The Improvement Project

Dr. Peggy Malone

The Improvement Project is a podcast about dabbling in self improvement 30 days at a time.

Listen in and play along as Dr. Peggy Malone takes on the challenge of adding a new habit every month under the watchful eye of her accountability partner and friend, Jenny Couse.

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In Episode 179 we go back in time to June of 2020 to a segment in Episode 104 to talk about the concept of Progress vs Perfection. Remember that done is better than perfect and we are focusing on B minus work.

Nov 25

15 min 52 sec

In Episode 178, I talk with meditation and mindfulness teacher Dora Kamau about meditation and mindfulness as well as her new series on Spotify called Sunday Scaries by Headspace which is about the Sunday anxious feeling before a new week.

Nov 18

23 min 57 sec

In Episode 177 we go back in time to June of 2020 to a segment in Episode 105 to talk about the concept of Motion vs. Action. Let's learn about procrastination by preparing instead of doing the scary thing that will get you the results that you want.

Nov 11

15 min 9 sec

In Episode 176, I re-share an MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) episode that introduces the BE DO HAVE model and creating a life you love not by Doing anything different, but by learning to BE different.

Nov 4

17 min 6 sec

In Episode 175 I welcome international social-psychologist, Dr. Kinga Mnich to the show to discuss habits related to emotional intelligence. 

Oct 28

45 min 19 sec

In Episode 174, I welcome Jennifer Powter, a weight loss and mindset expert for women over forty. She shares some great strategies to help you take control of your mind and your health and to stop sabotaging your habits along the way.

Oct 21

40 min 23 sec

In Episode 173, I re-share an MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) episode that explores all the benefits of Gratitude as well as the 5 Levels of Gratitude. If you're a long time listener, there will be so much value in hearing this episode in a different headspace to the first time you heard it.  There is something magic about how things resonate differently the second time around.

Oct 14

17 min 55 sec

In Episode 172, Dr. Heather McKee and I discuss bite sized habits and so much more around creating healthy habits. She is the UK’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist.

Oct 7

39 min 40 sec

In Episode 171, I share an interview about one of my favourite topics...habits! Listen in to hear my chat with Nikki and Ashley from The Habit Society

Sep 30

41 min 18 sec

In Episode 170 I review the Keystone Habits and why they are key to your success. Whatever your keystone habit is, it is the key that leads to the development of many of your other good habits.

Sep 23

12 min 58 sec

In Episode 169 I share a few quick tips to help you get back into routine this fall with your healthy habits.

Sep 16

16 min 3 sec

In Episode 168 I remind you how September is another January and it's time to get back after it! That 'back to school feeling', and crisp fall air gives us all an 'anything is possible' feeling that means it's time to get back to routine.

Sep 9

9 min 27 sec

In Episode 167, I was inspired by a Brooke Castillo podcast to share some thoughts on true rest versus avoidance behaviour or what she calls laziness when you are working toward the results that will lead to your big dreams and goals.

Sep 2

22 min 39 sec

In Episode 166 I welcome Kelli Youngman back to the show to discuss the benefits of Life Coaching as well as thought habits and how changing the way you think can change your life.

Aug 26

23 min 59 sec

In Episode 165, I shared some of my life's so-called 'Failures'. I really believe that life happens for you...not too you. Your 'Failures' have lessons that are valuable in your personal growth. So it really is true that you win or you learn.

Aug 19

20 min 29 sec

In Episode 164, I discuss some ways to harness the power of accountability. Accountability can be extremely helpful for you to get on track and stay on track with your good habits and routines.

Aug 12

18 min 24 sec

In Episode 163, I share some strategies that will help you be more successful as you start a new habit to get it locked in long term.

Aug 5

19 min 42 sec

In Episode 162, I revisit some strategies to help you break a bad habit and replace it with a good habit.

Jul 29

23 min 19 sec

In Episode 161 I share 10 habits for self care that you can incorporate into your life so that you prioritize your health and happiness and also maximize your potential of being the best version of you that will lead the way to your big dreams and goals.

Jul 22

19 min 2 sec

In Episode 160 I review the 5 Levels of Gratitude and share some ideas of what you can be grateful for when you’re not sure what to be grateful for.

Jul 15

12 min 35 sec

In Episode 159 I share 10 ways that you can get motivated and get your butt in gear when you have an important task or habit or routine or deadline and you have little to no motivation to get after it and you just don't feel like it.

Jul 8

14 min 21 sec

In Episode 158 I share 6 habits of successful people. From Consistency to Gratitude, listen in for the habits you need to lock in to get closer to your big dreams and goals.

Jul 1

16 min 1 sec

In Episode 157 I am once again welcoming back a special guest Jayme Henderson so each of us can check in on our 21 for 2021 goals.

Jun 24

32 min 31 sec

In Episode 156 Jayme Henderson joins us again to discuss the recent Lifequake that she has experienced and the habits she is working on as she navigates heartbreak and major change.

