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An odd dad and his 11 year old daughter exploring the strange and unusual in a peculiar world. Discussions will be kept PG-13. Hosted by Dean Boese and Krysta Williams.

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Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the Bloody Benders of Kansas. How four people made a murderous 'family' that waylaid, robbed and killed many who stopped for supplies at their store along the Independence Fort Scott Trail. Their eventual discovery and the subsequent investigation revealed multiple bodies along their property which became known as Hell's Half Acre. But before they discuss these 1871 ne'er-do-wells, Krysta gives us some weird facts about Thanksgiving, including how Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be the National Symbol of the United States. Then they go back to 16th century Scotland to investigate the folklore of the Sawney Bean clan. These Scottish highwaymen, murderers and cannibals supposedly terrorized an area near Girvan in Ayleshire Scotland in the 1600's. Also the Family Plot Crew sends Thanksgiving well wishes to their listeners. So join us for this special Family Plot episode!

Nov 25

59 min 54 sec

Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss a listener's tale about the home she was renting and is now buying. A home that has brought her phantom noises, strange dreams, shadow people, mists, apparitions and strange illness and malaise. But first Krysta entertains us with weird facts about the Ukraine. After that, they discuss the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. The Mine's strange origins and the fate of several of those who have gone in search of it. They discuss their thoughts about both stories and share their beliefs.

Nov 18

54 min 2 sec

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the Southeast Missouri city of Cape Girardeau. it's location and it's history and then they discuss the Reverend Huffman, a Southern Baptist preacher who was called out one night to perform Last Rites for three non human occupants of a crashed ship in early April of 1941. That night now lives in Legend so what really happened...and where is the photograph? The Family Plot family discuss all these things and more.

Nov 11

50 min 39 sec

This time, Laura, Krysta travel back in time to the early 1800's to discuss the famous Bell Witch case from Tennessee. But first, Krysta drops some weird and fun facts about Tennesssee (did you know Tennessee had the the first Tow trucks?).Then we talk about John Bell and his daughter Betsy and how they ran afoul of the Bell Witch, and about the Witches exploits with Andrew Jackson and others. Join the fun as they do their PG-13 take on all things Bell Witch.

Nov 4

1 hr 1 min

Krysta, Dean and Laura team up this week to bring you Tales of Terror and Halloween Fright. Krysta brings us three spooky stories ranging from a house with a murderous history, a doll that doesn't know how to 'let it go' and the details of a house whose very walls are a legacy to the little known spellcraft of what has come to be known as 'The Pennsylvania Dutch'. Laura tells us the Halloween Legends of the Vanishing Date as well as the Irish Legend of Stingy Jack and the origin of the Jack O' Lantern before sharing a story from a haunted Carriage house her sister once called home. Dean tells an old story of a childhood dare gone awry, reframing it in the trappings of his youth and follows it up with stories of a real Haunted experience he had in Atchison, Kansas; and the ghostly encounters of several of his friends. It is a wild ride through folklore, history and terror that rounds out the Halloween season!

Oct 28

1 hr 20 min

Krysta, Laura and Dean sit down to discuss the Jinn (also known as Djinn and Genies) and their pre-Islamic origins as creatures smokeless flame. But first, Krysta shares some weird and unique facts about the color blue! They discuss the folklore of the Jinn, the powers they were believed to possess, their mortality, their adaptation by Islam, Judaism and Christianity as well as their appearances in story and movies. They even discuss modern appearances of these creatures and whether or not they are or were ever real. So settle in with a map of Petra and your copy of Aladdin and join us as we discuss the Jinn!

Oct 21

52 min 31 sec

Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the 'Wickedest Man in the World. First, though, Krysta drops some Weird Facts about coins. Then they start by discussing the overall life of Crowley, his successes as an author, a poet, a mountaineer and occultist. They also discuss his days at Boleskin House, the ceremony he began there and how it remained uncompleted and the hauntings that followed. Then they discuss his potential connections to the deaths surrounding discovery of Tutenkhamen;s tomb and his rumoured ties to Jack the Ripper as well as the potential that he was a double agent working for British Intielligence for most of his life. All in all they sift through his mysterious life within a day of the anniversary of his birth. So, was it all hokum and hoodoo or is there some merit to the mysterious legends surrounding the controversial occultists? Find the answer by listening to this episode of the Family Plot Podcast

