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2020 - What a year so far!!If this year hasn't challenged you at least once from a mindset perspective then you deserve a place amongst the great stoics of history. Our practice has been super busy this year with people either suffering from the stress of what COVID-19 keeps throwing at us OR to ensure they are getting the guidance they need to travel through these challenging times in the best manner possible.As such I thought it would be a great time to interview the team so you get to know who they are and what help is available to you all. First up is Mindset Coach Gemma Hanley.For some people it has been challenging to stay grounded given the constant shifting in this narrative, so I thought starting with the mind is a great place for our listeners.Gem has a great story of evolution in her own health journey and that has lead her to today where she is now guiding people to their own newer, better version of life.There is some great wisdom within so we hope you enjoy it. To keep up to date with everything that we are doing remember to check out the links below. :-)MarcusMarcusmarcusyeo.comInstagram: @docyeoGemmagemmahanley.comInstagram: @gemmaehanley    MY ChiropracticBook Instagram: @mychiropractic

Jul 2020

50 min 45 sec

Stay Indoors And Don't Come Out!!That has been the life for most of us as we navigate our way through the coronavirus lockdown. Whilst it may have seemed necessary to do so to avoid a possible exposure to the virus these measures haven't come without other health consequences. Rightly so the news has shone a light on matters like domestic violence and mental health concerns, however the realm of fitness and body function unfortunately has been largely pushed aside. As a hands on large musculoskeletal focussed practitioner I have big concerns around the physical health of our population post coronavirus so I decided it would be a good idea to share some other tools available for people to stay healthy and well. There are literally 1000's of online fitness programs available but for many this realm is too unfamiliar to navigate and potentially overwhelming when it comes to decision making. However this time presents us with a unique opportunity to become more adaptable, more capable of undertaking physical activity whist at home. This is a skill that will be very helpful as we return to our pre coronavirus lives, where for a lot of people time constraints and lack of convenience often cruel the best fitness intentions. If we can all learn to self motivate and self direct our fitness activities through engaging in an online resource we will be better placed to maintain our physical health for the long term. In order to learn more about the mechanics of how this works I sat down with a real mover and shaker in this space - Adrian Lea from Leaway Fitness. Adrian runs an online fitness and nutrition coaching business that is growing every week. I have known Adrian since this journey began and it has been fascinating watching it all unfold. He is passionate, energetic and super committed and gives us a real insight into how this type of fitness programming and guidance is creating healthier and happier people all over the globe. You can find Adrian at the following spots online: InEnjoy gang and keep living Superwell!Marcus@docyeo

May 2020

37 min 12 sec

Life's Good - What a mantra to live by!Well today's guest Lynn Gilmartin or 'LG' has literally done this for years. What started as a bit of fun has now become embedded in her psyche and she is living it out in an exceptional manner. Lynn is based in L.A. and is living out her dream of pursuing an acting career whilst also performing her role as the anchor for the World Poker Tour. The story of her journey has embedded within some great lessons on taking a leap of faith and creating the life of your dreams.  When I think about the people that I know who are managing to oscillate close to a 'balance point' in life, Lynn always comes to mind. She is a super conscious being who constantly reflects on the impacts of her choices on her life, the life of others and the world at large. Whether it is choosing food from the best source possible, clothes from recycled ocean plastic or sponsoring a child in the Phillipines, Lynn is always looking to leave a positive imprint on the planet. What is amazing is that she accomplishes this whilst still living a full life with lots of play and exploring, great relationships and a big smile on her face. It was a fun interview where I learnt things about a good friend of mine that I never knew and have taken away some gold that I have been able to implement straight away in my life.Look out for a special 'add on' at the end when we decided to flick the record button again when our post interview chat went into some other cool places!You can follow Lynn on Instagram here:

May 2020

1 hr 24 min

Peace of mind - wouldn't the world love a little bit of that right now!Today we sit down with Tom Ahern from The Mind Mate Podcast to discuss his journey into counselling and some of the work that he is doing. Tom is as committed to learning his craft as anybody that I have ever met. He is well read, well researched, deeply considered and extremely passionate about helping people navigate the arena of the human mind. We are experience an extraordinary time in history at the moment and many people are challenged on the mental health front from lots of different angles. Hopefully this podcast might provide a nugget or too that helps you through this journey.In the podcast Tom discusses his 3 books with the first one already completed which is titled "Yes I’m Fine, Just Tired”. You can find it in audio and paperback online.You can follow Tom via the following links below. He shares great content, the kind of stuff that makes your feed valuable!Instagram:

