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Digital Core REIT (DCR) is raising US$600 million with cornerstone investors taking up 414.8 million units, or US$365 million; a placement of 253.7 million units; and 13.4 million units available for retail investors. Priced at 88 U.S. cents with a forecast distribution per unit (DPU) of 4.18 U.S. cents in FY2022, giving investors a DPU yield of 4.75%. In this roundtable, we'll discuss more about Digital Core REIT's IPO, its growth potential, as well as a few risks that investors should take note of if they are keen in having a piece of DCR in their dividend portfolio.

Dec 1

22 min 3 sec

HaiDiLao International (HKG:6862) is China's largest hotpot chain and the company behind everyone's favorite hotpot - HaiDiLao.  The restaurant chain is so popular that many patrons are willing to queue up to three hours just to have their "hotpot fix" for dinner. HaiDiLao went IPO three years ago at HKD17.80 per share and has seen its share price go up to as high as HKD83.15 this year. Since then however, its share price has corrected 75%, crashing down to as low as HKD18.40.  In this roundtable, we look into what happened to this beloved growth stock that has caused its share price to dive and if an investment makes any sense, especially for growth investors.

Nov 24

21 min 51 sec

Tiger Brokers and moomoo are two of the most popular trading apps introduced to the market last year. Backed by UP Fintech and Futu respectively, these two companies have DOUBLED their revenue and profit numbers each year since 2019. Due to China's regulatory policies, however, both these companies' share prices have crashed by 70% since July. In this roundtable, we look into both of these high-growth Chinese digital brokerages, and if an investment makes any sense, especially for growth investors.

Nov 17

22 min 47 sec

Facebook announced last Thursday that it changed its company name to Meta, reflecting the company’s ambition beyond social media. Meta, as Facebook is now known, describes a future for working and playing in a virtual world -- The Metaverse. In this roundtable, we look into Facebook/Meta as a company, its earnings potential, its new Metaverse ambition, as well as its valuation.

Nov 10

25 min 25 sec

We chat with Ryan Huang from MONEY FM 89.3 as we find out more about his role as a finance presenter on radio, how he keeps track with the latest global market trends, and whether that helps at all with his personal investments... About Ryan Huang Ryan is a producer and finance presenter at MONEY FM 89.3.  He has a decade of experience in journalism, strategic communications and analyst research across areas such as technology and business. Ryan has interviewed business figures such as DBS CEO Piyush Gupta, SGX CEO Loh Boon Chye, Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, as well as government leaders such as Singapore DPM & Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, and Trade & Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Nov 3

26 min 54 sec

Warren Buffett‘s longtime partner Charlie Munger recently doubled his Alibaba position in Q3 2021 according to an SEC filing. In the regulatory filing, The Daily Journal (NASDAQ:DJCO) disclosed that it had bought more shares of Chinese giant Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) with its corporate cash. The Daily Journal uses its cash holdings to invest in equities, which make up a significant portion of the company's market cap. As of 27 Oct 2021, Munger holds 3.6% of The Daily Journal shares. In this roundtable, we dive into the possible reasons why Munger doubled down on his Alibaba investment and whether it's a wise move.

Oct 27

20 min 26 sec

Squid Game became Netflix's most watched show after it premiered in September 2021, drawing 111 million views and snowballing into a global phenomenon. Interestingly, there are a lot of shared principles between the games played on the show and in investing. In this roundtable, we dive into the similarities between winning Squid Game... and winning the game of stocks. 

Oct 20

20 min 8 sec

We all know we should invest for the long term -- provided that the company you invest in are quality ones that can outperform its competition. However, there will be times when our investments don't go the way we plan. So the question is... how low do you go before you sell? When should we actually sell our stocks and cut our losses?  In this roundtable, we dive into the things you want to consider before selling your stock. 

Oct 13

23 min 38 sec

SPH's share price rose following Keppel's $3.4 billion privatisation offer. The offer will see SPH delist and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel. Under the offer, SPH shareholders will receive 66.8 cents in cash, 0.596 Keppel REIT units, and 0.782 SPH REIT units for every share. In this roundtable, we go into details of the deal and what it means for SPH's current shareholders. 

Oct 6

22 min 42 sec

China's largest property developer, China Evergrande, is crumbling under  more than $300 billion in liabilities. After years of ratcheting up  debt to fund expansion, the conglomerate’s financially risky behavior  became too dangerous for authorities to ignore. Its share price has since fallen 81.12% year to date. The question is,  will China Evergrande's collapse trigger a Lehman Brothers financial  event... or is everything just overblown by the media? In this week's roundtable, we share our opinions on China Evergrande and  what you should do if you're an investor who owns positions in the  Chinese stock market.

