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TF Labs presents the TF Podcast, where host Jonathan G. Blanco invites guest to discuss the latest in technology and finance, often related to bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain.

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In this episode, we interview Linda Jeng, Visiting Scholar on Financial Technology at Georgetown Law and the Global Head of Policy & Special Counsel at Transparent Systems. Host Jonathan G. Blanco and Linda discuss financial regulation, policy and money, along with blockchain and digital assets play a factor. Linda has been researching financial technology for many years having spent time in government, education, and the private sector.  You can also watch this episode on the TF Labs Youtube Channel Subscribe on Youtube: Please also follow us on our Social Channels to be notified of this event and future events. LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Learn more about TF Labs events, media agency, consulting agency, and startup studio at

Sep 21

47 min

In this Live TF Labs interview, we speak with Paul Swegle is an Entrepreneurial General Council with extensive experience as a Startup Lawyer, having worked with startups from founding to leading towards IPO. Before Startups, Paul served as an Attorney for the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As an author and Law Professor, Paul has taken this knowledge to write his new book, "Startup Law and Fundraising", which outlines in detail tips, processes, best practices, and lessons for Startup Founders, Advisors, Early Employees, and Investors. You can also watch this interview on Youtube: Please also follow us on our Social Channels to be notified of this event and future events. LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook:

Sep 18

62 min

We interview Mason Borda, CEO and CoFounder of Tokensoft, a security token platform leading the IPO for INX Token.

Sep 4

34 min

In this episode we interview Todd Goldberg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Crush Capital, creators of the show "Going Public", a groundbreaking original series that follows the stories of entrepreneurs as they raise capital and aspire to take their companies public to a Nasdaq IPO. For the first time ever, viewers of the series can invest in any deal featured through the platform     TF Labs has hosted Todd's Co-Founder, Darren Marble at past TF Conferences and on the TF Podcast.    You can learn more about TF Labs at   This episode is presented by HireStreams, a Video Interview and Resume Platform for Job Seekers to stand out to Employers. Learn more and create your free HireStreams profile at

Sep 3

39 min

In this episode we interview Dan Eyre, CoFounder and CEO of Blockchange, a Digital Asset sales service for Registered Investment Advisors, essentially allowing financial planners to sell Bitcoin and Digital Assets to their clients. Blockchange recently announced a partnership with Gemini, which is owned by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, two of Bitcoin's most prominent supporters. This is our second time hosting Dan on our TF Labs Podcast.

Sep 2

38 min

Special Episode of our new HireStreams Podcast where we discuss Recruiting, Job Hunting, and Hiring from the Job Seeker and Employer side. The HireStreams Podcast is hosted by Tyler Boscolo, a marketer and growth leader in the startup ecosystem.  Please subscribe to the HireStreams Podcast. 

Sep 1

26 min

We Interview Danielle Strachman to discuss Venture Capital and Fundraising for Founders and how Danielle focuses on non-degreed founders.

Sep 1

50 min

In this episode we interview Scott Purcell, Founder and CEO of Prime Trust, a Financial Trust and Custodian for Banks and Crypto Institutions. Purcell is a serial entrepreneur with experience in banking, securities, technology, and internet infrastructure. We discuss fintech, banking, crypto and financial trust.

Jul 24

34 min

In this episode we interview Minda Brusse Co-Founder and Managing Partner of First Row Partners as well as Co-Founder of the 1K Project. First Row Partners funds early stage startups ready for a big leap forward. They invest in solving meaningful human problems with technology and typically focus on software. We discuss Micro VC & Founders on this episode of TF Podcast. Watch full episode on our YouTube Channel:

Jul 23

47 min

In this podcast we interview, McKeever (Mac) Conwell,II, who goes by the name on Twitter "Mac the VC", and discuss lessons for Founders when raising Venture Capital. We discus how to get ready, what certain VC responses actually mean, analogies on how capital is raised and selected, as well as insight in the direction of Venture Capital.  You can learn more about this episode and the TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs ( This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 21

41 min

In this episode Marley Gray, Principal Architect at Microsoft and Chairman on the Interwork Alliance. Marley has been a leader in the Enterprise Blockchain sector, leading Blockchain at Microsoft in the early days, building the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and now with his work on the Interwork Alliance. You can learn more about this episode and the TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs ( This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 20