Apr 2020

44 min 58 sec

The world is currently facing TWO significant health challenges:  - coronavirus - and then the stress that is accompanying the dramatic shifting in our daily lives.In this podcast I sit down with naturopath Fiona Chin (The Wellness Guru) and psychologist Naeidra Derry to discuss both of these concurrent health challenges.Fiona has an auto immune disease and has literally spent years learning about immune function and as such has been able to do a deep dive into all of the scientific information about the virus. Why is it so contagious? What happens in our bodies when we get it? What can be done to combat it? etcImportantly Fiona gives some great information around what we can do to best position our bodies for if/when we get exposed to the virus so we can either prevent infection or curtail its short and possible long term effects.Naeidra then goes into some important areas of mental health self care which will help us stay resilient whilst navigating the stress over the coming months.Please note due to social distancing measures we were sitting quite apart from each other so you may need to bump up your audio a little to hear us!As always send through any questions that you may have!Enjoy.RESOURCES:Previous episodes:- Immunity - Sleep - Cryotherapy - Fasting - Navigating Change - App - https://www.downdogapp.comMeditation App- https://insighttimer.comSuggested tracks:-

Mar 2020

1 hr 39 min

Well February is here and it is time to dust off the old 'cleansing cape' and go about trying to clear out those toxic lifestyle habits for a solid 4 week block.... If you haven't heard February is a THE month for fasting (although for most people in practice it is just abstinence for one or two things instead of fasting), where people go about trying to reduce their intake of one or many foods.Given the time of year we thought it was perfect to sit down and have a conversation about all things fasting!In recent times fasting, in particular intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular and in practice we have seen people attempting it with various results. So today we sat down to discuss all things fasting from what happens in your body, to different ways to do it and also the fact that humans have been doing it for millennia.To supplement this information we are also hosting a Facebook live session on the MY Chiropractic page on Monday the 17th of February 2020 at 5.45pm. Jump on board to ask any specific questions that you may have to help you on your fasting journey!February is definitely the month of food for thought, hopefully this episode is a nice addition to your menu :-)

Feb 2020

1 hr 3 min

A long, healthy and happy life - we would all love one of those wouldn't we!? Well in this week's podcast you get a small taste for how it can happen for you and everyone else!We sit down with Kale Brock, award nominated writer, filmmaker and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative story telling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. In his second documentary, The Longevity Film, Kale travelled to the world’s ‘blue zones’ longevity cultures, to investigate the dietary & lifestyle factors which cause such unprecedented health statistics in these areas. Given the time of year, when people are setting health goals and intentions we thought it would be a great idea to find out what we should really be honing in on in regards to optimal lifestyle choices, based upon Kale's experience in these longevity cultures.The conversation is not what you would expect as Kale takes a more macro look at what makes these cultures special and how we can shift what we are doing to emulate them. Enjoy the discussion and get ready for a shift towards your happier, healthier and longer life!Huzzah!Find and follow the legendary Kale here:

Jan 2020

54 min 27 sec

Another New Years Eve and another opportunity to set some goals and resolutions and get ourselves on the right track... But will it work this time??This podcast is all about the way we eat. At this time of year it is common practice for many to set themselves a strict agenda for eating. People take up the diet fad sweeping the world to try and shift the Christmas bulge and get themselves feeling more vital again after the indulgence and perhaps toxicity that comes with celebrating the year that was and the engaging in the Christmas festivities.However does this really work and is it sustainable? I think most would agree that the overwhelming anecdotal evidence would suggest it is highly infrequent (not impossible though!).So to help people avoid doing something radical we decided to sit down and discuss what a healthy sustainable eating pattern (diet- although we don't like the word) might look like.Everything is on the table in this philosophical and macro level conversation about our decisions around food. Everything from planning, sourcing it, preparing it, some basic ideas in portion sizing and what it should comprise of and even how we should incorporate it into our social and family interactions.We hope you enjoy the chat.Delicious!

