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The Design Podcast

Join the creators and makers behind some of today's best-known brands and products.

The Design Podcast focuses on connecting you to the creators and makers behind some of today's best-known brands and products. In each episode, we are joined by a friend, designer, or leader to learn from their experiences, stories, and find wisdom in their words.

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Overview: Catherine Suen is a Senior Product Research Lead at Vodafone Smart Tech. In this episode, Catherine and Ashton discuss her journey from Industrial Designer to Innovation Consultant and UX Researcher, alongside the ideologies that have inspired and shaped her career to date. Naturally, we couldn't resist asking Catherine for her expert guidance on UX Research, and she didn't disappoint. Catherine provides practical advice on both generative and evaluative methodologies. Alongside explaining the importance of discipline in shaping successful products. This is a conversation packed with intrigue and inspiration; if you're looking for practical guidance on UX Research, advice on how to enter the industry, or debating your next career move, this will be a great listen for you. About: Catherine is an award-winning Designer and UX Researcher with a Bachelors in Industrial Design and double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering. It's no wonder that over the last decade, Catherine has worked with such esteemed companies including Microsoft, RCA, Honda, Jaguar, Hive and most recently, Vodafone Smart Tech.

Oct 27

1 hr 7 min

Karl Randay is Head of Design for 383, a progressive Birmingham based Product Studio concerned with designing experiences and client relationships that span the test of time. In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Karl shares stories about his career, from his earliest memories of design at high school to working in the creative fields as an Art Director, Producer and Designer. We discuss how to create human-centred design solutions and utilise cognitive sciences and psychology in the process. Karl also shares his affinity with Wabi Sabi. Where he draws inspiration from and what gives him creative energy. This is a great listen for anyone interested in the philosophies and science behind impactful design.

Jul 25

1 hr 21 min

Industrial design legend Robert Brunner joins us for the 4th episode of The Design Podcast. Robert is the founder of Ammunition and Chief Designer for Beats. His career spans more than three decades and has seen him accomplish global success. Previously a co-founder of Lunar Design, Director of Industrial Design at Apple and Partner at Pentagram, it's no wonder he's been named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business." In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Robert shares charming stories about his career, from his work to establish the IDG at Apple to his collaboration with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine at Beats. We also hear from his experiences of growing and leading successful design studios, working with complex design challenges and creating internationally successful products. We loved speaking with Robert. This is a must listen to episode for anyone shaping the products, but especially valuable for those who lead design teams.

Jun 7

1 hr 25 min

In this episode, we're joined by William Stuart, a multi-award-winning Industrial Design Director at the world-renowned FuseProject. In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, we unpack lessons from Will's career, from how to get started in the industry to what it means to be a successful Design Director. We also reflect on some of Will's favourite projects and what it takes to produce outstanding consumer experiences. If you're interested in industrial design, creative leadership and building a prosperous design career, this is an episode for you.

May 17

1 hr 25 min

We’re joined on this episode of The Design Podcast by multi-award-winning Creative Director, Neill Furmston. Neill is the Global Creative Director at Vodafone Smart Tech. With a career spanning almost three decades, few have the equivalent experience or such an impressive portfolio. Over the years, Neill has worked with internationally recognised brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Google, Unilever, American Express, and Dyson. In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Neill expands on his career. From his first position to his later successes with his own creative agency ICHI, where he grew studios in London and Los Angeles, and his decision to leave in pursuit of new creative ventures. We also learn about his latest role and collaboration at Smart Tech, where Neill and Ashton are developing a new identity for Vodafone’s growing range of consumer IoT products. Alongside discussing what it means to be a design leader and create a thriving design culture.

Apr 10

1 hr 3 min

Overview We’re joined for the launch of The Design Podcast by internationally renowned designer, Gadi Amit. Gadi is a multi-award designer and leading authority on the craft. He is the President and Principal Designer of NewDealDesign where for over 20 years he has created products for Dell, Comcast, AT&T, Google, and Fitbit to name a few. In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Gadi explains the egalitarian culture behind NewDeal’s success. We learn about his design theories such as “the wisdom of the hand”, unpack his design principles, and learn of his passion for visualising complex problems so they can be understood by the many. We discuss his perspectives on the state of western education and its lack of support for the arts and crafts, alongside Gadi's reflections on where design falls short and where we need to look next. This is a conversation packed full of insights, stories, and amusing anecdotes (which even include First Lady, Michelle Obama) from a true master of design.

Mar 1

56 min 22 sec