The Tic


The Tic focuses on highlighting a marketer's journey to becoming a… marketer.

We dig into WHO the person is through this journey. What path did they take to get there, what do they love about their journey, what do they hate?

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Host Zachary Ballenger interviews Joe Wadlington, Global Creative Lead at Twitter, about etiquette and editing. We're reminded that storytelling IS the job. And we hear what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Feb 24

39 min 19 sec

Host Zachary Ballenger interviews Anthony Chiulli, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Iterable, about his legs (and I guess his career). We challenge marketers to pursure their passion projects. And we miss hearing from you.

Jul 2020

45 min 32 sec

Host Zachary Ballenger interviews Megan Hostetler, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, about her journey through Salesforce. We consider why marketers are so risk-averse. And we stop and listen for once.

Jun 2020

32 min 50 sec

Host Zachary Ballenger interviews James Serra, the Video Production Manager and Podcast Producer at LogicGate, about his path to a marketer, his band, and the Chicago Bulls. We take a look at how important creative outlets are for marketers. And we hear what your life's theme song is right now.

Jun 2020

23 min 22 sec

Host Zachary Ballenger interviews Holly Pels, the Director of Marketing at Casted, about this show. We think about why content is so important right now. And we hear what your version of success is for your podcast right now.

May 2020

16 min 59 sec