Sep 29

24 min 26 sec

For investors who want to grow their money but don't know what stocks to pick, ETFs may be the way to go. An ETF holds different stocks in a single basket, thus offering investors broad diversification over different sectors and markets.  There are over 7,000 ETFs around the world. So the question is, how do you pick the best ETFs to invest your money in? How do you compare and choose the better ETFs over other ETFs that invest in the same sector or industry? In this week's roundtable, we cover the 10 things you should look out before you invest in an ETF.

Sep 26

16 min 39 sec

China has barred online gamers under the age of 18 from playing on weekdays and limited their play to just 3 hours on weekends. This marks a significant restriction on the country's massive gaming industry. Tencent's share price slumped 8.5% during regular trading hours in Hong Kong after the announcement. But the key question is, how will this restriction affect Tencent's growth moving forward? In this roundtable, we talk about China's latest gaming ban, how it impacts Tencent, and what you should know if you are a Tencent shareholder. 

Sep 16

18 min 20 sec

Many people are invested in the U.S stock market because of the number of high-quality listed companies and their growth potential. But did you know that, as a foreign investor, you are liable to pay estate taxes on your U.S. stocks and assets when you pass on? In this week's roundtable, we discuss some of the ways to avoid paying U.S. estate taxes -- especially important if you own a large portfolio of U.S. securities.

Sep 8

15 min 32 sec

Investing in the right industries gives investors predictability and also presents investors with the opportunity to grow along with market demand. On the flip side, picking the wrong ones can be disastrous and detrimental when it comes to the time spent on research and as well as the opportunity cost.  In this week's roundtable, we discuss some of our favorite industries to look at for growth and stability.

Sep 1

17 min 23 sec

Some investors call them 'super stocks', and some call them growth stocks. Ultimately, multibaggers are stocks that multiply your money many times over. And if you are the kind of investor who likes to look for companies that can multiply your money many times over... this video is for you.  In this episode, we discuss a distinct trait of today's multibaggers. So look out for it the next time you try to find quality growth companies to invest in.

Aug 29

15 min 57 sec

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) lifted its dividend cap on Singapore banks (DBS, UOB, OCBC) as the global economy rebounds following gradual re-openings and vaccine rollouts. This also means that the dividends from the three banks are now back to pre-pandemic levels -- if not higher. In this episode, we talk about the current financial status of the three Singapore banks, their upside moving forward, and whether it's still a good time to buy them for dividends and capital gains.

Aug 18

15 min 8 sec

Chinese tech stocks had their worst month since the Global Financial Crisis after investors dumped shares following a regulatory crackdown by Beijing. Likewise, China took a stand on its own education industry, forcing tutoring companies to go non-profit. Property management stocks fell too as Chinese regulators said they wanted to “improve order” in the market.  So the question is... is this an opportunity for investors who want a pie of China's growing economy? Despite the turmoil, there are still investors putting money into China. And investing in Chinese ETFs will provide exposure while offering more diversification than betting on a single company.

Aug 12

20 min 37 sec

Some of the biggest tech stocks in China, including Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, and Meituan have tumbled in the Hong Kong and U.S. markets since their February highs amid the Chinese government's regulatory crackdowns. With major funds dumping the shares, Tencent Holdings had its biggest drop in nearly a decade, while Alibaba slipped below its November 2019 Hong Kong IPO price of HK$176. In fact, all but two of the 30 tech constituents declined. Here in this video, we discuss the impact of China's tech shakeup, the future of Chinese tech companies moving forward, as well as possible opportunities to look out for.

Jul 30

27 min 50 sec

The Federal Reserve raised its expectations for inflation early this year and brought forward the time frame on when it will next raise interest rates. Here in this episode, we discuss the possible concerns about rising interest rates, how it impacts your investments, and what stocks to look for in an interest rate rising environment.

Jul 21

22 min 25 sec

Robinhood is a zero-commission trading platform that allows investors to buy and sell stocks in the stock market. Robinhood plans to go IPO at $40 billion dollars and their shares could start trading on the NASDAQ as soon as July 2021. Here in this podcast, we discuss Robinhood's upcoming IPO, its growth potential, the risks to look out for, as well as how to value this company.