42 min

In this Special Episode, we hosted a Live Panel featuring Riley Eller of Rubica, Inc., Ronald Nixon of Polyverse Corporation, and Haseeb Awan of Efani, to discuss the recent hack on Twitter, leading to he worlds most famous people having their accounts compromised, with hackers tweeting on their behalf saying they'd give away money to those who would deposit #bitcoin into their accounts. This was at a massive scale with the accounts of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Kanye West, President Obama, and Elon Musk, just to name a few. The hackers could have done far worse damage then take a few #bitcoin, with many online pointing out that a global catastrophe could have happened if the hackers tweeted the wrong thing in mass. In this episode we discuss; - Implication of the event - How did it happen? - Could this have been prevented? - Why did they ask for #bitcoin? - How does centralization vs decentralization impact what happened? You can learn more about this episode and the TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs (   This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 17

38 min

In this interview we speak with Jim Brisimitzis, Founder & General Partner of 5G Open Innovation Lab, a community partnership across developers, startups, technology platforms, enterprises, academic researchers, and the public sector organizations. Jim discusses with TF Labs, Founder Jonathan G. Blanco the impact 5G will have on technology and innovation for Startups and Enterprise, while leading to new optimizations currently not possible in 4G. The 5G Innovation Lab has partnerships with T-Mobile, NASA, and Microsoft, and works with early stage startups through their cohort which will help lead digital transformation leveraging 5G, IoT, AI, and Blockchain.   You can learn more about Jim and this TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs (   This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 16

38 min

Kanye announced he was running for President in 2020 and it looks like he might be out. But whether you believe he can win, beating Joe Biden and Donald Trump as an Independent or you think he will take votes from Biden, leading to a Trump Re-Election, this video doesn't make the prediction. Instead, we focus on the Product Management and Strategy Lessons which can be learned by Kanye running for President of the United States of America.   The Product Strategy Tips we'll discuss: #PR, #Media, and #Social Attention; Surround yourself with others trying to change the world; Build Supporting; Brands and Product Lines; Distribution Channels;  Building your Personal Brand.   Our goal is to make Product Management and Strategy accessible by relating to topics happening in popular culture, technology, business, and finance, using these events to teach others tips they can use in their business, career, and personal brand.   You can watch the full video on #Youtube: TF Labs is a product, branding, and media company working with companies of all sizes and developing internal startups. if you'd like to work with us or learn more about TF Labs visit us at

Jul 16

10 min

In this episode we interview the Tim Wagner and Shruthi Rao, the Co-Founders of Vendia, having recently raised $5 million to solve for data distribution and solving for with infrastructure and elements of blockchain. We discuss how in Enterprise what is most important is solving your business and technology requirements, rather than forcing a specific technology, and also share how their time at Amazon AWS lead them to understanding there was still need for handling the "plumbing" of data and record management. Tim and Shruthi also provide tips in fundraising and meeting with investors and VC. making sure you are clear on your story and also looking for the right investors who will believe in you. You can learn more about Tim, Shruthi and this TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs ( This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 15

43 min

In this episode we speak with Brooke Pollack, Founder and Managing Partner of Hutt Capital, a Fund of Funds specifically for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Funds. Fund of Funds is a term given to investment funds which invest in Venture or Investments, they often do not make investment in individual companies. Brooke discusses how he got involved with investing, why he decided on the Fund of Funds model, opportunities he sees in investing in blockchain related funds, where the market is going, and how to look at deals for investors.   You can learn more about Brooke and this TF Podcast Episode at TF Labs (   This episode is presented by HireStreams, allowing Job Seeker to create custom Video Interview and Resume Profiles to optimize the hiring experience with Employers. Learn more or create a free account at

Jul 14

31 min

In this episode we interview, Pat Larsen CEO and Co-Founder of ZenLedger, Tax Return and Management software for Cryptocurrency traders. Pat discusses how he discovered the need for crypto tax software and the ability to create a SaaS model for scaling his business, which Venture Capital finds attractive as predictable revenue which in theory increases over time. Pat shares his experience with fundraising from Investors and Venture Capital, his role as CEO in the fundraising process, and running the company. We also discuss the current climate for fundraising and how to keep investors aware of your company's progress. Taxes are due on July 15th and Pat discusses his the unprecedented nature of the move out and reminding us all to get taxes done. We have had Pat speak at past TF Conferences and Local Chapter Events.   Learn more about this episode and listen on your favorite podcast platform at TF Labs:   Apple:   Spotify:   Follow us on Social  Twitter:   LinkedIn:

Jun 26

45 min

In this episode we interview Lex Sokolin, CMO and Global FinTech Co-Head at ConsenSys.

Jun 24

39 min

In this episode we speak with Brad Chase, former Senior Vice President of Microsoft. Now he is a strategy, leadership and marketing consultant to CEOs and senior executives mostly in the software business, served on numerous boards and also done a lot of public speaking. We discuss his book "Strategy First," and the foundation of strategy to execution.

