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Discover how you can live a life with purpose, a life lived well. Michael is a best-selling author and speaker who has been featured on FOX Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, and others. This show will give you fresh insight and encouragement to fulfill your destiny. Michael also interviews celebrities and successful leaders who will help you discover the secrets to living with purpose!

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On today's show, Michael provides some insight after 20 years of marriage on how to build a marriage that lasts. Today's show was shot last week on Michael's 20th wedding anniversary, and he reflects on the role of commitment and trust in his relationship as well as yours. For more resources, visit Share this show with a friend who needs to hear it! Follow, Like, and Subscribe to Michael's other social media pages: Instagram: @RealMichaelDWall Facebook: Michael D Wall YouTube: Michael D Wall

Nov 8

25 min 22 sec

Even though we are talking about keys in business, this episode has something for everyone. Michael chats with Tony and Jason Batallan of the Batallan Group of keys in business, success, friendship, and growing as a person.    Share this show with a friend who needs to hear it!   Follow, Like, and Subscribe to Michael's other social media pages: Instagram: @RealMichaelDWall Facebook: Michael D Wall YouTube: Michael D Wall

Oct 14

23 min 13 sec

You've heard the expression "Business is business and friends are friends." But on today's episode, Michael breaks down what this really means and why its important to remember in your life.    Share this show with a friend who needs to hear it!    Follow Michael on Social Media: Instagram: @RealMichaelDWall Facebook: Michael D Wall YouTube: Michael D Wall

Oct 1

21 min 31 sec

Life can throw us off track pretty easily, and its important to know how to hold ourselves accountable and focus on our purpose. On today's show, Michael gives three keys on how to stay on track.

Sep 24

21 min 55 sec

Don't miss this weeks show as Michael interviews special guest and 20 time Grammy award-winner, Vince Gill. Listen as Michael shares insight on Protecting Wealth and Vince shares thoughts on living with purpose and true inspiration!

Sep 24

54 min 10 sec

Pulling from Ephesians 4:32, Michael encourages listeners/viewers of today's episode to be.kind. Even though it seems cliche, it is a biblical and timeless truth we often forget in the day to day.

Sep 21

20 min 59 sec

Freedom - it's a theme continually echoed in the world today but a concept often misunderstood. On today's episode, Michael breaks down the foundation of freedom in America and offers some encouragement for preserving and promoting freedom for generations to come.

Sep 13

29 min 52 sec

For any business owners or aspiring business owners, this episode is for you. Michael interviews Tom DeRita, CEO of Resource Group NA Inc., to get his thoughts on the relationship between business and politics. Everything is political these days, but here are some tips on how to navigate those waters in business. 

Sep 1

20 min 14 sec

On today's show, Michael interviews Julie Stackhouse, a fitness instructor, a member of the NC Hall of Fame for running, and participant at 29029 Everesting. With a focus on pushing through challenges, Julie gives some helpful advice on how to push through challenges in life and find your purpose in difficult times. 

Aug 27

27 min 29 sec

Special guest Brittany Alexander, Esq. joins Michael to talk about property insurance, advice for Florida home owners, and helpful tips to maximize your insurance policy.   

Aug 20

20 min 34 sec

Join Michael and Wayne Player as they discuss how to find new opportunities in times of change. While change can be hard, its often in the quiet of those changes that new ideas and new opportunities spring up. On today's episode, catch more of Wayne's story, his new brand and product, as well as some practical application and encouragement. 

Aug 16

19 min 30 sec

So you want to make more money? Well on today's episode, Michael breaks down a few keys to start the process of increasing your wealth. You won't want to miss this week's encouraging thought! 

Jul 21

17 min 8 sec

Life is challenging, and no matter what we do, we can't avoid them! On today's show, Michael provides some encouragement on how to tackle challenges and teach your children to handle challenges with confidence. 

Jul 13

16 min 7 sec

On today's show, Michael and special guest, Troy Maxwell, take some of the principles from part one and discuss how to put them into practice. 

Jul 7

27 min 37 sec

Special guest Troy Maxwell of Freedom House Church joins Michael to encourage people to stand in truth no matter how challenging the times. 

Jul 1

17 min 28 sec

On today's episode, Michael encourages listeners to consider the simple things in life and not get caught up in the pursuit of "more." Rooted in Philippians 4:11-13, Michael discusses Paul's contentment as one of the prime examples of the Christian walk. 

Jun 24

14 min 52 sec

In today's episode, Michael discusses the need for children to hear no. Today's culture has become accustomed to quick satisfaction and always hearing yes. However, what Michael warns is that sometimes saying yes is a huge disservice to children and the future. 

Jun 17

18 min 50 sec

While the term "influencer" has become a profession in the age of digital media, Michael discusses the stages of influence in today's episode. No matter your age, demographic, or beliefs, everyone goes through stages of influence. Each stage has a specific group to be influenced by and another group to influence, all of which are for the intentionally passing down wisdom, empowering you to handle life's challenges, and encouraging you to chase your purpose! 