Jul 14

23 min 55 sec

DiDi is China's largest vehicle for hire company with over 550 million users. Unfortunately, just days after its IPO, Chinese cybersecurity regulators said the ride-hailing giant violated laws on collecting and using personal information and ordered online platform not to offer DiDi's app. While this doesn't affect existing users, it prevents new users from downloading the app. As of today, DiDi's stock has fallen 11.5% below its IPO price of $14 per share. Is this an opportunity for investors who are looking to invest in DiDi? In this episode, we discuss the business model of DiDi, how it has performed so far, its financial results, and if it's a company we are keen to look at...

Jul 8

20 min 44 sec

We know that when it comes to investing, quality is better than quantity. Finding quality companies is key to investing success. In fact, if you are looking for companies that can give you double your money multiple times over without losing sleep, you have to look for companies that have a distinct advantage over the market place. In this episode, we discuss one such advantage to look out for the next time you try to find quality companies to invest in -- especially in the consumer sector.

Jun 30

17 min 27 sec, Inc. is the largest e-commerce company in the world today. Apart from e-commerce, the company also has other business segments such as cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. In this episode, we discuss the business model of Amazon, how it has performed so far, its financial results, and the latest happenings with the company recently.

Jun 23

21 min 17 sec

Peter Lynch is one of the most successful and well-known investors of all time. He managed the legendary Magellan Fund at Fidelity and made an annualized return of 29.2% over 13 years. That's more than twice what the S&P 500 earned during the same period. Peter Lynch has famously segmented companies into 6 broad categories, each requiring different strategies and valuation methods. In this roundtable, we'll talk about the different types of companies in Peter Lynch's book and which are the best type of companies retail investors should go for.

Jun 17

21 min 16 sec

There’s no better time to invest in your future than in a market crisis. Rather than buying speculative "growth hypothesis" stocks that are not making money, we choose to focus on companies that are profitable even during the pandemic.  And if you know what you are doing, you will not panic when the stock market turns against you.  In this episode, we talk about the our public stock picks during last year's pandemic, how they have performed thus far, what it means for these companies in the future -- and whether it's still attractive for new investors today. 

May 26

20 min 20 sec

Under its restructuring proposal, Singapore Press Holdings' media business will eventually be transferred to a not-for-profit entity for a nominal sum. This will be a newly formed public company limited by guarantee, or CLG. What does this mean for SPH and its current shareholders. Will the restructure transform SPH's business? At this roundtable, we talk about the possible future of SPH, its valuation, what it means for existing SPH shareholders and whether it's attractive for new investors after its restructure. 

May 20

24 min 4 sec

The SPY tracks the S&P 500 and is an index fund that's made up of the 500 largest companies on the U.S. stock exchanges, whereas the QQQ is an ETF that is composed of the 100 largest non-financial companies traded only on the NASDAQ stock exchange. If you were to pick one, which will you pick? Which one is a better ETF to invest in when it comes to growth and stability?  At this roundtable, we talk about the difference between the two ETFs, their historical performance, current valuation, and the strategies behind investing in these two index funds.

May 12

18 min 41 sec

Before he lost it all, Bill Hwang was the greatest trader you’ve never heard of. Starting in 2013, he parlayed more than US$200 million left over from his shuttered hedge fund into a mind-boggling fortune by betting on stocks. Had he folded his hand in early March and cashed in, Hwang, 57, would have stood out among the world’s billionaires.  And then, in two short days, it was all gone... At this roundtable, we discuss what went wrong with Archegos Capital, how Hwang lost US$20 Billion in a matter of days, as well as the lessons learnt.

May 6

20 min 31 sec

Grab Holdings, Southeast Asia’s largest unicorn, will go public in New York via a merger with one of Altimeter Capital Management’s SPACs in a deal valuing the app at US$35 billion. In this video, we discuss Grab's business model, their growth prospects, and if their upcoming IPO is attractive.

Apr 29

30 min 52 sec

CapitaLand is proposing to restructure its business model and split its business into two entities.  Its fund management and lodging business segment will be housed under the new CapitaLand Investment Management (CLIM) and will be listed on the SGX. It's development arm, however, will be taken private and off the exchange. At this roundtable, we discuss what this means for CapitaLand shareholders, what the restructuring is about, and the possible changes to CapitaLand in the near future.

