Not the Gear: The Photographer Podcast

Adam Juniper, Tanya Nagar, Dan M Lee

Photography publisher (and drone nerd) Adam Juniper, with co-hosts Tanya Nagar or Dan M Lee discuss creative techniques to improve your photography, whatever your camera. Regular tips and advice come from in-depth guest interviews.

Tanya is an accomplished Street Photographer, Dan a professional adventure photographer based in New York. Both have travelled the world to shoot photographs, while Adam has toured the world to work with some of the biggest names in photography.

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Dan M Lee, Adventure Photographer and author of [Creative Photography](, is joining the ranks of patent-holding game designers, and his game is for photographers. After the news, we get into the mechanics of the game, [Camera Caper](, and how you can sign up as a beta tester. The news itself includes the #GoDaddyDown incident (or should I say** this year's** GoDaddy failure). Why do we put up with them? Also the launch of the [DJI Mini 2](, though if you'd rather see an impartial review with footage shot in real-world conditions check [Adam's YouTube Review]( Oh, and we invent a book competition as we go. You need one of these books to win the other: [Creative Photography ]( Dan) [Instagram Photography]( (by Adam)

Nov 2020

59 min 6 sec

Melissa Robinson ([@Foreverseen]( joins the Covid Street team in our special series. Melissa's story is striking because she's travelled so far, and done so much, only to find herself having to make yet another creative change because of the onset of Covid and the lockdown. Undeterred she has masked up and set out to volunteer in Williamsburg, New York (just North of Brooklyn) and has even captured that shooting and volunteering experience on a body-camera. She's also managed to capture some great lockdown images of New York, including a Grand Central station in which the pigeons have taken over. It seems nothing can stop her. For some of the images, **please visit the [podcast episode page](–-forever-seen-on-the-streets/).** You can also find the video for Mel's body-cam volunteering discussed in the podcast.

Jun 2020

49 min 14 sec

Guest Jacopo Rufo joins us from Italy as we explore the impact of Covid on photographers around the world. Tom Clabots, co-founder of CovidStreet, returns to join co-hosts Adam and Tanya in what is the second of a series linked to the [Covid Street]( project, which is also celebrating a major milestone. In this episode, just some of the treats are: * Pigeons v Air Rifles v Lockdown * Musings on humanity will react to lockdown lifting * The advantages of renting gear

Apr 2020

34 min 52 sec

Joining Adam Juniper & Dan M Lee this week is special guest JR DeSouza of [Outex](, the camera waterproofing system comapny. Between JR and Dan we discover a few surprising things about the 'camera condom,' including it's uses in the Covid crisis. We also explore setting the experience of setting up [Outex](, a camera equipment company built by camera enthusiasts, including the benefits (or otherwise) of running a Kickstarter. Finally we round off with a book give away of Dan's latest book, [Creative Photography: The Professional Edge]( To take part in that, simply sign up to the email list here. (Note: There was a technical issue with the sound for downloads in the first couple of days, this has now been resolved.) The photographer we discuss around the 12 minute mark as having died from Covid was Anthony Causi, a highly skilled and exceedingly popular sports photographer for The New York Post who covered the city's teams for 25 years, who was aged 48.

Apr 2020

43 min 27 sec

[@Covidstreet]( The Covid crisis is unlike anything before it; global, terrifying, and with the potential to leave an earthshattering legacy which outlasting even the harm the virus itself causes. We don't even know how far it'll spread, or what it'll do, but already some are talking about saddling the next generation with the cost. As photographers we cannot take up work at a field hospital, but [@Covidstreet]( is something we not only can do, but might regret if we didn't. At Tanya Nagar's suggestion, myself and Tom Clabots have joined forces to found Covid Street, a project by which street photographers can share thier work, their experiences, and, ultimately, to create a book to raise money for those recovering from the covid. In this special episode, we discuss exactly how we hope to do that, how far we've got already (again, please follow the Instagram account), and how you can join in. ## Links ### The Instagram Account [Covidstreet]( ### Mission Statement Mission Statement for [Covid Street Photography]( ### The Instagram Book [52 Assignments: Instagram Photography]( by Adam Juniper, featuring Tanya Nagar on page 64/65. ### The Winogrand Post Is Winogrand's shooting style acceptable in this day an age? [This is the post we mention](, and it address the point nearer the end. ### The Political Podcast Adam Mentioned... called "That Option No Longer Exists" – search in your favourite Pod app or [go here](

Apr 2020

42 min 23 sec

Professional photograpgher Dan M Lee, and photograpy writer Adam Juniper discuss the latest developments in the news. OK, the one development. And its impact on photography events. After some inevitable banter – don't worry, agressively edited – we get down to offering some ideas for how you could use your down time to become a better photographer with lower monthly outgoings. We also take a look at the Sony World Photography Awards. Given his views on competitions, it could be interesting!

