Nature Am I

By Dr. Victor Shamas

Are we near the end? Can humanity survive climate change, pandemics, and other catastrophes? "Our only hope lies in nature-inspired leadership," claims podcast host Dr. Victor Shamas. NATURE AM I connects listeners with thought leaders who are generating nature-inspired solutions & strategies to urgent global problems. We feature advances in fields like biomimicry & biomimetics that are taking cues from nature. Also, we discuss ways to assure that future generations can thrive in balance with nature. Our conversations touch on holistic health, sustainable design, integrative learning, & other forms of nature-inspired innovation. Guests include visionaries who are leading the way towards a more peaceful, sustainable, balanced way of life. We also look at tools and techniques that facilitate the process of nature inspiration. "In this process, nature reveals its secrets," says Shamas, a psychologist who studies creative inspiration. "If we let it, nature can show us how to thrive."

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