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Khyati Shah

Transformation Coach Khyati Shah empowers people to maximise their potential and overcome any self-limiting beliefs. She partners with senior leaders, entrepreneurs as well as individuals from diverse walks of life in their quest for self-awareness and development which helps them to conquer any situation whether in personal or in professional life.

If you are feeling constrained or unable to overcome a personal or professional barrier, partner with Coach Khyati Shah and pave your way to success.

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There are many challenges in the path of an entrepreneur. The one quality that helps them get through is Resilience. The pandemic took its toll on the economy and many startups and SMEs faced closure. Listen to Sinhaar Rodrigues, Co-Founder of Get Baked, as he shares how he managed to stay afloat. What he considers as very important for an entrepreneur. His story will inspire you to hang in there and keep moving forward.

Mar 27

17 min 34 sec

*Tune in with your Gut* Intuition seems like a mysterious, magical thing which is out of our reach. However, it becomes extremely powerful when we are able to integrate the information processed by the brain with the inputs provided by the gut to arrive at a decision. Listen to understand how you can Tune in with your Gut.

Mar 20

5 min 52 sec

Entrepreneurship needs passion and perseverance. Listen to Pragnya Kashyap, Co-Founder of HoldUnfold as she shares her journey of building a community for expressionism in India. See how Coaching can help you to convert a dream turning into a registered business and to be the best version of you.

Mar 13

9 min

Beliefs are assumptions we form based on life experiences. Over period they become a part of the sub-concious and we live by them without questioning the truth behind them.  Personal beliefs are chronic self-fulfilling prophecies. This is a good thing when your beliefs are positive, as you’re likely to create a positive upward spiral that lifts you toward success, but they can be severely limiting if you hang on to a negative belief. Knowing how to overcome limiting beliefs so you can move forward with your life is all about accepting things about yourself that you’ve resisted for a lifetime. It helps tremendously to realize that the conscious you doesn’t hold these beliefs, but an unconscious part of you does! This video will tell you how to overcome these and empower yourself.

Feb 28

5 min 22 sec

Values act as your inner compass. They determine your priorities and motivate you to act one way or another. However, many people have never given a thought to what their values are. What is important to them. Because of this, they often find themselves in situations where they are confused, disillusioned or simply unhappy. If you want to figure out your values and align your life to them, I can help you. Just reach out

Feb 20

5 min 30 sec

Your relationship with yourself is arguably the most important relationship in life. You cannot truly love anyone else if you do not love yourself first. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Don’t let your happiness be dependent on what others think of you or do for you. You are enough. Be your own Valentine, today and everyday! Tell me how you plan to show some love to yourself.

Feb 13

5 min 57 sec

Open-minded people can take in the thoughts of others without losing their ability to think well—they can hold two or more conflicting concepts in their mind and compare them to assess their relative merits. Closed-minded people are more interested in proving themselves right than in getting the best outcome. They want to show you where you’re wrong without understanding where you’re coming from. They may get angry when you ask them to explain something. Understanding different perspectives is an important life skill. What is your experience with different perspectives?

Feb 6

6 min 59 sec

As the month of January ends, I have a question for you- Are you still following your new year resolutions Or Did you forget about it after the first week?😅 Listen to this podcast, where I list out why don't people stick to their resolutions and what can you do to make your resolutions a habit.

Jan 31

7 min 22 sec

Many people think a start-up is the route to fame and money. Little are they aware of the struggle behind each successful business, and that hundreds fail, while one becomes a unicorn. A business is not an escape route for running away from a job. You should take that step only when you are passionate about solving a problem or filling in a gap.

Jan 24

6 min 2 sec

I believe Parenting and Leadership have a lot in common and each can learn a lot from the other. Every family, every child, and every situation is different. Depending on the circumstances, you may take the role of friend, mentor, coach, or a disciplinarian. Similarly, every organisation and every team offers different opportunities and challenges. In every situation, you are the leader, capable of providing guidance, training, and encouragement. In this podcast, I share some of my learnings from experiences as a parent and a leader. I would love to hear your thoughts on it too.

Jan 17

14 min 44 sec

"Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential." Warren Bennis The iconic movie 'Lagaan' is a great example of  Leadership. Listen to my podcast on 'Leadership lessons from Lagaan', and take inspiration from Bollywood to become a successful leader.

Jan 10

6 min 20 sec

The pandemic has overturned our world and made everyone reconsider their priorities. We have understood the value of human connections for mental and emotional health. However, most of us have forgotten the art of forming deep connections. We have become guarded and closed. Listen to my podcast ‘Unmask to Connect’ to learn what it takes to create deep meaningful connections.

Jan 1

4 min 59 sec

All of us have that something in our life that we want to achieve, it could be physical,  emotional,  intellectual,  or spiritual in nature. In order to achieve that some effort is needed. Determination will definitely help you to achieve your goals, but it requires the pain of discipline and dedication. Do you have it in you to achieve your goals? Listen to the podcast and  get yourself working towards your goal and achieve it. Because our motto is- I CAN,  I WILL, I MUST.

Dec 2020

3 min 50 sec

Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you are present in the moment, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. Listen to my podcast on the topic "Is Happiness a Mirage"?

Dec 2020

3 min 28 sec

While we are busy dealing with the challenges life throws at us; we forget to look back and see how far we have come already. Take a moment to reflect on the powerful question in this video. Don't forget to write your response, and inspire someone!

Nov 2020

1 min 55 sec