Apr 21

18 min 48 sec

Berkshire repurchased a record $24.7 billion of stock during 2020, up from $4.9 billion in 2019. The pace accelerated in the second half of 2020, with about $9 billion of buybacks in both the third and fourth quarters. Buffett emphasized that the company only engages in share repurchase programs when it believes shares are trading below their intrinsic value. Is the share buyback a good move given that there are better, more lucrative opportunities during the pandemic?  At this roundtable, we discuss about the Berkshire Hathaway's share buybacks and the possible reasons behind the decisions.

Apr 14

17 min 43 sec

Greater China is Nike's fastest growing market. It is also the most profitable market for the sporting giant. Recently, H&M, Nike and other big Western apparel brands are facing a boycott in China because of the stand they've taken against the alleged use of forced labor to produce cotton in the country's western region of Xinjiang. Nike shares fell by 4%, while Adidas sank more than 6%...  So what's going to happen if the boycott continues? Will Nike lose its lucrative foothold in Greater China? Or is everything just a passing cloud? At this roundtable, we discuss about the incident, and what it means for Nike.

Apr 8

13 min 14 sec

The three big banks in Singapore, namely DBS, OCBC and UOB, have seen their share price appreciate about 30% over the last six months. However, because of the dividend cap rate, the Singapore banks are currently offering about 3% yield based on their current share price. In addition, interest rates are expected to remain low -- at least until 2023, which will affect the banks' earnings for the next two years or so. So the question is, are the banks in Singapore still attractive to look at today? In this roundtable, we share our findings and insights on the three Singapore banks and if they are worth considering at their current valuations.

Apr 1

15 min 48 sec

The share price of many tech stocks underwent a correction over the last week or so resulting in many investors wondering if a tech bubble crash is happening. Instead of a bubble burst, the selling was actually sparked by a selloff in the Treasury bond market, which pushed up yields. In this week's roundtable, we talk about what is happening in the market today that has resulted in some of the price corrections that we are seeing in tech stocks. We also talked about what you should be doing and some of the opportunities that are in the market today.

Mar 24

18 min 4 sec

Disney's streaming service has made its way to Singapore. It is also in operation in the U.S., Canada, UK, and much of Europe. Netflix, on the other hand, is already the market leader when it comes to over-the-top (OTT) streaming services with over 200 million subscribers.  The question of whether Netflix or Disney+ is the right choice has never been more pressing. Which is a better OTT stock to own? Which company has more growth potential? What's the runway for the OTT industry? At this roundtable, we compare the pros and cons between Disney+ and Netflix, their financials and how these two companies are likely to pan out in the near future.

Mar 17

26 min 34 sec

Some investors may claim that as long as a REIT is in the healthcare industry, it is a stable and safe investment. That claim however, couldn't be further away from the truth. Not all REITs are created equal. It doesn't matter if they are in the same industry. Different REITs have different properties and their style of managment can be vastly different as well. That is why it is important to go deep into understanding a REIT before investing your money.   In today's roundtable, we take a look at two Singapore-listed REITs -- First REIT and Parkway Life REIT -- and compare their performance and how they have fared over the past few years.

Mar 10

19 min 25 sec

Choosing the right market to invest for dividends can give you a head-start when it comes to building up your passive income.  Though boring, the beauty about dividend investing is that it can give you the cash flow you need by the time you are ready to retire. The earlier you start, the larger the cash flow you'll create.  Your cash flow acts as passive income while preserving your wealth. Think of it as receiving a monthly salary... but without putting in the work. That way, you don't have to worry about running out of cash in the bank.  In today's roundtable, we look at which markets to look for opportunities when it comes to dividend stocks.

Mar 1

20 min 20 sec

Most retail investors only start to invest in the stock market in their 30s or 40s. However, there really are no limits to how young you can start investing in the stock market. The earlier you start, the more time you have at your disposal to compound your money. Likewise, the earlier you start, the more experienced you'll become which will yield you even better results years down the road.  In today's roundtable, Adam interviews two of The Fifth Person's interns (both of whom are extremely brilliant millennials), Dean and Isaiah on how they got started in the stock market, their journey as well as their biggest winners to date.

Feb 10

20 min 6 sec

In today's roundtable, Kenny reveals how he spotted the opportunity in GameStop before anyone from wall street or main street picked it up, the reasons why he cashed out, and if there is still an opportunity with GameStop due to the short squeeze saga that's ongoing right now.

