Still Learning

Katy Hill

Still Learning is a podcast all about our learning styles and stories. As an elementary school teacher with experience in design, tech and dance, Katy is interested in pivotal learning moments in people's early lives, how they describe and interpret their own learning style, and what they're curious about learning now in both their professional and personal lives.

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Rashi Birla, designer, shares her perspective on what it means to be creative.

Jul 5

39 min 46 sec

Emily Bailin Wells explains her background and the origin of her work in media literacy and identity.

Jul 5

34 min 55 sec

Lindsey Steinberg describes navigating her creative path.

Jul 5

42 min 34 sec

In this episode I spoke with Katie Moran. In our conversation, Katie describes her journey from being a curious kid who sourced confidence and motivation from team sports to becoming a teacher, lawyer, and now law school professor. She highlights how informal learning — outside of school and curriculum — and her efforts to reflect regularly on her progress propelled her forward through various career paths. I was most intrigued to hear about Katie’s approach to incorporating mindsets into law school curriculum; what started as a push to help more students pass the formidable Bar exam led to her developing a unique course all about growth mindset, self-regulation and countering imposter syndrome as a foundational experience for developing lawyers. She embodies the idea of “How can we get the most out of this experience?” and it was a pleasure to hear her share examples of how this has shown up in her life.

Apr 26

42 min 58 sec

In this episode I spoke with Danise Olague. A former teacher, Danise describes her motivations to pursue education, and how she sees it intersect with activism and ethnic studies. We also talk about her gradual transition from the teaching world to her current role as an accessibility specialist and advocate — including how being diagnosed with a disability influenced her perspective on the potential for technology and design to be a positive force for inclusion and social change. Lastly Danise explains what “growth mindset” means to her, and how mindfulness and play shape her ongoing learning as a mother and person today.

Mar 8

44 min 48 sec

In this episode I spoke with career coach Meg Duffy. Meg coaches people — primarily women in the tech space — through meaningful career transitions, offering structure and support through what can be an intimidating and elusive process. In our conversation we discuss how she came to that work, and how her early experiences of learning and self-discovery have illuminated her own career trajectory and development. Meg also suggests some helpful questions and nuggets of wisdom from her perspective as a coach that can inform anyone’s learning and self-inquiry process, whether or not you’re on the brink of a career switch.

Dec 2020

37 min 38 sec

In this episode I spoke with one of my earliest and most influential teachers, dancer & choreographer Katie Faulkner. Katie shares about her journey into dance and refining her skills as a dance teacher, as well as how she approaches her work as a choreographer through a cyclical learning process. She sheds some light on the fear of being seen so many of us feel when we share our ideas publicly, and offers a refreshing perspective on the importance of rest and waiting to "making" — especially in the current pandemic.

Dec 2020

31 min 11 sec

Welcome to Season 2! In this first episode, I spoke with  Chelsea Johnson, a User Experience Researcher at LinkedIn who also has her PhD in Sociology from USC. Chelsea is also one of the authors of the amazing book Intersectionallies, which aims to explain intersectionality and the many aspects of identity to children, but is also really a book for all people. Chelsea and I spoke about her learning experiences growing up and through graduate school, her interests and passions that sparked Intersectionallies, and some of the ways she's continuing to learn and adapt to a Covid-19 world in her day-to-day life today. 

Dec 2020

38 min 53 sec

Some solo reflections on what I've learned from creating this mini series, and some of the themes that emerged from our conversations about learning. Also, a template for personal learning reflection. 

May 2020

9 min 18 sec

A conversation with my friend Heather exploring the impact of childhood messaging on learning and life goals, writing, and owning the type of learner you are. 

May 2020

35 min 39 sec

A conversation with my friend Akshay, in which he shares an ER doctor's perspective on confidence, learning. and the pursuit of personal knowledge.

May 2020

40 min 44 sec

A conversation with my friend Robin, an experienced meditator, on what she's learned about fear, true wisdom, and the power of "unlearning."

May 2020

30 min 47 sec

A conversation with my friend Melissa, community strategist and coach, on the lure of busy-ness and achievement, learning how to slow down, and exploring spiritual reparenting to craft meaningful learning experiences and rituals in adult life.

May 2020

32 min 41 sec

A conversation with my friend Paul, engineer extraordinaire, featuring  the mystique of palindromes,  the delight of raising chickens and the practicality of taking tests as an adult.

May 2020

32 min 55 sec

A conversation with my friend Jane, software engineer and artist. Highlights include knitting, babies and bikes -- oh my!

May 2020

31 min 23 sec

A conversation with my friend David, UX researcher and outdoor explorer. Highlights include learning how to build a computer and the ongoing quest to manage the distraction of our phones.

May 2020

24 min 45 sec