Oct 14

1 hr 6 min

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the Missouri State Penitentiary, once termed the 'Bloodiest 47 Acres in America'. But first Krysta doles out some weird facts about prisons...weird and disturbing. Then they turn their attention to the history of the penitentiary and then discuss a few of it's more famous inmates. They discuss the history of the 'Centennial Cells' as well as the 1954 riot. Then they talk about the hauntings in the penitentiary. With information gleaned from the MSP website and tour guide and awesome person Melanie Benz, they discuss many of the hauntings. All in all they discuss everything one might want to know about the former prison which still gives tours.

Oct 8

1 hr 1 min

Laura, Krysta and Dean are joined by James Herring (a student from Dean's Intro to Podcasting Class) as they discuss James upcoming podcast (tenatively titled Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pizza). Krysta drops some facts about bears that are too cool to be believed and then they discuss the Skunk Ape. It's sightings go back hundreds of years as the Indiginous Seminole referred to it as the Esti Capcaki (Giant Cannibal) and then it's sightings by European Settlers in 1818 and continues to be sighted right up to this very day! So join us for an in-depth study of Florida's Bigfoot!

Sep 30

1 hr 8 min

This week, Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the Owlman of Cornwall, also sometimes known as the Owlman of Mawnan. They discuss the modern sightings and the region where the sightings occur. Krysta drops some Weird Facts about owls and we talk about Laura's Birthday (the show was recorded on her birthday). We also discuss possible explanations and our own theories. All in all another dive into the fantastic universe covering a little history, a little paranormal and a lot of fun.

Sep 23

52 min 48 sec

Krysta, Dean and Laura take a spiritual journey to Florida where they discuss Edvard Leeskalnin, the creator of the Coral Castle. But before they get into his life, Krysta drops some knowledge on Mom and Dad laying out some Weird facts about Castles including the existence of Bear Moats! After Krysta drops her facts, they discuss Edvard Leeskalnin, his interesting life and his legacy, the Coral Castle itself. They discuss the construction of the place and how one man quarried and built the castle...a man that was 5 feet tall and a little over 100 pounds. A man who claimed to know the secrets that were used to build the pyramid at Giza!

Sep 16

59 min 20 sec

This week, Laura, Krysta and Dean are joined in their brand new studio by Horror Author Dan B. Fierce. (@DanBFierce1 on Twitter) He discusses his new novel, Cabin 187 and they also discuss the intriguing cryptid The Mothman, his appearance in Point Pleasant as well as his recent sightings in Chicago and in the Soviet Union. They also discuss mental health, self esteem and Dean's 53rd birthday and talk about the Butterfly people of Joplin, Missouri. All in all, it's an intriguing foray into life and lepidoptric cryptids!

Sep 9

1 hr 10 min

Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the various and many hauntings of Saint Joseph, Missouri. Is there a portal to hell near Missouri Western State College? Does the ghost of Jesse James haunt his farm? Does an ancient wounded Civil War soldier still ride through Saint Joseph on some long forgotten mission? We discuss these and many other hauntings in this city that is as haunted as anywhere.

Aug 19

57 min 16 sec

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss two lesser known California cryptids. The first they discuss are the Dark Watchers of the Santa Lucia Mountains, strange cloaked figures that stand vanguard among the peaks of the mountain. Thought by some to be a trick of the light, thought by others to be an ancient race recorded by the Chumash Native American peoples, written about by poets and legends. Once they finish, they turn their attention to the strange and uncanny figures known as Fresno Night Crawlers, also known as the Carmel Area Creature. They lay out what is known, what's suspected and what is merely guessed or hinted at. All in all, they travel to the cryptid side of California and come out unscathed.

Aug 12

1 hr

Krysta, Dean and Laura discuss the phenomenon of doppelgangers. Also known as fetches, these otherworldy doubles were bad omens for the famous of their day including people like Percy Bysshe Shelley and Abraham Lincoln. They discuss the origin of the phenomenon and whether or not it still continues to this day. Much of this week's research began at Wikipedia and was followed to the paranormal pages website. They discuss various beliefs about doppelgangers and the encounters with them. We talk about a couple of Dan B. Fierce's doppelgangers and a potential one for Kara of @DrunkTheory! Enjoy the show!