Jun 12

32 min

This episode is not about bitcoin this week. Instead we hope our listeners reflect on the events of this past week. We stand with all of you who are hurting. #Black_Lives_Matter. 

May 31

2 min

In this episode we speak with Alex Adelman, CEO and CoFounder of Lolli, an app that allows you to earn bitcoin when you shop. Alex discusses his app and the commerce and rewards associated with bitcoin adoption.

May 29

54 min

In this interview with speak with John Wu, the President of AVA Labs. John spent significant time in traditional finance via working in hedge funds with technology investing. In this conversation he draws parallels to the legacy financial system with the crypto and bitcoin system. 

May 28

45 min

In this episode we speak with Bill Wreaks, CEO of The Gramercy Institute. Bill works with Financial Institutions as they come up with their Financial Marketing plans. We discuss how banks Market to their clients, how traditional finance associates risk, and perception of digital currencies and bitcoin.

May 27

50 min

Special Episode: TF Product Management | Jonathan G. Blanco interviewed by UW Blockchain Society

May 26

50 min

In this episode we speak with Zack Nelson, President and Co-Founder of the Blockchain society at the University of Washington. We discuss Blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto .

May 25

48 min

Weekly wrap up of bitcoin, in a quick an fun short episode.

May 24

24 min

In this episode we speak with Erik Jansen, Sr. Managing Partner at Windermere Realty Management Company. Jansen is a seasoned operational and financial executive in building technology and real estate-based businesses and is an active investor in venture capital. Jansen discusses the history of money regarding fiat, gold, silver, and diamonds.

May 24

54 min

On this day, 10 years ago, someone purchased 2 pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. The value of that Bitcoin today would be about $91,000,000. We wrote an article on the TF Labs podcast and decided to narrate it for easy listening. Let us know what you think.  You can read the article on Bitcoin Pizza Day here:

May 22

6 min

In this podcast we interview Viktor Radchenko, the CEO and CoFounder of Trust Wallet, which was acquired by Binance in 2018. Viktor discusses how he started working on crypto and bitcoin wallet technology, his background in cyber security, and how he has been operating Token Wallet. Watch the original interview with Viktor Radchenko here: YouTube: Periscope: TF Podcast is produced by TF Labs

May 20

36 min

Short 10 minute lessons on motivation, determination, business, technology, product, and more. Episode 1, "Your Adversity is your Super Power", discuss how in extreme hardship we can attempt to find learnings and lessons to take with us in business and professionally. 

May 20

10 min

In this special episode, we compile a few of our best conversations over the last month regarding how banks are thinking about Bitcoin, Digital Currency, and Stablecoins. We bring together clips from our interviews with Cory Klippsten of Swan Bitcoin, Bob Cornish of Anderson Kill, Matt Case, Neil Bergquist of Coinme, and Alex Mashinsky of Celsius.  Please let us know how you like this recap episode with clips from several episodes to discuss one particular topic

May 19

25 min

In this episode we speak with David Segura, an accomplished executive and investor at German Accelerator, a company that empowers German startups to scale globally. Segura discusses VC and Angel investment outlook during COVID-19.

May 19

41 min

In this episode we speak with Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at Human Rights Foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. In his work Alex has connected hundreds of dissidents and civil society groups with business leaders, technologists, journalists, philanthropists, policymakers, and artists to promote free and open societies. In this episode we interview Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation as we discuss how dictatorships and authoritarianism effect on the financial stability of nations and economies. Over half of the worlds population lives under authoritative rule. We then discuss how this provides an interesting opportunity for bitcoin.

May 18

69 min

JUST SATS is a weekly episode the discusses events of Bitcoin in a fun easy going way. This week we discussed the halving, JK Rowling, and more

May 18

24 min

In this episode we speak with Joe Vezzani, Co-Founder and CEO of Lunar Crush, a company using social data on crypto currencies to make ratings. We spend time discussing social analysis, and later discuss founder journey and VC outlook on crypto related founders.

May 17

47 min

In this episode we speak with speak with Justin Wu, who is on the marketing team at Uplead, which is a B2B data provider and technology company based in Southern California providing instant access to millions of verified B2B contacts with direct email addresses. We discuss growth marketing tactics across technology and business, including the recent bitcoin having.

May 16

68 min

In this episode we speak with Jonathan Hineline, Co-Founder and CEO of Bittress, a DeFi project providing an online marketplace (DAPP) for the evolving virtual property ecosystem. Hineline discusses non-fungible assets regarding gaming, collectibles, real estate, and commerce.

