and how he got himself into product design. We also touch upon the technological advances and struggles he and his people faced in Myanmar and how he ended up doing tech reviews on gadgets.

Jul 2020

1 hr 56 min