Aug 5

1 hr 7 min

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the Voynich Manuscript. They talk about what we know, what we don't and the multiple theories and attempts at solutions. The book's code remains unbroken (despite the claims of many to have solved it). We discuss the illustrations, the possible authors, Dean imitates a dinosaur...badly, and Lexi (Krysta's 4 year old little sister) can be heard singing in parts...and since we discuss the Library at Alexandria...and since that is Lexi's full name...we just left it in. Plus it's really cute. All this and more as we dive into the Voynich Manuscript and try to emerge on the other side with our minds intact...or at least not broken any more than they are currently.

Jul 22

1 hr 12 min

Laura, Krysta and Dean celebrate their #podiversary, 1 solid year of crazy history, true crime, folklore and the paranormal, all commented upon and dished out by your favorite odd family (we hope) us! So join us as we discuss all the oddness from some of our favorite urban legends. Our research this week mostly comes from which, before it was a website that debunked the things politicians say, it was completely devoted to the truth of urban legends and still has a wealth of info on the topic.

Jul 15

1 hr 26 min

AUDIO ALERT: We tried a new audio setup this week and for some reason beyond my understanding, it clipped out little bits of audio here and there, these have been corrected to the best of my ability. My apologies. This week, Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss the Kemp Mansion in Saint Louis. They discuss the history of what was, at one time, one of the most powerful families in Saint Louis. They discuss the grocery store that sold homemade bottled beer that became one of the greatest breweries of it's day and the family that grew from it. their triumphs and their tragedies, the palatial home they built and the members of the family that still can be found there, years after their death. Join us for a jaunt through colorful history and a dark detour into the macabre. TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we discuss several suicides by members of the Lemp family.

Jul 8

1 hr 5 min

Krysta, Laura and Dean celebrate Episode 50 with a listener story and they discuss the paranormal cocktail that is Skinwalker Ranch. A place with a history of over 200 years of paranormal encounters, including UFO's, cattle mutilations, strange lights, stranger creatures and mysterious illnesses. They share stories from the Sherman's stay at the ranch, from the ranch's time under Robert Bigelow and NIDS and it's new owner Brandon Fugal and the team currently investigating the ranch. It's a big slice of paranormal yummy cake in the Family Plot as they celebrate the recording of their 50th Episode!

Jul 1

1 hr 11 min

Today, Laura, Dean and Krysta discuss the concept of Alien Big Cats or Phantom Cats. These are not cats from other worlds or ghostly cats but rather these are large, predatory cats that are believed to be discovered well outside their natural range. Suspected phantom cats include the Black panther-like beasts that have plagued England for almost as long as it's been an island country; the Australian Tootanoola Tiger, a large cat-like predator that even when it was shot and killed it was dubbed an Abyssinian Wolf, which is a species that doesn't exist. We discuss the 'blue' or Maltese tigers of China, gray smoky beasts that appear as suddenly as a shadow and disappear just as quickly. Tasmanian Tigers, jaguars spotted on trap cams in Oklahoma and so many more. So join us in this world-spanning episode as we hunt Alien Big Cats. And remember, next week is our 50th show and we will be using listener submitted stories so share away!

Jun 24

1 hr 20 min

Laura, Dean and Krysta discuss Fort Osage, a replica on the site of the original Fort and Trading post for the Osage people. They discuss the discovery of the land the fort occupied by Lewis & Clark on their coast to coast expedition, the founding of the fort by Clark himself and a company of Dragoons a few years later and the history of the area. They discuss the personalities of those who lived at the fort, their squabbles and the people who occupy it now both living and non. They discuss documented hauntings and their impressions of the site and the town of Sibley, MO where the fort is located.

Jun 17

50 min 49 sec

Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the majestic Lake Baikal located in Siberia in Russia. They discuss the lake's size, flora, fauna and history and then alien sightings and encounters in and around the lake. They discuss the possible impact this might have on disclosure and how imminent that is. Krysta shares some weird facts about stars. They also discuss whether you can copyright music against 'nuh nuh nuh'.Promo: Drunk Theory

Jun 10

52 min 40 sec

Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss King Tutenkhamen aka King Tut's short life, his short reign as pharoah and the various possibilities of his death. They speculate as to the identity of his mother and then they discuss the finding of his tomb, what that meant for the world at large and finally...and rather spookily, the Curse including the Crowley Option! Join us for another rousing episode of history, mystery and possibly a little bit of Egyptian Magic!