Jan 2020

1 hr 6 min

The festive season is here yet for many this time of year is full of lots of stress. Today Marcus and Naeidra Deery Psychologist chat about the impact that Christmas stress can have on people's lives. The discussion goes into some ideas around giving and receiving gifts, coping with time management and deadlines and most importantly how to work through those sticky moments when we are forced into the proximity of people that we may not have the best relationship with. There are also some great pointers along the way in how to make sure you stay focused on the people and things that matter and even some little mind flips that you can enact to get yourself feeling up beat and joyous in the final lead up to Christmas.  

Dec 2019

57 min 58 sec

In this episode, Marcus chats with a true beacon from over the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand, Damian Chaparro from Aro Hā retreats. Marcus visited Aro Hā as the final leg of his honeymoon almost 4 years ago and was blown away by the experience. The retreats style is intimate and active with only small groups of 18 at a time and lots of time moving the body. Here is an example of what a day might look like at Aro Hā- Wake to a subtle knock on the door to remind you that yoga practice starts soon- A nice glass of lemon water and a yoga practice with the most incredible views imaginable- Delicious breakfast made of food grown on site in the dining room with more incredible views- A hike amongst breathtaking natural beauty that truly invigorates the soul- Lunch with more fresh organic food from the garden- To follow for the afternoon in no particular order: an exercise class, hour long massage, education session, free time for reflection- More yoga to cleanse the mind and body one more time for the day- Delicious dinner again sourced from the garden onsiteWhilst using words serves as an introductory way to describe a day at Aro Hā, it is clear that it is truly an experience that has to be had to be understood fully. Damian and his business partner Chris have created something truly amazing and it was great to explore this journey with Damian in today's podcast. Aro Hā is a very special place that you just have to visit, start making your plans today!!aro-ha.comaro ha facebookaro ha instagram's book recommendations:A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

Dec 2019

58 min 36 sec

With hay fever season well under way in Melbourne we thought it was a great idea to sit down and answer the questions:- what is hay fever?- what causes it?- what you can do about it?- how to start?With people suffering now or just overcoming the symptoms of hay fever which are sometimes debilitating, it is fresh in the mind and the perfect time to start having a conversation around how to prevent it from coming on. This discussion is wide reaching and a lot of great information is brought up that perhaps people may not have realised relates to hay fever.Fiona and Rachel are at the top of their game as naturopaths and bring together educational, practical and potent answers to the questions above. Enjoy the episode and the easy breathing in spring wherever you are in the world!:-)

Nov 2019

1 hr 1 min

Winter is long gone, the warmer weather is more frequent, the days are longer and it is the perfect time of year to dust yourself off and get your body moving. Perhaps you are trying to shed a winter coat, or perhaps you just want to start a fitness campaign, whatever your reasons for moving one thing is for sure, you want to make sure you stay on track!In today's episode we chat with Dr Gabriel Parker, sports chiropractor, lecturer, clinician, all round legend of a guy. The topic of conversation was how to make sure we successfully enact a fitness campaign at this time of year. As practitioners we often see well meaning individuals in the practice off the back a spark of motivation and enthusiasm and a launch into physical activity without enough awareness of where their body is at and how to step things up appropriately. The problem with this is that initial burst of energy often goes by the wayside and the training schedule and goals derail.So the purpose of today's episode is to educate the audience on the best way to prepare yourself for a new fitness regime, in order to get the optimum outcome from it. There is lots of great thought provoking information within, we hope you enjoy it. 

