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President of Saladmaster, Ayo Olasiende, sits down with a variety of individuals, from all walks of life, to discuss their truths about success. Bringing decades of business experience, along with a rags-to-riches story, Ayo holds a deep understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve success.

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In the latest episode of The Truth About Success, Ayo is joined by Mark Jones, Senior Vice President of the Europe, Africa, and Middle East markets for Saladmaster, to discuss his personal and professional journey towards success. Throughout his personal and professional life, Mark struggled with multiple low points that forced him to look inward. He needed to dig deep and instill life changes to put him on a better path forward. After some soul searching, Mark launched a successful career, achieving multiple accolades with Saladmaster. Mark is a firm believer in the power of proper training and mindset. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another fantastic conversation featuring Mark's personal definition of success and the truths he found along the road towards success. Timecodes: 0:06 - Introduction and background information on Mark Jones 1:43 - Mark's childhood and positive family upbringing 5:56 - The beginning of Mark's professional career, while having a child at 20 years old 8:04 - The challenges along the way for Mark's career 10:15 - Staying positive and focused in the midst of adversity 12:10 - Accepting feedback 14:00 - Habits Mark recommends people begin adopting 16:47 - What Mark attributes his success to 21:45 - The driving factor behind Mark's achievements 24:00 - Mark's charitable efforts in the community 28:42 - The idea of leaving a legacy behind 31:25 - What someone should avoid on the path to success 36:33 - Separating yourself emotionally from what needs to be done 38:47 - The one change someone should be implementing into their life 43:20 - Closing remarks Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)

Oct 6

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In the latest installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo is joined by Pidoy and Ting Pacis, CEO of AC Tristar and Senior Vice Presidents of Saladmaster's Global Filipino Markets, to discuss their personal and professional journey towards achieving success. As natives of the Philippines, Pidoy and Ting have developed fantastic careers and taken massive leaps not only with their lives, but also their marriage. Whether it was moving to Canada for professional opportunities, or becoming a Saladmaster dealer, they had each other's support every step of the way. Now having been married for 39 years, Pidoy and Ting have developed a personal and professional bond like none-other. Listen as the two share their personal truths about success, as well as strategies that led them to generating over $100 million in retail sales. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yet another enlightening conversation surrounding the truth about success! Timecodes: 0:06 - Background on Pidoy and Ting Pacis 4:50 - Sometimes you have to burn your bridges 8:19 - How Pidoy and Ting have kept their focus after launching their family 11:13 - How they remained focus despite seeing early success in their careers 15:12 - They were born to be champions 19:06 - The secret of their 39 years of marriage 23:10 - Tips for finding success in relationships 29:17 - Mistakes Pidoy and Ting made along the way to their success 33:00 - The hardest decisions they have made in business 36:34 - The importance of mental fortitude 42:00 - It's okay to celebrate your small victories 45:30 - Closing remarks Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)

Sep 7

48 min 5 sec

In the third installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo Olaseinde sits down with the Joint CEO and President of Happy Cooking, Jael Tanti, to uncover her specific truths about success. Jael was born on a little farm in the wilderness of Nicaragua. There were no roads, electricity, or running water throughout her childhood. She dreamt of a life far away from there, and after a tumultuous upbringing, she seized her opportunity and moved to Canada. It was there she met her soulmate and developed a family to call her own. However, the drive to achieve greatness still propelled her towards success. Listen as Jael shares her inspiring story of embracing risk and ultimately finding the truth behind her own version of success. Timecodes: 00:08 - Introduction and welcoming Jael Tanti to the show 03:30 - Jael's upbringing in Nicaragua and the challenges she faced 07:26 - When Jael knew what she wanted to do with her life 12:30 - The importance behind personal development throughout the course of your life 19:00 - Why Jael reinvents herself consistently throughout her life 29:30 - Jael's advice to women in business and certain elements to focus on 35:40 - Jael's overall tips for finding your own form of success 39:30 - Her sacrifices and countless years of hard work was worth the success she has found 45:09 - Finding the better you 48:15 - Closing remarks Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)

May 28

48 min 53 sec

In the second installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo Olaseinde welcomes 22 time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, to discuss his truths about success. Listen as Nick shares his personal and professional journey to becoming an extremely well-recognized icon in media. Day-to-day, Nick produces media and has branded content for top thought leaders and media personalities around the world. Additionally, he has authored more than two dozen Best-Selling books (including the Wall Street Journal Bestseller - StorySelling™) and produced and directed more than 40 documentaries, earning 22 Emmy wins and 43 nominations. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a thought-provoking discussion surrounding Nick's interpretation of success and what it means to achieve it. Timecodes: 03:00 - Nick's upbringing and roots in Barbados 10:30 - How to find your "unique ability" 13:00 - How Nick became a director and producer for documentaries 16:50 - How Nick's films are able to evoke emotions from his viewers and inspire action 19:11 - What are the ingredients of a good story? 20:18 - Nick's advice to someone just starting out in their respective industry 23:38 - Staying focused on your goal despite outside challenges 27:00 - Nick's experience working with X-Prize and directing Visioneer documentary 30:00 - "It's not an education crisis, it's a culture crisis" 32:15 - Culture is created when everyone is leaning towards a similar outcome 34:35 - Nick's work to combat human trafficking throughout the world 37:50 - What traits do the top thought-leaders have? 40:00 - The more people you serve, the more you feel fulfilled 44:00 - Nick's definition of success Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)

Mar 26

46 min 36 sec

In the inaugural episode of The Truth About Success, we take a deep dive into the personal and professional growth of Ayo Olaseinde, President of Saladmaster. Bringing decades of business experience, as well as a rags-to-riches story, Ayo shares his personal and professional journey from the streets to the board room. Throughout his journey, Ayo was forced to look inward and push himself to achieve more than what he thought was possible. In addition to sharing personal truths about his own success, Ayo highlights the goal of the show moving forward. With each new episode, Ayo will welcome on a new guest, who brings their own wealth of experience, to discuss their journeys and truths about their own level of success. So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding Ayo's own truth about success! Timecodes: 00:25 - Who is Ayo Olaseinde? 01:40 - The meaning behind the show's name "The Truth About Success" 04:05 - Ayo's upbringing and struggles he faced 07:40 - Ayo making ends meet with a labor-oriented position 08:45 - When things began to evolve for Ayo and lead him towards a career in business 13:00 - His entrance into the world of sales 22:00 - Becoming the President of Saladmaster 25:45 - Why Ayo leaned towards writing a book to share his knowledge with others 29:27 - What does hard work mean to Ayo? 34:51 - The difference between wishing for something and setting a goal 36:45 - Establishing a partnership with The Success Network and developing this show 40:10 - The single driving factor for Ayo's success 45:28 - What Saladmaster's dealers can do to further the companies strengths 49:15 - Ayo sitting down with Emmy-Award Winner Nick Nanton in his next episode 52:00 - Life is about evolving to be the best you, you can be Resources: (Book - "Have You Got The Why "Y" Factor") Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)

Feb 25

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