Cocktails and Dreams

Ginger Kochmer

Founder and creator of Clutch Creative Talent, Ginger Kochmer, gets into the latest and greatest of the staffing industry. Learn about the client-side of the business, behind-the-scenes of the hiring process, and how to navigate the current creative market.

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Are you struggling to make sense of the current job market? Industry expert Ginger Kochmer and Senior Recruiter Cody Michalowski break down the current state of the labor market and how candidates and clients can navigate this phenomenon.

Nov 18

34 min 12 sec

Welcome to Cocktails and Dreams! Ginger Kochmer is the President and CEO of Clutch-Creative talent, a specialized staffing agency.  In this podcast she will discuss about how to partner with a staffing agency, whether you are a client or a candidate, the current state of the labor market, and how to navigate this new normal.

Nov 4

34 min 56 sec