365 Days of Cloud

Mark Powney and Rabia Williams

Tricks, techniques, latest news from the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. Hosted by Rabia Williams and Mark Powney.

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Microsoft Graph with Sébastien Levert In this episode, Sébastien Levert provides some insight in to the inner workings of the Microsoft Graph API, plus his role bringing the perspective of the Microsoft partner community to the product teams involved in the development of APIs. We discussed many areas of the...

Mar 8

33 min 33 sec

Azure Active Directory In this, our first episode of 2021, Mark takes us through some of the key concepts of working with Azure Active Directory. We discuss B2B identities (otherwise known as guest accounts), and B2C Azure Active Directory instances. We also discussed AAD App Registrations: difference between delegate permissions...

Jan 31

36 min 50 sec

Business Process Automation with Chris O’Connor Chris O’Connor joins us to discuss the world of business process automation. While Chris is a developer at heart, he’s always looking to provide direct business value. His experience extends back to the early days, and we spoke about his life developing VB, distributed...

Dec 2020

25 min 48 sec

Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhooks Mark Powney and Rabia Williams discuss developing apps for Microsoft Teams. Today’s episode looks into the Microsoft Teams connector, Incoming webhooks which provide a simple way for apps to share content or send updates into a teams channel. We also discuss the announcement of public preview...

Dec 2020

20 min 28 sec

Women in Tech with Elaine van Bergen Elaine is an engineer at Microsoft, passionate about helping people use leading edge technology to solve business problems. She enjoys sharing her passion at local meetups, domestic and international technical conferences. She also does incredible work as a 2020 Superstar of STEM and...

Nov 2020

24 min 20 sec

Microsoft Teams Toolkit Rabia gives us an overview of the latest in Microsoft Teams app development using Microsoft Teams Toolkit. Today, the toolkit covers capabilities like tabs, bots, and messaging extensions. Find out all resources, tools, guides and production ready app templates in the link below. https://aka.ms/teams-doco Quick tips Speaking...

Oct 2020

24 min 47 sec

Power Platform with John Liu John Liu, MVP, founder @ Flow Studio App, joins us to discuss the Power Platform, and Microsoft Flow platforms. We talk broadly about the story behind Power Automate, and the need to migrate legacy SharePoint 2010 Workflows over to the Power platform.

Oct 2020

26 min 11 sec

Office Add-ins with Cameron Dwyer Cameron Dwyer, MVP, and CTO of One Place Solutions, joins us to discuss Office Add-ins. We talk about the history of Add-in development, the changes in technology from client-side to cloud-first, and the relevance of Add-ins for user-centric solution design. Conference season is upon us,...

Sep 2020

28 min 26 sec

Web components Mark Powney and Rabia Williams discuss developing for the Microsoft 365 cloud. Today’s episode looks in to the concept of web components, what they are, and how you might find them useful for your next project. We also discuss some of ideas raised in Microsoft’s user voice community...

Sep 2020

30 min 35 sec

PnP Search Web Parts Two Microsoft 365 developers Mark Powney and Rabia Williams from Australia discuss the open source PnP Search Web Parts project. They go in to detail - how the project benefits the community - for developers, consultants, and other professionals designing search-based solutions for various Microsoft 365...

Aug 2020

36 min 33 sec

Introductions Two Microsoft365 developers Mark Powney and Rabia Williams from Australia come together on the first episode of their new podcast 365 days of cloud, where they talk about Azure Static Web Apps in deep and then look into the recent news and announcements in the Microsoft 365 world that...

Jul 2020

19 min 45 sec