Jun 17

36 min 52 sec

In Episode 155, I'm joined by neuropsychologist Dr. Nicole Byers to discuss brain habits to boost productivity

Jun 10

34 min 26 sec

In Episode 154 I discuss the needs and wants of your future self and your present self and how the chemical dopamine plays a role. This came up after reading the book The Molecule of More by Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long.

Jun 3

14 min 30 sec

In Episode 153 I discuss how to avoid the summer habits slide and how summertime is often habits consistency kryptonite.

May 27

9 min 25 sec

In Episode 152 I talk about the habit of learning and it’s benefits to your well-being.

May 20

13 min 30 sec

In Episode 151 I discuss accountability, self integrity and the power of your word. Do what you said you would do to be in integrity.

May 13

20 min 39 sec

In Episode 150 I welcome back my disciplined accountability partner Jenny to help celebrate 150 episodes of The Improvement Project podcast!

May 6

25 min 47 sec

In Episode 149, I want you to tune into the power of gratitude which really is the key to your happiness. I explore the 5 Levels of Gratitude

Apr 29

15 min

In Episode 148 I share why we as humans are so invested in the opinions and acceptance of other people and I want to talk about how you should stop caring so much about what other people think of you.

Apr 22

16 min 44 sec

In Episode 147 I want to encourage you to think about the fact that your thoughts and how you talk to yourself are habits that you can change.

Apr 15

11 min 45 sec

In Episode 146, I welcome my friend Jayme Henderson GUTSY back to the show to discuss mindfulness habits for kids.

Apr 8

32 min 37 sec

In Episode 145, I welcome a special guest to the show. Misty Lucas is one of my accountability buddies and owner of Misty Lucas Wellness. She shares 5 habits for mindfulness and stress reduction and so much more!

Apr 1

22 min 56 sec

In episode 144 I discuss talk the habit strategy of The Clean Slate which is especially relevant as I'm in the middle of a move. I also let you in on my Books Read list so far in 2021 so stay tuned for your next good read.

Mar 25

23 min 2 sec

In Episode 143, I discuss the BE, DO, HAVE model that explores how your identity and answering the question 'What kind of person do you want to BE?' can help you move toward success in not only your habits, but in your life.

Mar 18

14 min 44 sec

In Episode 142, I discuss the strategy of Habit Stacking or Habit Pairing. I also share an exercise where you pick a new healthy habit that you’ve been working on or struggling with and give you a practical way to get it locked in!

Mar 11

10 min 10 sec

In Episode 141 I share a decluttering habit quick win that you can try at home right now in 10 minutes. I'm also super excited about my upcoming Masterclass

Mar 4

9 min 44 sec

In Episode 140 I share an interview that I did with my friend Kathryn White on her podcast Living to Thrive. We discussed my favourite subject: Habits. How I got interested in them, the biggest obstacles that people face when trying to move toward good habits or away from bad ones as well as some practical tips to get you moving in the right direction with your good healthy habits. I hope you enjoy this conversation!  

Feb 25

28 min 5 sec

In Episode 139, I discuss how your identity is wrapped up in your habits. Contrary to popular belief, habits are more about who you’re being than what you’re doing.

Feb 18

16 min 28 sec

In episode 138 of The Improvement Project podcast and today when we are just shy of 6 weeks into this new year, I want to check in with you and ask… are your habits going so far?

Feb 11

10 min 4 sec

In Episode 137, I welcome my friend Jayme Henderson back to the show to do a 3 month check in to see if Time Blocking is something that has stuck around for each of us and if so, if it has been helpful.

Feb 4

24 min 14 sec

In Episode 136 I explore decision fatigue. What is it, why is it dimming your light and wearing you out? I also share 4 tips to help you combat decision fatigue, control the chaos in your world and get your energy back.

Jan 28

18 min 37 sec

In episode 135 I welcome my friend, and owner of Thrive Nutrition and Yoga, Kathryn White who was inspired to change her professional calling following a serious health crisis. She shares 5 habits that will help you thrive in 2021

Jan 21

31 min 1 sec

In episode 134, I explore the concept of how the people you hang out with and surround yourself with have an enormous effect on your habits

Jan 14

13 min 32 sec

In Episode 133, special guest Jayme Henderson returns to the podcast and she and I share our 21 for 2021 goals. We also share our respective words for 2021

Jan 7

34 min 59 sec

In Episode 132, it’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with optimism for good things to come. Plus I introduce a 7 day Habits Challenge to jumpstart 2021

Dec 2020

8 min 34 sec

In Episode 131, Jenny joins me and we both review how the strange events of the past year helped or hindered or 20 for 2020 goals. I also introduce a fun free habits challenge that we can do together in the first week of 2021.

Dec 2020

31 min 25 sec

In episode 130, I welcome special guest Kelli Youngman to discuss the power of morning routines.

Dec 2020

23 min 8 sec