The Extremely Successful Sales Club

By Chris Murray

Chris Murray is the bestselling author of a number of books including The Extremely Successful Salesman's Club and Selling with EASE - and an internationally recognized expert on sales and sales team management. On the Extremely Successful Sales Club podcast, Chris interviews the top names in sales and business development from all over the world, with a single aim;To create 30 minutes of entertaining content that’s going to help salespeople become more successful tomorrow than they were yesterday

  1. 1.
    Matthew Hall - Warm Leads, Sales Excellence and the Vicious Cycle of Addiction
  2. 2.
    Rob Spence – Trust, Business Relationships and Naked Butlers
  3. 3.
    Steve Jones - How to Become an International Sales Superstar
  4. 4.
    Alex Demetriou – The Single Thing that All Sales Teams Should Focus On
  5. 5.
    Michael Hanson – Building the Perfect Sales Playbook
  6. 6.
    Amanda Downs - Is Your Leadership Team Hindering the Success of Your Salespeople?
  7. 7.
    Mario Martinez Jr - How to Sell Remotely When the World's in Lockdown
  8. 8.
    Niraj Kapur - How to Succeed in Sales When the World is Pushing Back

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