Gfaith Christian Ministries

By Robert Brown

when a person receives Jesus Christ as Lord They receive a brand new identity according to ( 2 Corinthians 5:17) . therefore jest as when a caterpillar becomes a lovely butterfly its whole life and concept about life and travel changes yet it is the same animal . in the same way as the butterfly which was once a lowly and humble caterpillar . we must lift our sights to the real us in Christ . forget what happen in the past because faith is always now today !. Just as 2 Corinthians 5:17 all so lets us know that not only is the believer a new creation but , we our self's must embrace the fact that as anything brand new , We also come with a owners manual which is the word of God , we also processes new equipment which is completely different from the old unborn again self. Romans 8:37 says the believer is more then conquerors though him who loved us , plus i would like to add just like when we buy a new car, truck or appliance they all come with standard equipment and so dose this new creation , everything that Jesus had and used as he walked this earth over 2,000 years ago, we also have as children of God . Join me in these wonderful podcasts and be amazed at who we are, what we have , and what we can do though the new birth . Enjoy

  1. 1.
    Eliminating all of the road blocks and excuses for not receving and operating in the born again kind of life provided by Christ Jesus over 2'000 years ago ! .
  2. 2.
    Learn to see yourself as God see's you though reading and confessing what is written about you in the written word of God, don't go by your human feelings go by God's word .
  3. 3.
    learning how to listen to the scriptures in a way that the words just jump off the pages and become a living reality , and you can do that with any part of the scriptures .
  4. 4.
    sin and being a sinner is not something that you do instead it is something that you are born to thought Adam , but Jesus makes you free , and changes the script .
  5. 5.
    Obtaining a clear and good conscience though the born again experience.
  6. 6.
    This is one of the ways to be uniquely in Christ Jesus, yet still be uniquely you .
  7. 7.
    Part # 2 of the series types and shadows of the Old Testament finding their fulfillment in the New Testament .
  8. 8.
    This is a seris called, unique types and shadows of the Old Testament, finding their fulfillment in the New Testament , PT # 1
  1. 9.
    This is why the Sacrifice of bulls, goats and sheep under the Law of Moses never worked .
  2. 10.
    Are you tired of not knowing if God is pleased with you, then check out this message and turn things around ! .
  3. 11.
    Learning how to take what Gods word says and build upon it , get love, joy, peace and much more though God's word.
  4. 12.
    understanding Galatians 2:19 and 1 Timothy: 1: 9 , Not letting what happened in our pass hinder our growth and development in Christ
  5. 13.
    understanding from scripture, what will make God jump over thousand's of people jest to get to you and bless you .
  6. 14.
    here's a Blue print or manual from The bible to know when the Holy Spirit is telling you something, guiding you ! .
  7. 15.
    Are you worring, stressed out, trying to do what God has already made available though Christ
  8. 16.
    The believers body is not born again , but the Human spirit is born again and have everything you need to be fully prepared to live your best life on planet Earth . Enjoy !
  9. 17.
    The bible is an instruction guide , manual , compus, for the born again believer, .
  10. 18.
    Step in to the knowledge and reality of the true gospel of the risen Christ right here and right now !.
  11. 19.
    walking and living in the reality, of what Jesus Christ did for the church over 2,000 years ago ! .
  12. 20.
    understanding how one man could couse everything and everyone to be born a sinner needling to be saved.
  13. 21.
    understanding Romans chapter 7 which describes a slave to sin , in Contrast to Romans Chapter 8 a person who is free from sin - really understanding the concept of who you are in Christ Jesus .

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