Diversity in Tech by Maciej Piotrowski

By Maciej Piotrowski

https://diversityin.techYou might have had this strange experience. Sometimes you can talk to a total stranger but feel connected to them. The moment they speak about their experience and emotions it triggered in them you can instantly feel them as if you were looking into the mirror. In them you can see a reflection on what’s true in you. You can understand them, because you understand the language of shared experience.Maybe you admire people who dared to change the status quo. Maybe you’re scared but you want to find courage in yourself to make a difference in the world. You can discover what guided podcast’s guests to make a difference.Maybe you are like me - a human, scared that is different in a way, feeling lonely and thinking that there is no one alike in the tech world. Maybe you want to feel represented, understood, alike. These are the feelings that the podcast should give you 😎!In the podcast you will discover stories of people from underrepresented groups in tech and learn from their experience.

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