Nov 2019

1 hr 16 min

In this episode Marcus sits down with his long term friend David Rigney who is the founder of cycling community Knights Of Suburbia.Around 2014 David semi retired from playing Australian Rules Football and decided to take up cycling as a way of keeping his fitness up. From there he quickly got some mates involved and created a little club called FTC - Footballers Turned Cyclists. With the competitive juices flowing over from their previous life as footballers Dave and his mate Russ Lee decided to try and create a team to compete in the local cycling critical races. FTC was evolving quickly and Dave realised that the community that they were creating was having a positive impact by bringing guys together, so they could enjoy each others company and feel safe to share some of the challenges that they were facing in life. It dawned upon them that what they were creating was something special and the purpose of the group shifted to provide a space for people to connect, a safe haven for those with mental health concerns and also a way to create awareness around the challenges society is facing with mental health issues.Whilst this evolution was taking place the group was rebranded to Knights Of Suburbia, which better reflected the quest that they were on to bring the local community together through cycling, to face the challenges of mental health.Knights Of Suburbia (also known as KOS) has partnered with Love Me Love You, a foundation set up to support people with mental health issues and through their promotional activities have raised up around $500,000.00 to support the cause. This has been through various activities with a yearly event titled 'Ride With Me' being a significant contribution.Knights Of Suburbia participation has grown from a local club based in the North East of Melbourne to now having group rides happening weekly all of the country. Our chat goes through the journey of KOS but also, importantly, the magnitude of the impact that community has made to the lives of many individuals. It has been a pleasure to watch the growth of Knights Of Suburbia and personally I am hoping to get more involved through the addition of some running initiatives.If you want to learn more about Knights Of Suburbia you can find them here: Enjoy!

Nov 2019

44 min 35 sec

With around one third of your life spent sleeping, you want to understand how to optimise the benefits of your sleep don't you!? In this episode, learn about the mechanics of what is happening in the body when you sleep, the impacts of not having great sleep, and most importantly, have your pen ready for the SOLUTIONS we provide for you to explore further. Laugh along with Naturopath Fiona Chin, Psychologist Naeidra Deery, and Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner Gemma Hanley who join Dr Marcus Yeo for this educational deep dive.  Ready, set, SLEEP!Books: Sun lamp (note, please check the socket with both these products as some will require an adaptor from US to AUS): or posts: and ring: Flux: The Joe Rogan Experience #1109 Matthew Walker 

Aug 2019

2 hr 5 min

What's Cryotherapy? In this episode our resident Naturopath and Kinesiologist Fiona Chin brings you into the loop with Dr Marcus Yeo along for the ride too.  To get you started, it's cold therapy which is a practice that has been happening for thousands of years and has resurfaced in popularity in more recent times.  Want to know more!? Fiona and Marcus load you up on the benefits (weight loss, reduced inflammation, increased life span) and the science behind those benefits, how to practice this yourself, and some insights into our own team experience of cryotherapy in Warrandyte State Park on the weekend's 10 degree Winter offering.  Ask us your questions via the website and social media!

Jul 2019

43 min 51 sec

Marcus Pearce is the founder of the 'Exceptional Life Blueprint' (an educational program that helps people to have long and exceptional lives), and the CEO of 'The Wellness Couch' podcast network (which hosts over 2,000 health and wellness podcast episodes).  Marcus is an upbeat vibrant character who is full of words, so it was always a certainty that this beacon episode would be action packed and full of great content.Find out more about Marcus Pearce here: 

May 2019

59 min 40 sec

The second ever Superwell Solutions episode is a deep dive into 'immunity' - a great topic for the time of year as we are heading closer to Winter.  We think there's no one better to guide us on this one than our incredible Naturopath and Kinesiologist Fiona Chin.Dr Marcus and Fiona begin with a discussion covering the elements of the body that make up the immune system, followed by what can go wrong, and how you can actively improve and strengthen the immune system from a lifestyle perspective. 

May 2019

2 hr 28 min

The Autumn leaves are falling around us indicating a change of seasons, and what an opportune time it is to discuss change as a concept over all seasons of life.  Naeidra Deery (Psychologist) and Gemma Hanley (Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist) join Marcus to discuss the ins and outs of successfully navigating change.Broadly they talk about change in two directions; change that you decide upon yourself and how to best ensure your success in that, as well as change that is thrust upon you from outside mechanisms and how to best adapt to that and make sure you are flexible with the approach.

