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Answer to the popular question: why does Hinduism have so many gods? If you like to video, please subscribe to our podcast. Also check out our Youtube channel: Also check for new webinars, events and updates on

Jun 7

10 min 11 sec

One common question people have: why do you need a Guru in your life? Can't you just learn everything on your own? An answer to this question.

Feb 6

21 min 15 sec

Thinking highly of yourself is almost always a problem for other ppl, because then they can't control you.  But it is the simplest, easiest, best way to weather much of the crap of the world. If someone can't make you feel bad about you, they have no power over you. Thinking highly of yourself is not "arrogance", it is spirituality. Hindu scriptures, unlike the Bible, do NOT tell you that you are a sinner & must suffer. They tell you "Tattvamasi", you are complete.  Rolling at others' feet is not "humility" it is servitude. Listen to understand how Hindu scriptures explain this concept in a very sweet way.

Feb 4

16 min 43 sec

In conversation with Sri Shantanu Gupta, the founder of The Ramayana School and author of 6 books. We discuss the relevance of the Ramayana today, how and why it is real Hindu history, its appeal for Hindus & people of other religions beyond India, and what everyone can learn from it. Music in Intro: "Invocation" by Siddharth Corsus, found at

Dec 2020

35 min 30 sec

Making the case for non dilution of Hinduism. Music in Intro: "Invocation" by Siddharth Corsus, found at

Dec 2020

6 min 9 sec

Learn what makes the cow so sacred to Hindus. Music in Intro: "Invocation" by Siddharth Corsus, found at

Dec 2020

19 min

What is initiation by a Guru in Hinduism?

Dec 2020

6 min 23 sec

Hinduism is open architecture - does that mean anything you do is Hinduism? Ofcourse not. Learn the meaning of the expression.

Dec 2020

6 min 45 sec

Bhakti is specific to Dharmic traditions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism etc whereas faith is an idea from Abrahamic cultures. An explanation of how both of these are very different, although people use it interchangeably!

Dec 2020

4 min 8 sec

Definition of Dharma as per Manusmriti - break down of the different components of Dharma.

Dec 2020

19 min 21 sec