Feb 2

22 min 7 sec

After starting 2020 at US$7,000 a coin, and slumping to just over US$5,000 in March, the cryptocurrency has been on a roll since mid-December rising to as much as US$40,000 per coin in the first week of 2021. This time around, it's driven mostly by institutional investors instead of retail investors like it was back in 2017. The question is, should you invest in Bitcoin and ride adoption? Is there a bubble forming? Or is Bitcoin still really just a 'scam'? In this episode, we discuss what it takes for Bitcoin to become the new digital currency or gold and if you should invest in BTC today.

Jan 29

20 min 43 sec

What are the sectors and trends that are growing in Southeast Asia? The idea behind your next multi-bagger stock is to identify companies that can ride the tailwinds of a fast-growing sector. In this episode, we cover 5 growth trends that's shaping the future of Southeast Asia -- and around the world -- over the next 5 years. Unearth a great company in these sectors at the right price, and you're likely to benefit and ride these growth trends to the top.

Jan 22

21 min 13 sec

The stock market has rallied since the crash in March 2020. The question is, is the market still cheap? Can we still find bargains in today's market? In this episode, we cover 5 different markets and their valuations. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the market's valuation, the harder it is to find opportunities. The cheaper the market, the easier it is to find one.  

Jan 14

16 min 44 sec

Chinese regulators announced an investigation against Jack Ma’s company over alleged monopolistic practices. Ant Group, was also summoned by the People’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, and China Securities Regulatory Commission, and State Administration of Foreign Exchange, for “supervisory and guidance” talks. This has caused Alibaba's share price to go on a freefall since October 2020. The question is... is Alibaba still worth looking at? What does the future hold for Alibaba?

Jan 7

17 min 13 sec

2020 was a turbulent and interesting year for the stock market. We experienced a bear and bull market in the same year. The bear market came fast and furious, and the same can be said about the bull two months later, with the S&P 500 breaking new records.   In short, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital habits and boosted the technology companies behind them.  In this podcast, we discuss about our biggest investing takeaways in 2020.

Dec 2020

18 min 54 sec

Airbnb disclosed in its latest  SEC filing that it plans to IPO at a price range of $44 to $50. At the top end of that range, Airbnb would be valued at just over $30 billion.   So what is Airbnb all about? Should we buy into Airbnb with hopes of how the hospitality sector will recover after the COVID-19 pandemic? Is Airbnb a company that's worth looking at?    In this episode, we discuss about Airbnb's upcoming IPO, its prospectus as  well as the risks and competition that Airbnb faces.

Dec 2020

42 min 58 sec

Pfizer and Moderna announced encouraging results from its COVID-19  vaccine. So what's going to happen to the stock market once the vaccine is distributed across the world? What are some of the companies that will stand to gain from the recovery from the pandemic?    In this episode, we talk about some of the companies that we are personally invested in, as well certain companies that we are also keeping a close look out on.

Nov 2020

36 min 20 sec

Sea is a Singapore company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Since the start of the year, the share price of Sea Limited has risen by more than 300%, easily making it the best performing Singapore company this year.    In this episode, we talk about the different segments of Sea Limited and how each of the business segments are performing. Last but not least, we also share our opinions if investors should dip their hands and invest in Sea Limited.

Oct 2020

47 min 3 sec

Are Singapore office REITs cheap now? REITs have always been one of the best vehicles for dividend investors to grow their income portfolio. However, with the impact of COVID-19, it has affected REITs across the board, from retail to hospitality to office.   In addition, with the work-from-home policy now being widely adopted, will offices become irrelevant in the near future?   In this episode, we talk about the impact of COVID-19 on office REITs and how it will possibly impact this sector moving forward.

Oct 2020

40 min 39 sec

Chinese fintech and payments giant Ant Group is going to IPO in October.  It aims to raise up to US$35 billion in Hong Kong and Shanghai at a US$200 billion valuation or higher. In 2018, it raised US$14 billion in the biggest-ever single fundraising by a private company at a US$150  billion valuation.   So what is Ant Group all about? Should we buy into the hype surrounding Ant Group's IPO? More importantly, is Ant Group a company that's worth looking at? Should we, as investors, be interested in Ant Group?   In this episode, we discuss about Ant Group's upcoming IPO, its growth  drivers as well as the risks that Ant Group faces.

Sep 2020

54 min 1 sec

Can Singapore retail REITs survive a post-covid world? Are retail REITs still a viable investment to look at today? What about the impact of e-commerce on retail REITs?   In this episode, we talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the retail industry and how it will possibly impact Singapore's retail REITs moving forward.

Sep 2020

44 min 52 sec