Mar 2020

43 min 18 sec

Adam and Dan go deep into key subjects this week, including "How Close is Too Close" sparked by Fuji dropping a brand ambassador for breaking this protocol, as well as what Focal Length is good for Street Photography and – for those of a more commercial perspective – a beginners guide to SEO for Photographers. Oh, and there's a fart joke in the outtakes! # News Items * Is Vanity Fair still a thing? Adam is amazed to discover it is, but in any case the exhibition of its past is well worth * 8.25 - Dan's Event Suggestions * 23.15 – Adam's reviews a drone that can land on water and we talk about the partial ban on Chinese drones in the US * 34.40 – Tatsuo Suzuki dropped for getting too close ([PetaPixel](http:// # Creative Section * 45:10 - Best Focal Length for Street Photography # Pro Advice * 54:20 - SEO for Photographers

Feb 2020

1 hr 14 min

There are a lot of questions this time, starting right off in the news section. We take a serious look at the supposed advantages of the new [Leica M10 Monochrom](, a digital camera that can only shoot in black and white. ## Is it too easy to shoot models? Following the PetaPixel reposting of MissyMwac's [Tumbler think-piece about photographing models]( (basically she prefers dealing with imprefections), Dan has some thoughts to get off his chest. Who's side will you come down on? [@MissyMwac]( ## Caravaning Photographers We were directed to the story of Christian Schaffer by [@PixelVixenUK](, so thanks. Schaffer is an adventure photographer who has a habit of living in vans, and she's been showing off her latest acquisition in [this video]( on YouTube. But is it all just a bit of a publicity stunt (yes, Dan and Adam are English, which makes cynicism part of our DNA). ## The Not The Gear Debate Kicks Off Adam proposes that an iPhone (or indeed any phone) can be an acceptable subsitute for a camera. Professional photographer Dan finds it difficult to agree. Believe us, this deate is going to run and run, but here we take our first swings. ## How Photographers Can Stay Fresh Some practical tips Dan has learend from day-to-day professional work to fight off burnout. # Blooper Was it even funny enough? Probably not!

Jan 2020

52 min 47 sec

Dan M Lee is back and, after we cover all the news from CES (yes, sorry, a bit of gear-chat), we get right into one of the hot topics of the day – can we trust online reviews? In the meat of the show, we learn what Dan has been doing since his last appearance on the show, discuss ideas to keep creative in the new year, and ways professionals (and aspiring professionals) can make their workflow more efficient. We also get to find out what's happened to Dan's knee, and whether he upset any crime syncicates. ## Links [That DJI Influencers article]( (intersting to learn about things from the company's perspective). ## Dan [Dan M Lee]( [Dan on Instagram]( [Creative Photography: The Professional Edge book]( ## Adam [Adam on Instagram]( ##About us ([on the site]( Which will probably be finished soon. Honest.

Jan 2020

44 min 23 sec

We promised it, and we delivered. Straight back in from the end of the previous Episode 5 – go back and listen in the podcast episode of your choice first if you haven't already – we continue hearing about Tanya's trip to India, taking in Varanasi, Bodh Gaya, and some classic street photographer's dilemas. Here are the images we discuss this time: ![Man and back of cow]( ![Monk and blue box]( ![Boys and a bike]( ![Selling Flowers]( ![Birds and river](

Oct 2019

28 min 15 sec

This month we swerve the tech-talk from the season of trade shows and take a look at the experience of visiting India and the street photohtaphy tips from regular co-host Tanya Nagar, author of the New Street Photographer's Manifesto. ![The Dog]( ![The Girls]( ![The Trident Man]( ![The Banks](

Dec 2018

35 min 45 sec

In our pilot, Adam interviewed Tanya about her latest work; this time the tables are turned as Tanya finds out all about Adam's latest project, the book [The Complete Guide to Drones 2nd Edition]( Before that, in the news we look at: 1. Whether Juergen Teller's Rihanna shoot was cultural appropriation, simple copying, or actuially fine? We're not—entirely—afraid of the big issues. We also wonder why it took so long for English-speakers to raise their eyebrows/tweet-brows. 2. Photographer Marie Hyld's intamacy project (is she subverting the Tinder-meeting culture or just getting very close to strangers very fast?) 3. How to profit from an Instagram-led Zombie Apocalypse.

Aug 2018

39 min 13 sec

We meet street photographer Seamus Travers known for shooting everything from leaping horses of Dublin to Tear Gas and Chaos in Istanbul & Turkey. He has been interviewed on Adorama TV, been exhibited at the V&A, and now he tells Tanya and Adam all about his career. One of Traver's projects involves shooting in unrecognised countries, which is what brought him to London – where the CONIFA cup is being held for non-FIFA members.

Jul 2018

59 min 59 sec

Self-taught gig photographer Joeseth Carter joins us to talk through his fast-moving career, the experience of being the one on stage nobody is looking at, and editing images from the back of a tour bus. We also talk about Sony's plan to hit the number one spot in photography and even a little aside on serial killers. (There may be a very small number of slightly naughty words in this eposide).

Jun 2018

48 min 19 sec

For our first full episode, The Photographer Podcast - hosted by Adam Juniper & Tanya Nagar - welcomes Dan M Lee, British professional photographer working in New York. We were lucky to catch him on the way back from a travel photography job shooting King's Day in Amsterdam. We also talk electronic viewfinders, sensible social media, blagging your way into gigs, and the kerfuffle surrounding the great anteater photo fake. Follow Dan online at [](, and don't forget to follow #50mm #film fan Tanya at []( and see the fruits of Adam Juniper's labours at [](

May 2018

48 min 45 sec

In a first episode, we talk street photography, especially that taken by Tanya herself on a recent trip to Japan. Tanya has been shooting with the "Nifty Fifty" 50mm lens on both film and digital (trust us, there will be more on the 50mm lens in future episodes). ![Man in book shop closed by Fukushima as discussed in podcast episode 0](

Apr 2018

56 min 52 sec