Jun 3

1 hr 8 min

Dean, Laura and Krysta celebrate Krysta's 12th birthday, with greetings sent along from other podcasters AND a very special episode of Krysta's facts which essentially becomes a crazy game show between her parental units, all while they discuss the spooky weirdness of the Stairs in the Woods and their potential ties to the Missing 411 and so much more!

May 27

58 min 16 sec

This week, Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the Swamp Monster of the Scape Ore Swamp, a lizard man that supposedly makes it's home within the rather dense confines of the local swamp. Starting with legends from Native Americans of the Creek tribe, and moving onto modern day sightings. They discuss the evidence for and against the creature and come up with their own summary of this rather scary beast. Join us for a romp through a South Carolina swamp in search of this elusive cryptid!

May 20

1 hr 2 min

Today, Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss the 1916 Shark Attacks on the Jersey Shore. In the summer of 1916 a heatwave and a polio epidemic were in full swing, and over roughly two weeks in July, right around the July 4th holiday, a series of shark attacks changed the scientific community's ideas around sharks and changed America forever. Laura, Krysta and Dean discuss these events, discuss what shark or sharks are believed to be the culprits and the events of those two weeks in an effort to understand how America went from believing that sharks couldn't or wouldn't bite humans to believing in 'man eating' sharks. It's all here, enjoy!

May 13

1 hr 1 min

This week Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss the Slender Man. They discuss the creatures origins, it's inspirations and the fact that it was created via internet collective. They discuss the character's popularity, the fact that there are actual sightings, and the crimes that have become associated with the Internet's favorite resident haunt.

May 6

44 min 35 sec

Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss the alien race known as the Greys. These creatures are the stars of many alien abductions and have appeared in the works of Whitley Streiber, the Travis Walton Story, the Barney and Betty Hill Story and so many more. Plus they have appeared in the TV series the Outer Limits, The movie 'Paul' and many other movies as well. The Family discusses all these elements and whether the Greys are real extraterrestrials or perhaps time travelling or dimension hopping ultraterrestrials. It's all here in this somewhat exhaustive episode about the alien creatures called 'The Greys'.

Apr 29

57 min 35 sec

Laura, Dean and Krysta discuss super heroes, a brief note about kinds of heroes and then they go on an audio adventure looking for real world heroes. They discuss paranormalist Uri Geller as well as many of the people featured on the History Channel show Superhumans both debunking AND explaining what it takes to be so amazing. They discuss folks that are able to use their bodies to channel electricity and those able to generate heat, or survive extreme cold. They discuss modern day Samurai with the ability to cut rubber pellets moving at 200 miles an hour in half as well as other feats, some not quite so amazing. So settle in for a discussion of real powers in a the real world. You won't believe a podcast can fly!!!!

Apr 22

1 hr 17 min

Dean, Krysta and Laura discuss dragons from the Babylonian multi-headed Tiamat all the way to a dragon seen by a French Pilot over the Sahara desert in 1937 and everything in between. They discuss the proto dragons of the Sumerians, the Celestial Dragons of the East and the European man eating worms, wyverns and other Dragons. We discuss Peter Dickinson's theories from his tome, 'Flight of Dragons' and address whether we feel they were ever real creatures.

Apr 15

51 min 12 sec

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the James B. Wornall house, located in Kansas City. They discuss the Wornall family, their journey to Kansas City from Kentucky, the building of the House and it's fate during the Civil War as being used as a Hospital for Both sides, the death of James Wornall and his wife Eliza and the ghosts said to inhabit the place even now since it is a museum.

Apr 8

51 min 42 sec

Laura, Krysta and Dean load up the spiritual RV that is Family Plot and take it on a scenic drive of the highways, byways and of course, spookways of Missouri as they travel the state visiting some of it's more spooky spots of interest. With Krysta dropping weird facts about Missouri itself and Laura telling a story of having to move her sister due to a powerful haunting plus stories of such haunted sights such as the Black Carriage of Overton, Missouri; the Hornet Spooklight, the Screaming House of Union, MO, the Jesse James Farm in what is now Kearney, a few more sites in Missouri and finally a drive home on Zombie Road...this is a trip through a Missouri that few have seen.

