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Flyway connections podcast is here to connect new and veteran waterfowlers to the lifestyle of chasing cupped wings. Also to fill the waterfowl void of the off season. We are also highlighting organizations like Valor and honor outdoors that serves the people who serve from Military Services Members to First Reponders. Let VHO be part of you next outdoors adventure.

Riceland Custom Calls
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In this show we have the privilege of getting stump from RMC calls back on the show. Listen as we talk call maintenance, call making and the waterfowl lifestyle.Support the show (

Nov 28

1 hr 34 min

Great episode this week with Haiden Richard  talking about the Basics of Speck hunting. Support the show (


Nov 7

1 hr 19 min

In this episode we have the opportunity to have Jeff Coats of pitbosswaterfowl. We get to talk to Jeff about the history of Eastern shore sea duck!!Support the show (

Oct 21

42 min 33 sec

In this episode we talk to Craig Mintz from "Real Geese Decoys", he talks to us about his decoys and also waterfowling with silhouettes in your arsenal when Hunting. Support the show (

Oct 7

57 min 40 sec

On this show we have another great opportunity to talk to Lee again from Boss Shotshells. Tune in as we talk waterfowl hunting and Shotshell pandemic .Support the show (

Sep 30

52 min 51 sec

Tune in as we talk to Brendon Dubroc of Slab Hunters La LLC where we talk about dog training, crappie fishing and hunting trophy Canvasbacks on the historic Catahoula Lake.Support the show (

Sep 23

59 min 8 sec

Tune in as we get to talk to the One and Only Ramsey Russell from "Get Ducks". This exciting show, we get the opportunity to talk with a legend in the Waterfowl Community about his journey and experiences throughout the world waterfowling.  Support the show (

Sep 9

1 hr 26 min

Check out this weeks show as me, Joe and Meyers have another show where we just STS and have some good ol' conversationSupport the show (

Sep 2

1 hr

  In this episode we have the pleaser of having Joes father and brother. Listen as we get to hear generations of angler experiences from the west coast and good conversation with Joes father and brother.  Support the show (

Aug 26

55 min 24 sec

Tune in as we talk to Brett from Oyster Creek Adventures. Brett talk to us about the North Carolina waterfowl lifestyle and give us his insights on the Atlantic Flyway.Support the show (

Aug 12

40 min 22 sec

In this Episode we talk to Dale From Bayou Beast Calls and tune in as he brings back the lineage and Heritage of waterfowl hunting. Support the show (

Aug 5

46 min 50 sec

Check out this show with Airman Bryar Lacey. Tune in as we talk about his duties in Korea and Clearing cupped wings off the flight-line. Support the show (

Jul 29

46 min 24 sec

On this episode we have a special guest and old buddy of mine Luke Cox from Hunt Lift Eat. Listen as we talk backcountry, big game hunting and good times. Luke talks about the mission for "Hunt Lift Eat" and the outdoors. Support the show (

Jul 15

49 min 2 sec

In this episode Joe and I are just shooting the shit about Shotguns and just talking about are experiences with the models we've used. Support the show (

Jul 8

50 min 35 sec

This show is one for the record books!! Listen as Joe and I take to Derrick and Mike from Ducks Unlimited out in Louisiana. We grow through up coming DU events, Conservations, and DU Plans for 2022.Support the show (

Jul 1

59 min 33 sec

This show is a two part show about fathers day hunts and bonding. Joe and I get the opportunity to get our kids on the show and hear how much they enjoy the outdoors.Support the show (

Jun 20

41 min 49 sec

This show is a two part show about fathers day hunts and bonding. Joe and I get the opportunity to get our kids on the show and hear how much they enjoy the outdoors.Support the show (

Jun 19

43 min 52 sec

During this show we'll be talking about decoys and just be running through some basics on maintenance, quality and different styles of decoys. Support the show (

Jun 17

59 min 33 sec

Me and Joe have a great conversation with haley and her fiancé about the benefits of outdoor bonding .  And there lifestyle with in the waterfowl industry Support the show (

Jun 10

40 min 45 sec

So me and Joe get into a conversation on waders. And from my experience and his experience what works for use. We also talk about the difference, pros and cons on when choosing your next waders.Support the show (

Jun 3

59 min 4 sec

    So this show is with Joe Meyer out of Texas. This show is an exciting show about meeting great people in waterfowl and friends just talking. It helps point out a basic idea on training a new waterfowl companion puppy to the hunt.Support the show (

May 20

1 hr

Just waterfowl enthuses talking about the good times and everyday outdoor living. Support the show (

May 13

58 min 18 sec

Charlie is one of the industry's top guide in the waterfowl Community. Stay tuned as me and Joe interacted with Charlie and his lifestyle.Support the show (


May 6

50 min 53 sec

Listen as one of the best duck call makers in the industry, Stump from RMC calls. Has a friendly conversation and a little bit of secrets for upcoming shows. Support the show (

Apr 22

59 min 59 sec

Tune in as me and Joe get a chance of a life time to talk with one of the worlds best goose call  makers. Bill from Riceland Custom CallsSupport the show (

Apr 14

39 min 59 sec

Listen as me and Joe talk to Jason with Edible Outdoors. Jason provides us with great game recipe ideas and knowledge for even the seasoned hunter and anglers.Support the show (

Apr 7

58 min 49 sec

This episode is on wood ducks and some experiences on harvesting wood duckSupport the show ( the show (

Mar 31

38 min 58 sec

Great show with, surprise guess "Lee" from Boss Shotgun Shells. listen as we get to talk about shells and the great science behind boss shells. Support the show (

Mar 24

55 min 57 sec

With all the questions on what you may need in your blind bag when duck hunting. Me and joe go through what we have and what you may need for the future. Support the show (

Mar 17

45 min 30 sec

Listen as we go through some questions about how to get ready for teal and good information on different tactics to harvest tealSupport the show (

Mar 3

46 min 12 sec

So as me and Joe go through are top 5 waterfowl things to have. We see what are differences between a beginners top 5 to and experienced waterfowl hunter top 5.Support the show (

Feb 23

1 hr 3 min

Flyway Connections was created to provide a connection for veterans, service members and their families through the outdoorsSupport the show (

Feb 13

35 min 30 sec