Small Biz Banter

ExpenseOnDemand and The SME Club

A light-hearted business podcast with expert guests offering advice and info for small business owners, directors and employees in the UK.

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In this episode, Sunil and James chat to Jules Robertson, the co-founder of Tally Market, a brilliant solution that enables businesses to book thousands of workspaces across the UK.We discuss the new hybrid model and how businesses are using Tally Market to have a regular office space on a part-time basis and how owners are adapting to the new working environment. We also discuss events and parties and how the demand for this is surging as people want to meet face-to-face and network again.

Nov 18

32 min 17 sec

In this episode, Sunil and James chat to Richard Osborne, the founder of the UK Business Forum about his journey to setting up the forum and he went on to sell the forum and eventually buy it back.We talk about side hustles, entrepreneurs and how the forum is being redesigned to attract thousands of amazing young business owners in the UK.

Nov 18

43 min 5 sec

Sunil and James chat to Nicola Weedall and Hector Macandrew - Co-founders of Hydr, a new invoice financing solution that offers small businesses payment upfront for their invoices on a simple fixed fee basis, helping with cash flow and credit control.They discuss invoices, how to get paid and how critical cash flow can be for small businesses. The founders also talk about their journey to launching Hydr and talk about some of the SMEs they have helped. 

Nov 6

38 min 43 sec

In this episode, Sunil and James chat to  Lee Nathan who is the Regional Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in the South West and is also the Founder of Shopli, a marketplace for independent retailers across the UK. They discuss supporting local businesses and how the pandemic has changed the public's attitude to local communities and how Shopli is helping thousands of independent businesses across the UK.

Oct 12

42 min 13 sec

Sunil and James chat to Oliver Prill - CEO of Tide Bank about Tide Bank and how the bank is supporting UK SMEs with a simple portfolio of solutions to making banking and finances easy.They discuss the pandemic, future plans for Tide and how the bank is expanding into the Indian market next year. 

Sep 28

34 min 49 sec

Sunil and James chat with Amber Ainsley Pritchard, the Group Editor at Shard Media about how the B2B media sector has adapted to the pandemic and what the future holds for networking and rewards events. Amber talks in-depth about how business owners are keen to get back out and network and go to events with demand at pre-pandemic levels.

Sep 3

36 min 4 sec

Sunil and James chat with Karen Watkins, the Founder of Rowan HR Consultancy about vital an HR strategy is for Small Businesses in the new normal and as many businesses try and implement the Hybrid Model.

Sep 3

47 min

A  special episode of the Small Biz Banter podcast. This week we hosted a live webinar where we discussed the 'Top Risk to small Business over the next 12 months' and we were honoured to be joined by an amazing panel of experts and also a live audience.  The webinar was hosted by James and Sunil joined the panel of experts for this episode - Panel Sunil Nigam – CEO ExpenseOnDemandNadia Kadhim – CEO Naq CyberJohn Miller – COO Addition FinanceCatherine Hawkes – Royds Withy King

Jun 28

1 hr 29 min

Sunil and James chat to Oliver Woolley, the founder and CEO of Envestors about the investment platform and how they have helped small businesses across the UK by connecting them with their network of seasoned investors.Oliver also offer some advice to start-ups and SMEs on how to get investment and what the process involves.

Jun 28

44 min 30 sec

Sunil and James chat to Catherine Hawkes an Employment Lawyer from Royds Withy King about how COVID and remote working has changed the employment sector and what small business owners need to consider when adapting to the new normal and new hybrid models. 

Jun 28

46 min 37 sec

Sunil and James chat to Catherine Erdly about The Resilient Retail Club, why she launched it and what the future of small and local retail is in a post-pandemic UK.

Apr 16

45 min 1 sec

In this episode James and Sunil chat to John Miller COO and Graham Davies CEO from Addition who offer an outsourced finance company for small businesses.We discuss their unique solution for SMEs and our experiences of working in large organisations compared to small businesses and startups.

Apr 16

55 min 19 sec

Small Biz Banter this week goes international as Sunil and James are joined by Nadia Kadhim. Based in Amsterdam, she is the CEO of Naq Cyber and talks about how Naq is helping UK SMEs with cyber security and GDPR.She offers some really interesting and useful insights for small business owners on how to manage your online security and become GDPR compliant which is a must listen!

Apr 6

52 min 15 sec