May 15

32 min

In this episode we speak with Nadia Hewett, Emerging Technology (Blockchain) and Digitization Practitioner and Strategist at World Economic forum, a non-profit that helps connect communities of leaders around global issues through high-level meetings, research, initiatives and digital networks. Hewett discusses connecting governments and corporations with equitable tech.

May 13

46 min

In this episode we speak with Taban Cosmos, CTO and Cofounder Guide, a premier B2B Learning & Talent Development SaaS Platform helping distributed teams and 1B+ knowledge workers learn the skills they need to succeed on-the-job and in their careers. Cosmos discusses payments tech and digital assets in emerging markets.

May 11

37 min

JUST SATS. is a quick 10-15 minute weekly recap episodes discussing week in #bitcoin and market. In this episode we start with Happy Mother's Day wishes, discuss the week in #bitcoin, price goes $10K then comes down hovering at $8700, Coinbase is down, Cash App doubles Bitcoin revenue since last quarter, Paul Tudor Jones gets into bitcoin, and our 50K Satoshi Giveaway question; "When was the first Bitcoin halvning?".

May 10

11 min

In this episode we speak with Cal Evans, Market Leading Cryptocurrency Lawyer and Strategy Expert at Gresham International, the market leader in Cryptocurrency Compliance and Strategy. Evans discusses legal framework during marketing growth.

May 8

48 min

In this episode we speak with Neil Bergquist, CEO and CoFounder at Coinme, a a leading digital currency exchange on a mission to make digital currency more accessible for everyone. Bergquist discusses how purchasing bitcoin is accessible and essential to main street.

May 7

46 min

In this episode we speak Nick Soman, CEO and Co-Founder of Decent, and discuss how the Health Insurance Industry will be disrupted and changed, especially as COVID19 has shifted the paradigm. In addition to Health Insurance, Nick and Jonathan discuss Blockchain's potential though not being ready at this time for scale, how Bitcoin was Nick's entry point and still follows, and how people can try to use the adversity they have experienced in their lives as a super power. 

May 6

70 min

In this episode we speak with Victor Sauers, Chief Executive Officer at TKO Energy Capital, a company that provides policy advisement, technology vetting, business development, funding preparation and consultative solutions.  They are the operation leader for global clients from medium and large commercial entities, Oil & Gas, government bodies involving in innovative cost reduction technologies and development initiatives from Field operations to Executive “C” level stakeholders. Bergquist discusses how purchasing bitcoin is accessible and essential to main street. Sauers discusses the New Energy Paradigm and how investing in oil has changed forever.

May 5

52 min

In this episode we speak with Bob Cornish, Partner at Anderson Kill, where his is focused on assisting blockchain and global financial markets innovators Bergquist discusses how purchasing bitcoin is accessible and essential to main street. He is securities/enforcement attorney concentrating on assisting innovators in emerging areas of the financial markets. Cornish discusses the digital dollar, digital assets, and bitcoin as the sovereign hedge.

May 4

51 min

This week we discuss #bitcoin going from $7.6K to over $9K, what has been going on with printing money, as well as history behind the term #HODL, and discuss a unit smaller than #Satoshi. Show format: - Quick catch up - What happened in #bitcoin and related - Fun Fact, Urban Legend, and/or History - #bitcoin trivia

May 3

13 min

TF Blockchain interviewed Cory Klippsten, the Founder of, a bitcoin investing platform that allows you to automatically purchase bitcoin weekly, monthly, or by paycheck, with as little as $5. Cory spoke about what drew him to bitcoin, how he started, and explained Dollar Cost Averaging. Simply put, dollar cost averaging means you buy the same amount of asset weekly, regardless of price.  Cory also gave his perspective on the bitcoin drop March 12, 2020 (and subsequent rise) and the reasons behind it. The entire interview with Cory Klippsten can be watched on Youtube here:

May 2

45 min

In this episode we speak with Frances Dewing, CEO at Rubica, an industry-leading cybersecurity technology operates as an enterprise-grade digital bodyguard for all your devices with the unique ability to extend cyber protection anywhere. Dewing regularly consult to boards, Fortune 100 executives, and HNW private client groups on cybersecurity issues and best practices. In this episode Dewing discusses cyber security at home in times of COVID-19.

May 1

46 min

In this episode we speak with Kristy-Leigh Minehan, Consultant at Core scientific, a Core Scientific is a leader in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence hosting, transaction processing and application development. Minehan provides guidance to the executive team on product strategy, and provide intelligence and guidance in the hardware, artificial intelligence and blockchain landscape. In this episode Minehan discusses bitcoin halving & COVID19 from a crypto mining perspective.

Apr 30

42 min

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