Apr 2019

50 min 21 sec

In this episode Marcus sits down with his long term friend and wellness guru Dr Damian Kristof.  Marcus started his journey into wellness studying alongside Damo and they have been great mates ever since; a friendship that has crafted Marcus as a practitioner and more importantly as a person. Very early on Damo exposed Marcus to different ways to view the body and the world, philosophies that are deeply entrenched into his life to this very day and will be for the rest of his life. Damo was a pioneer in the world of podcasting health information, starting 'The Wellness Guys' show over 8 years ago which led to him creating the podcast channel named 'The Wellness Couch' and then himself and a few other legends creating an incredible seminar called 'The Wellness Summit'.  He also has a podcast called '100 Not Out' where he explores ideas around longevity with another super clever man named Marcus Pearce. Dr Damian Kristof is his official title as he is a qualified Chiropractor in conjunction to Naturopath and Nutritionist. At one point his studies led him to New Zealand where he set up a booming naturopathic practice and also starred in the world wide TV weight loss hit - Downsize Me. Returning to Melbourne he has continued his public profile through a regular radio segment on Triple M’s show The Rush Hour.He speaks around the country most weeks on one of his 3 passions with his keynote presentations being- The Power Food, Crack Your Stress Code and The Gut Brain Connection.His own projects and research combined with interviewing hundreds of health and wellness experts from around the globe means that he has a library of wellness information of the highest quality. This is a great chat with a few gags, he even tries to embarrass Marcus at one point (and succeeds) and there's absolutely some real pearls in here for the listeners.You can find more out about Dr Damian Kristof at

Apr 2019

1 hr 5 min

The first of our 'Superwell Solutions' episodes shines light on depression.  In this deep dive we cover off on three of the key understandings as drivers to depression; the biochemical, psychological, and social.  Psychologist Naeidra Deery, Naturopath and Kinesiologist Fiona Chin, Chiropractor Gabriel Parker, and Master NLP Practitioner Gemma Hanley all contribute to a round table discussion with Dr Marcus Yeo.The A-team discuss: what is actually happening in the body? how can you discover your body's performance in areas that may cause or lead to susceptibility to depression? how can you take a holistic approach to recovery and prevention of depression?We have also provided a summary sheet in the resources section of our website that summarises the potential drivers of depression, the best way to test for these, and the professionals that can support you in doing so.If you have a need for immediate help, please ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 or reach out to the clinic on 8418 1445 or speak to someone you trust.

Mar 2019

2 hr 32 min

In this Episode: Dr Marcus Yeo shares time with our superstar Psychologist Naeidra Deery! They cover off on childhood mental development, future proofing your kids, and how to maximise their school experience and happiness. Naeidra has been helping people achieve their best for 11 years with an approach that is extremely holistic.  She approaches all of her clients from a positive perspective helping them reach optimum performance through empowering education and self awareness.  Naeidra works with individuals, families and communities.  Listen in for her wisdom! 

Feb 2019

57 min 23 sec

In this Episode:Clinic owner Dr Marcus Yeo sits with Fiona Chin (Naturopath and Kinesiologist) and Gemma Hanley (Master NLP Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist) who have dedicated themselves to mastering the art of building a fulfilling life philosophy and experience.  Listen in for their outpouring of insights, from both their own personal experience as well as observations with clients...Who exactly are Fiona and Gemma and what has been their journey to where they are now.Our most impactful insights for prosperous goal setting Why you should consider setting intentions rather than goalsHow to 'be' your intentionWhat you can identify from your internal dialogue and self talkThe Philosophy FormulaThe biggest mistakes we see people make when trying to make changeHow to break the loop of falling short or burn outWhose standards are you living by?The value dense resources we have utilised and highly recommendResources:Follow this link to purchase any of the books mentioned below in our resources guide: Philosophy Formula, Pat Gentempo The Obstacle Is The Way, Ryan Holiday (book)Stealing Fire, Stephen Kotler and Jamie Wheal (book)The Untethered Soul, Michael A Singer (book)Healing: Freedom From Our Addictions, Russell Brand (book)Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza (book)Joe Rogan Podcast Marcus Podcast The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape (book)Marie Forleo A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle (book)The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman (book)Red Lion, Maria Szepes (book)Essentialism, Greg McKeown (book)On The Shortness Of Life, Seneca (book)

Jan 2019

52 min 36 sec