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I’ve heard it said that issues relating to money are the second leading cause of divorce in America. Although we focus a lot on sexual intimacy on this podcast, with Christmas and the financial stress it brings to marriages right around the corner, I thought addressing how to get on the same page with your spouse regarding money would be a good topic to address.   And that’s when I found Ashlee Binderim on Instagram. Ashlee and her husband Dave started their marriage with over $225,000 in debt. They were both working part-time, going to college full time, and barely making ends meet. After years of struggling, they finally figured out how to link arms and tackle financial goals together. Current debt payoff: $162,000 to date! Now, she's a certified financial coach and on a mission to help other couples reach their goals by getting on the same page with their finances so they can set up a secure future.   To learn more from Ashlee visit her website Beyond Millions.

Nov 24

26 min 43 sec

Do you or your spouse live apart for part of the time? How do you keep your marriage strong when you may not see each other every day? And can distance really make the heart grow fonder? If you’re wondering these things too, you’re going to love this episode. Roughly 4 million American couples live apart for some of the time, whether for military, pilots, artists, traveling salespeople, medical professionals, or for other reasons. Elaine, a licensed marriage & family therapist, and her husband Abe, found themselves in a commuter marriage through some unique circumstances. They help other couples in similar situations maintain a strong relationship while apart. They are the co-host of the “Love Is In The Air” podcast (featuring an airplane as their logo -- get it?). Together they have 5 children.

Nov 17

33 min 55 sec

About 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving. Infertility can become a real struggle for couples, sometimes interfering with intimacy and impacting their sex life. I’m was fortunate enough to meet Sadie Banks, a mother of one (soon to be two) who has dealt with years of struggles revolving around infertility and the impact it’s had on her marriage. In this episode, Sadie shares what she’s learned and offers helpful tips on how to keep your marriage growing through it all. If you or someone you love is struggling with intimacy during infertility, I hope this episode inspires you and gives you hope. Sadie Banks is the owner and creator of Good Grief Journals. In 2018, she was in the trenches of her Infertility Journey, she needed a guided outlet to help her through the emotions and hard experiences that her infertility journey brought into her life. After interviewing over 100 women who had experienced infertility or who were experiencing infertility, she created a prompt journal specifically for working through infertility trauma and grief. Shortly after creating the Infertility Journal, it was clear that guided journals for other types of grief were needed too and Good Grief Journals expanded.

Nov 10

31 min 42 sec

Modern electronic media has had a big impact on relationships, especially in the last two decades. It’s never been easier to stay in touch with loved ones or improve real-time communication. Like many things in life, media use can be helpful and harmful on our relationships, depending on how it’s used. I got in touch with McCall Booth, a super-smart Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University that researches the media's impact on marriage and families. I hope her insights help you and your lover draw closer intimately with wiser media choices.

Nov 3

29 min 9 sec

Building a strong marriage requires each individual to also be strong on their own. We also want to feel free in our relationships, which requires a lot of maturity and personal growth. My guest today is Julie Bender. I love her story because she illustrates what growing and maturing in a relationship can look like. Julie's shares how she's learned how to embrace her story, and in that, found healing and her true self. To learn more about Julie check out The Julie Bender Show Podcast and the This Grit and Grace Life Podcast which she co-hosts. She also produces a weekly video series for wives called #prayingforyourhusbanddaily.

Oct 27

35 min 12 sec

This episode, #52, marks 1 year of podcast episodes for Get Your Marriage On!  I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many sex experts over the previous year. In many of the episodes I ask them what black belt sex tips they’d give to a couple in a healthy marriage up the quality of connection and pleasure in the bedroom.  I’ve rounded up my favorite 20 tips. Ready? Let’s go!

Oct 20

34 min 41 sec

Have you ever wondered how do you talk to your kids about sex? Why does talking about sex with our kids feel awkward most of the time? What's the best approach to talk about dating relationships, our bodies, and everything in between? What about the hard topics? Well, if this has been on your mind, you're in for a treat today, as I am able to sit down with Tammy Hill. Tammy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an adjunct professor of Family Life at Brigham Young University.

Oct 13

46 min 14 sec

Have you ever noticed that there’s something almost invisible and intangible that interferes with our ability to connect with our spouses sometimes? According to our expert guest today, it affects women more than men. It’s about the mental load we carry, how our minds are constantly buzzing with all the things that need to get done. Couples that develop the skill of “bearing one other’s burdens so that they may be light” find more room to connect and find happiness in their relationship. Morgan Cutlip has a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Akron and holds a master’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from Ohio State University. She specializes in helping individuals and couples find happiness and health in their relationships. She and her father are the founders of My Love Thinks, a company dedicated to creating user-friendly and practical relationship education resources.  As you’ll soon hear, Dr. Cutlip has a special passion for helping couples find a fair distribution of responsibilities in the home and helping mothers engage in meaningful self-care.

Oct 6

33 min 11 sec

Ahhhhh, communication in marriage. It’s so important, and also a source of frustration in our most important relationships! We don’t always know how to talk, and more importantly, listen to one another, especially when emotions run high. Learning to talk about intimacy in marriage is also a skill we can develop. My guest today is Denise and Oliver Marcelle founders of Denoli LLC. They mentor couples on improving their communication skills for deeper intimacy and connection. They’ve been married for 20 years and have 3 children.

