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Venari Partners is a boutique Executive Search & Advisory firm. We help our clients to identify, attract and retain essential leadership talent around the world. With 85% of our mandates completed internationally, we are committed to taking a truly global approach and leave no stone unturned.

We were founded on the belief that Executive Search experiences, for clients and candidates alike, should be a lot better. Our mission is simple: to provide outstanding experiences to our customers and make them as passionate about finding talent as we are.

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Will Christmas shoppers face empty shelves this year? Neel Jones Shah, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Airfreight at Flexport and Gov Kandola, Senior Consultant for Transport & Logistics, discussed the predicted supply chain shortages for this post-pandemic Holiday season. 

Nov 18

9 min 59 sec

Thinking about a career change? Unsure where to begin? Vieran Hodko & Gov Kandola discuss navigating a CAREER CHANGE during a pandemic. Find out how to begin your search, why Vieran considered his move and top tips for candidates thinking the same. 

Nov 10

9 min 53 sec

What is flexible automation? Are robots replacing humans in the workplace? And how far are we from “lights out” manufacturing, with completely automated processes? Mike Futch, CEO and President at Tompkins Robotics, answers Gov Kandola's questions about robotics in logistics. 

Aug 31

8 min 46 sec

Basic flight deck orientation has been taught the same way for over 80 years: via 2-dimensional cockpit posters. It is undoubtedly time to provide today’s modern pilots with the cutting-edge technology to match. This is exactly why VTR (Visionary Training Resources) builds virtual reality training products for pilots, giving them limitless opportunities, as they kinetically learn their aircraft and gain the muscle memory necessary to step into the full-motion simulator, ready to learn.

Aug 24

9 min 20 sec

Following up on a previous episode of the Venari Podcast, James Parker continues his conversation with Joanna Aunon, Director at WiHTL (Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure).

Jul 14

9 min 55 sec

This week, tune into The Venari Podcast and listen to Steve Browne and Jason Rieff's Q&A session! What are their top priorities while looking for the perfect candidate? Their pet hates when it comes to CVs? What about the most awkward situation they've faced during an interview?

Jul 7

8 min 49 sec

In this episode of the Venari Podcast, James Parker, our Director of Transport, Travel & Logistics met Joanna Aunon, Director at WiHTL - Diversity in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure to talk about how companies can support their female talent.

Jul 1

9 min 29 sec

Are you aiming to become a Lifestyle Brand? Are you matching the tone of voice of the brands your audience interacts with?  If so, your approach is reactive. To make sure travellers automatically answer the question “where are you staying?” with your hospitality brand's name, you should strive to become a Lifestyle Choice.  Turn into the subconscious go-to choice of your consumers by tapping into their core interests – not only into their demographics!

Jun 21

9 min 54 sec

Gregory Slater, Secretary of Transportation for the Maryland Department of Transportation discusses the Purple Line project, a light rail line intended to connect the Maryland suburbs and the Washington metropolitan area. From the start, the Purple Line received national attention. For some, it is even an example of what can go wrong with a big transit public-private partnership. But is that really fair? And what are the future benefits of this line, for the wider community?

Jun 8

9 min 59 sec

What societal challenges are lying ahead for transit in North America? From equity to climate change, Elliot G. (Lee) Sander and Gov Kandola discussed the future of the industry and the possible impact of the Biden infrastructure plan on tomorrow’s society.

May 25

8 min 56 sec

Do you know the difference between a Millennial and a Gen Zer? With a $150 billion consumer spend in the US alone, and $35 billion dedicated to Hospitality each year, Gen Z is the latest hot topic among marketers – or at least, it should be! However, most luxury hospitality brands seem to struggle with this new target. Jason Rieff, a multi-award-winning branding expert, answered our questions about these topics.

May 25

15 min 2 sec

For many companies, the pandemic has shifted the focus from traditional healthcare benefits to more inclusive and holistic wellbeing initiatives. The role of the HR leader is evolving. To keep your employees mentally and emotionally healthy – especially those going through major life transitions – Peppy is a game-changer. Ben Brickell, our Director of Life Sciences & Healthcare, met Mridula Pore and discussed how the Peppy app can help you support your workforce

May 19

10 min 7 sec

In this episode of the Venari Podcast, Gov Kandola met Lee Sander. Lee shares his insight on the post-pandemic outlook for the North American transit industry. He is the former President of Bombardier Transportation’s Americas Region and the former CEO of the New York MTA. He also served on the Board of the National Express Group, most recently as Senior Independent Director.

May 17

9 min 17 sec

In this episode of the Venari Podcast, Gov Kandola, Senior Consultant in Transport, Travel & Logistics, met Lee Sander, former president for Bombardier Americas. In this first episode of a four-part series, Lee shares his insight on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US transit and the challenges the industry will have to face to come out of this crisis.

May 10

8 min 46 sec

In this episode of the Venari Podcast, we met Jennifer Fox, a successful female leader within the Hospitality industry. Jennifer has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Pre-pandemic, Jennifer was spending up to 300 days a year travelling! Learn about her incredible career path, her ways of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and her advice to the next generation of Hospitality Executives.

Mar 25

12 min 45 sec

At Venari Partners, we are passionate about driving positive change in the workplace. Are you looking for an innovative way to train your teams on D&I? diversitypop is the right move for you! As proud users of the app, we want you to learn more about this disruptive way of training yourself and your employees. Together, let's make the workplace more inclusive!

Mar 15

10 min 47 sec