Jun 10

15 min 42 sec

In today's episode, Michael discusses the difficulties in life and the struggles when the enemy attacks. He encourages listeners and viewers to turn off the noise, seek the truth, and know that while enemy-attacks are inevitable, God is good. 

Jun 3

16 min 12 sec

In today's episode, Michael breaks down how with success comes the risk that you may forget your purpose. Tune in for helpful tips and encouragement for finding and fulfilling your purpose along with successes in life. 

May 27

18 min 31 sec

In part two of Michael's interview with Dr. Vonk, the main topic is education and the future of higher education in a changing environment. From E-sports to new degree programs, Dr. Vonk discusses Keiser University's approach to adapting with the new demands for higher education.

May 26

21 min 31 sec

In this episode, Michael dives into the question of who are you without your stuff? While materialism, isn't bad, your possessions can quickly define your identity and can control what you do. Michael is here to advise you on how to find your identity outside your stuff.

May 11

20 min 29 sec

In this episode, Michael challenges you to confront the reality of who you're allowing to control your life.

May 3

21 min 58 sec

In this episode, Michael sheds light on the biggest secret that you can do to become successful in your life.

Apr 26

16 min 48 sec

What do your children spend their time doing? Where is most of their influence coming from? This episode will challenge you to take a hard look at who (or what) is really raising your children. 

Apr 7

18 min 1 sec

Listen as Michael shares the key to successfully growing your influence over others. 

Mar 12

15 min 33 sec

In this episode Michael reminds us of an important idea that we often forget: what we focus our minds on affects every part of our lives! 

Mar 8

14 min 26 sec

Michael discusses some tips and strategies to help you live your life on offense as you add value to yourself and others.

Mar 2

15 min 22 sec

As we celebrate 200 episodes, Michael shares an encouraging tip that will change your life, your day, your outlook and your ability to gravitate towards success!

Feb 26

13 min 41 sec

Michael challenges listeners to consider their overall perspective on life: are you a POSITIVE or a NEGATIVE?

Jan 29

15 min 48 sec

In this episode Michael challenges listeners to consider the trajectory of their lives.

Jan 22

21 min 55 sec

Be both encouraged and challenged today by this episode!

Jan 15

21 min 43 sec

Have we walked away from the real meaning of Christmas? Are we distracted by the culture? Christmas is about GOOD NEWS of GREAT JOY for ALL people. Don't miss this!

Dec 2020

17 min 8 sec

In this episode Michael challenges listeners to consider this question: will you walk in boldness or blindness?

Dec 2020

21 min 58 sec

Be encouraged as Michael shares valuable and applicable lessons about working as a team.

Dec 2020

15 min

Don't miss this episode on the dangers of letting poison infect your life! Whether that be temptation, distraction, negative people... 

Nov 2020

10 min 6 sec

Michael shares how to keep yourself motivated in order to see the most success! Don't miss this episode!

Nov 2020

13 min 26 sec

For years, many successful people or coaches have expressed the importance of setting goals for yourself. Why is it so important? How should you get started? Don't miss this episode!

Nov 2020

26 min 45 sec

It's important to invest your time and energy into things that can make you even more efficient; one of those things is clarification in all areas of your life.

Nov 2020

14 min

Many people choose to avoid conflict because it makes them uncomfortable. Unfortunately, when conflict isn't addressed, it can create unnecessary stress and tension on everyone involved. Listen to this insightful episode on how to effectively communicate!

Oct 2020

14 min 31 sec

This is always a good question to ask yourself. Listen to this episode and take a moment to evaluate your own life!

Oct 2020

14 min 44 sec

What does TRUE freedom look like? How does it impact your day-to-day life? Michael shares a valuable encouragement.

Sep 2020

11 min 28 sec

What are you waiting for? Listen to this episode to get that PUSH you've been needing to start living with purpose on purpose!

Sep 2020

16 min 16 sec

Be encouraged to live with purpose!

Aug 2020

14 min 4 sec

Sometimes pride kicks in when people offer you advice. Vince Gill once said "sometimes you just have to get out of your own way." Are you hindering your own success? 

Aug 2020

18 min 17 sec

There is a lot of noise in the world today. If you allow the noise to be overwhelming you will miss out on the things you could be receiving and accomplishing in this season of life. Don't let the noise distract you from your purpose. 

Aug 2020

19 min 32 sec

Conflict can be healthy if you look at it from the right perspective. If our lives are designed to leave an imprint then we have to embrace the idea of conflict and apply that with the biblical principle that "Iron sharpens iron." 

Jul 2020

13 min 43 sec

Do you create or do you compete? These life business and life secrets will help you live out and be the kind of person you want to be, and allow you to really live a life that is full of purpose.  Hear Michael's thoughts on secrets to a successful business and life!  

Jul 2020

13 min 27 sec

 A lot of times we are doing things that are unknowingly destroying our lives. We need to work on being aware of those things if you really want to grow and be all that God is calling you to be.

Jul 2020

18 min 8 sec