Frenzied and Sustained

By ian spector

A mild skirmish in the war on ignorance. A humorous look at topics from Astronomy to Gastronomy whilst helping Paul Simon find the missing 44 ways to leave his lover.

  1. 1.
    Episode 19 - The one with Agony Aunts, Electric Cars and Friend-zoned and sustained
  2. 2.
    Episode 18 The one where we show that supermodels only weigh 1Kg, Nanci Griffith needs some help with alternative coping strategies and we try and identify all the influences for A Knights Tale, film, poem and poem.
  3. 3.
    Episode 17- The one where statistics show that the world probably does to exist, we prepare a sorrel sauce for Yorgos Lanthamos’s The Lobster. and Kafka's monstrous insect. All this in Pantone 715C
  4. 4.
    Episode 16 - The one where we wonder if Entropy made life inevitable, if Indiana Jones caused World War II and why Hot Chocolate sing that they remove umbilicals
  5. 5.
    Episode 15 - The Ethics of gene editing, Broken Proverbs, Misheard Lyrics and the Rhythm of English
  6. 6.
    Episode 14 - The one with 27 metre high CRISPR babies, misheard lyrics under the microscope and a decidedly dodgy book review of 50 shades of Grey
  7. 7.
    Episode 13 - The one with multiple multiverse theories, Shakespeare's medical knowledge, Wife Carrying and Raspberry Vinegar
  8. 8.
    Episode - 12 The one where we ask who finely tuned our universe, how did cheese rolling become a sport and we finally get a diagnosis in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  1. 9.
    Episode 11 - The one with the Fermi Paradox or where are all the Brainy Aliens. Also we look at the world's longest shampoo commercial, also known as Out of Africa and introduce a new section on sports that should be in the Olympics
  2. 10.
    Episode 10 - The one where we upgrade our eyes, add diamonds to the soles of our shoes and reveal the psychological crisis in 100 Acre Wood
  3. 11.
    Episode 9 - The one with Neutrinos with an identity crisis, a flat packed bearskin hat, and we beg recording artists to stop admitting to crimes
  4. 12.
    Episode 8 - The one with Dark Energy and the big rip, we repeatedly use a rude Norwegian word to describe the hat of the week and Tony Soprano's friend, Paul McCartney blames the black notes when the problem was the whites and we delve into the corporate
  5. 13.
    Episode 7 - The one where we ask if physicists should be strung up by their superstring theories, we look at the glorification of binge eating in The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the indecisive refreshment strategy in Polly Put The Kettle On
  6. 14.
    Episode 6 - The one where we answer the question of whether ghosts exist, and for that matter, does dark matter? We diagnose Bruno Mars with lagophthalmos in his song Grenade
  7. 15.
    Episode 5 - The one with black holes and the Piña Colada Song, the best hat in human history and a medical analysis of the world's most famous truant, Tintin
  8. 16.
    Episode 4 - The one where we prove that Time exists, that Hogwarts should be shut down and that people should be more careful in their choice of wedding ballads
  9. 17.
    Episode 3 - The one where we ask Gravity, Force or Farce And call Einstein a Psycho
  10. 18.
    Episode 2 - The One with Quantum Entanglement and the ghost of Stephen Hawking ruins the joke
  11. 19.
    Episode 1. The one with Special Relativity and Gwyneth Paltrow's Candle

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