Apr 1

53 min 57 sec

In this episode, Dean dons his adventure hat and leads Laura and Krysta in a discussion of Fouke, Arkansas and it's legendary inhabitant, the Fouke Monster. We discuss the history of the region, early appearances of the creature, and it's most famous encounter with the Ford family that became the basis for the cult classic, the Legend of Boggy Creek! They discuss later sightings, it's unique physiology and their opinions on the creature itself. It's a party worthy of the Fouke Monster Festival, so head on over to the Monster Mart, grab a big drink and give a listen!

Mar 25

1 hr

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the phenomena known as the Missing 411. They detail the things that define these cases, briefly discuss David Paulides, the author and former Law Enforcement Official who noticed and continues to document them and they cover several cases of the missing from all over the United States. They discuss their opinions of the disappearances and whether the cases have a lot of commonality or seem very disparate. One thing they do know, if you are ever taken into a mountain cave by your fake grandmother who insists you do your business on a piece of paper, you are probably in trouble.

Mar 18

1 hr 32 min

Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss the Debora Green Case. From the suburbs of Kansas City in the mid '90's comes a case of poisoning and arson where the mother is ultimately responsible for the deaths of two of her three children. They discuss her background, her early life, her education and marriages and , of course, the situations that led to her crimes, and her trial and incarceration. Further, they discuss their theories of her thoughts behind the crime and the places it has appeared in popular media.

Mar 11

1 hr 1 min

Dean, Laura and Krysta turn their attention to one of the most sighted cryptids from the world over, the chupacabra aka the legendary goat sucker. They discuss the three distinct physical types (gargoyle/canid/Grunch Road beast) and it's history. They discuss the beast's primary chronicler aka Benjamin Radford and his appearances (among many) on Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates! They discuss it's history of sightings and it's appearance in the American Southwest. Then they draw their conclusions.

Mar 5

1 hr 1 min

Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss French colonial Mauritania and the persistent legends of vampires/witches, some who were believed to be able to ingest blood or organs at a distance without causing a wound to the victim. They discuss "Count" Byron Kuhn de Prorok's trip to then Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia) to a valley near 'Devil's Cave' and the 'Devil Bird' bats who lived there. There is further discussion of Dean's man crush, Josh Gates and his own attempt to locate the Devil Birds on Destination Truth. We visit the interesting vampire reports of Mauritius and visit near modern day Malawi and the reports of vampires there. Finally, they revisit the Catalan vampire Comte Estruch and a sighting of a man that fits his description attempting to get rides from lone travelers on back roads. Finally, they discuss the amount of reported missing people and how many of them are simply never heard of again. By the end of recording the episode, Dean was bleeding from the hand from a wound he never felt. Sleep tight

Feb 25

56 min 13 sec

This time, Dean, Laura and Krysta revisit the Fae, this time focusing mostly on European Fae varieties as they discuss kinds and types of fae, their sightings, particularly in modern times. They discuss stories and the personality of the fae and their various courts.

Feb 18

1 hr 3 min

Dean, Krysta and Laura gather to discuss Supernatural tales of Love in honor of Valentine's Day. They discuss how love is something that has driven some of the great triumphs and tragedies of history AND movies. They mention various supernatural movies where love is the driving force behind the plot. They tell stories from the internet as well as tales out of time as they share facts from previous episodes (as well as one or two from @nosuchthing ) and overall end with the thought that love is, indeed, capable of conquering all.

Feb 12

1 hr 7 min

Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss Vlad Dracula, aka Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler. This week, they screw their courage to the sticking point and discuss Vlad's life, his temper and his penchant for impaling those who irritated him. From his time as a hostage to make his father more amenable to serving the Sultan, to his death years later. They discuss Poenari Castle, it's construction, some of those who perished there and some of those who are there still. So turn down the lights and join us for a bloody tale that partially inspired Bram Stoker to create a literary character that has been popular for over a 100 years.

