A+ Parents

By Dennis DiNoia

The A+ Parents podcast, Hosted by “Mr. D Math Live” Founder Dennis DiNoia, speaks with parents, homeschool organizations, and homeschool influencers on how to help our students become self-directed learners. Our programs encourage students to discover how to learn vs what to learn and how to teach others what they are learning along the way. Mr. D Math Live programs empower students to correct their work, discover their own ah-ha moments and develop lifelong self-mastery skills. We share tips, tricks and stories from educators on how students can think for themselves by teaching them to operate with free will, accountability, honor, and respect. Our unique approach awakens students to discover their own unique expression of how they view education. They communicate what they’ve discovered and apply their knowledge to “the world outside of a classroom.” We focus on multiple learning styles allowing students to discover their own strengths in how they learn. After all, what does every parent truly want? We all want our children to have a great life beyond what their report card says. That is what it means to be an A+ Parent. Grades are important. But not as important as the lifetime of happiness through self-discovery and knowledge mastery. Welcome to the A+ Parent podcast and thank you for listening. To view our resources and online classes, please follow us online at mrdmath.com or on our social channels @MrDMathlive

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