Imagine This Podcast

By Imagine MKE

Join David Lee, Mac Antigua, and Lindsay Sheridan for a breezy weekly podcast about the goings on at Imagine MKE where they celebrate the joyful abundance in Milwaukee's arts and culture world. Every week, they welcome Milwaukee artists, administrators, civic and business leaders, and other cultural creators to talk about how their work enriches Milwaukee and the region. Listen to this fun pod full of light bits; stay and subscribe for the inspiration to imagine and see our city in a new light through our vibrant arts and culture.

  1. 1.
    Clocking in as an Artist, Every Day w/ Bobby Drake
  2. 2.
    Metamorphosis in Youth Through Art w/ Misha Siegfried
  3. 3.
    Doors Reopening w/ Grace Fuhr and Julia Griffith
  4. 4.
    Taking Comedy Seriously w/ Greg, Kaitlin, and Matt
  5. 5.
    Milwaukee's Story, Past and Future w/ Adam Carr
  6. 6.
    Beautiful Vibrations at The MusiCreation Station w/ Eric Tillich & Mitch Shiner
  7. 7.
    Business Leader/Arts Advocate/Band Singer w/ Heather Dunn
  8. 8.
    Building the Milwaukee Black Theater Festival w/ Malkia Stampley-Johnson

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