Feb 4

57 min 55 sec

This week, Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss various urban legends of the internet. While they leave out certain key elements to perform many of the rituals they discuss. Krysta covers some amazing facts about crayons. Then they turn their attention to legends like using a corded telephone to call a hooded man to take you upon a sightseeing jaunt to another world. They then discuss, the Elevator Game, it's horrific history and it's potential origins in a series of bizarre elevator accidents in Japan. They then turn their attention to a Japanese game that revolves around telling ghost stories and blowing out candles, each one bringing the tellers closer and closer to darkness. Play a game with the Midnight Man where the prize on the line might just be your very life. Learn how to go candle travelling and is there anywhere scarier than the unplumbed depths of ones own mind. Then access a website, that can only be accessed alone, at midnight, in the dark where the simple act of web surfing can lead to doom. They discuss each of these stories, the legends connected and their beliefs. Join us for what might be our spookiest episode yet.

Jan 28

1 hr 13 min

Dean, Krysta and Laura discuss the origins of Numerology, it's ties to Qabbalism and astrology. Dean uses the principles of Numerology to do a reading on young Krystalin as they discuss the belief that numbers can be used to create a model for the Universe and the future. Math puns abound as they delve into the music of the spheres and the numbers some believe determine our future!

Jan 21

54 min 20 sec

Dean lays out all the Weird War Stories that he has turned up in the past week, telling stories of No Man's Land in World War I and the strange being that led several men safely across the battlefield. He discusses the ghosts of Gettysburg with Krysta and Laura and Krysta lays out some weird facts about stickers. They come to the conclusion that War is Hell...and things from Hell might make their way into the world from these haunted battlefields. it is an episode full of spooks, frights and fun!

Jan 14

1 hr 4 min

Dean, Laura and Krysta discuss Betty and Barney Hill, the first Americans to report the modern phenomenon of alien abduction. They discuss who they were, what kind of people they were, the event and the aftermath including the hypnosis they went with Benjamin Simon (who Dean doesn't seem to settle on whether he was a psychologist or a psychiatrist.) They talk about the hotly debated points of the case including the Star Chart and missing time and Krysta does weird facts about sea creatures! Join us for another amazing show and make sure you let us know what you think!

Jan 7

51 min 53 sec

Dean and Krysta were joined by Laura once again this week as they announced that she would be a regular part of the show. They address some of the weirdest News stories of 2020 including news about black holes, covid-stealing monkeys, how a Trump speech murdered an AI named Margaret and so much more. They also discuss a new pleasure they have discovered, the webseries Relics & Rarities and well wishes for the coming year. It's a NYE party with learning!!!

Dec 2020

1 hr 12 min

Dean and Krysta are joined by Special Guest (and mother to Krysta) Laura Williams as they discuss the Christmas season. Paige Elmore from Reverie True Crime stops by with a special Christmas message and Dean and Krysta conduct Christmas interviews with Kara and Ryan of Drunk Theory and Heather and Chloe from You Have Been Reviewed. The good ladies from Twisted and Uncorked; Kaitlinne and Alecia drop a promo for their grisly fun True Crime podcast and Dean, Krysta and Laura round out the show by discussing Krampus, the Christmas Season and many other Winter Holidays. So enjoy the magic of Christmas AND the magic of podcasting in this special Holiday episode!

Dec 2020

1 hr 22 min

Krysta and Dean discuss Kansas City's Hotel Savoy, and it's famed restaurant the Savoy Grill. A favorite eatery of Harry and Bess Truman (who often sat at Table 4) it was also beloved by a Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt and many many more. They discuss it's characters and those who remain long after they have passed including apparitions and shadow people. It's history both light and dark are examined.

Dec 2020

36 min 35 sec

In this episode, Dean and Krysta are joined by Krysta's mom, Laura June Williams as they discuss the world wide auditory phenomena known as the Hum. They discuss what it is, it's potential causes, the percentage of people affected by it and where in the world you can hear it. They also discuss Noel, Krysta's new bunny and now the show's mascot as they also discuss the humorous possibility that the noise is caused by the world's bunny population.

Dec 2020

1 hr 27 min

Dean and Krysta take the podcast to Ireland and discuss the bloody history of Leap Castle, it's inhabitants and it's ghosts. They discuss all the things that go bump in the night and the creature called 'It'...the Elemental on this rather spooky edition of Family Plot!

Dec 2020

57 min 12 sec