Sep 29

43 min 45 sec

We all experience times of loss and grief. I received an excellent question from a listener in regards to this: "My wife and I are grieving due to loss and it is something we are trusting God with and through but this is an odd space to be in to think about or bring up sex. I know things need to look different but help to navigate this would be helpful. Can you do a podcast episode or a blog or something on how to think about intimacy while walking through grief?" So today's podcast is going to do just that! I reached out to Cecilie Ott, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in helping individuals and families deal with times of loss. I learned a lot from her teaching and I hope this helps you whoever this episode was meant for.

Sep 22

36 min 59 sec

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your relationship. Join me for this SOLO episode and learn how to use the 3-2-1 rule to enhance yourself and your relationship with your spouse.

Sep 15

15 min 31 sec

Dan interviewed Joy Skarka from Authentic Intimacy. Joy's story can be described in one word: freedom. She is passionate about creating spaces to free women from shame. Tune in to hear how Joy found freedom from sexual abuse, sexual addiction, and how she navigates painful sex. Joy is the Authentic Intimacy's Director of Discipleship. To learn more about Joy and her work visit Authentic Intimacy.

Sep 8

34 min 21 sec

Close romantic relationships are often fraught with anxiety. It just comes with the territory, and it’s a beautiful part of what makes us human. How we deal with that anxiety is a different story though. I read Dr. Kathleen Smith’s excellent book, “Everything Isn’t Terrible” and learned sooo much about how my family’s dynamic affects the way I show up in my marriage and other relationships. Tune in to hear my interview with Dr. Smith on how differentiation - a term she uses to describe a mature way to deal with anxiety -- leads to better relationships. 

Sep 1

40 min 4 sec

Mindfulness is a buzzword these days, but its roots are deep. In this podcast, I interview Dr. Chelom Leavitt, PhD, an impressive woman that researches the link between mindfulness practice -- the ability to be fully present -- and sexual satisfaction in long-term married couples. Your full presence is one of the greatest gifts you can give another person. When you're mindful you can be with the person you love in mind, body, and spirit -- especially in our most precious intimate moments!

Aug 25

43 min 28 sec

A common question we get at Get Your Marriage On! is what is okay to do in the bedroom. When faith, values, and personal desires collide it can be confusing or even discouraging. People often seek a checklist of do's and do not's. In this podcast, Dan interviewed clinical Psychologist Daniel Burgess who specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy and has a passion for helping couples navigate sexual intimacy. Dr. Burgess challenges us to grow and become curious about our physical intimacy as he explains why understanding our values and relationship with God is important when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom.

Aug 18

40 min 17 sec

One huge factor in enjoying a life-giving sex life is your overall attitude towards your own sexuality. Today, we have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Anthony Hughes.  In this episode you'll learn to embrace your sexuality and not be ashamed of cultivating and sharing this powerful force within our marriages. Dr. Anthony Hughes is a sex therapist and founder of Covenant Sex Therapy. He is also a professor at Brigham Young University, a private religious school. Tune in to hear his view of sexuality from a faith and spiritual standpoint. Spoiler alert: it’s very positive!!

Aug 11

36 min

In today's podcast episode I hope to share a message of hope and understanding to those that feel like the intimacy they experience in the bedroom is duty sex. I want to talk about what duty sex is and what it isn’t, why couples fall into the pattern of duty sex, and what you can do about it.   

Aug 4

25 min 39 sec

The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is the little 'extra'." When you say "I Do", it's not the end of your dating years: it's just the beginning of a lifetime of growing and learning together. There's no one else I know who's more dedicated to making it easy for couples to keep dating after marriage than Tara Carson, the founder of The Dating Divas. In this episode we'll discuss how to come up with great date ideas, how to keep dating when you have little children, how to find great babysitters, and other ideas to keep the fires of romance burning bright for a long-lasting marriage. To find out more about Tara and the Dating Diva's sign up for their newsletter! Other resources mentioned in this podcast episode: Date Ideas 10 Minute Marriage Challenge  Dollar Dates  Babysitting Co-op  Anti-Shake Tool for Bed 

Jul 28

43 min 13 sec

Have you ever thought about hiring a Boudoir photographer? Even the thought of having boudoir photos taken can be uncomfortable. Being willing to be photographed, as you are, imperfections and all says a lot about your willingness to accept and love yourself for who you are. What an admirable trait. Listen in as Caley Newberry Caley Newberry Studios a Nashville Boudoir photographer shares her story and how boudoir can bring you joy and a newfound love for your body.  Enjoy!

Jul 21

38 min 17 sec

Like any good story, every sexual encounter has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Most normal marriages have a few "scripts" they follow when it comes to their sex routine. In this episode Dr. Ian Kerner, a New York Times Best Seller and famous sex therapist, walks us through how we can analyze our scripts to improve the quality of sexual experience. In this episode we also discuss challenges that most monogamous couples face, incorporating both intercourse and "outercourse" into our scripts, ideas for closing the orgasm gap, and much more! Enjoy!

Jul 14

31 min 10 sec

Join Dan this week as he discusses scheduling sex with Sexperts Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Tony and Alisa share how scheduling sex into their busy lives changed their marriage. They also address common concerns with scheduling sex, such as loss of romance. Tune in to learn more!   

Jul 7

34 min 48 sec

Want to spice up your love life but don't know how? Desire, fantasy and foreplay are natural part of sexual intimacy. Sharing your desires and fantasies with your spouse is a fulfilling way to brings more passion to your marriage. Join Dan and our Sexpert Dr. Laurie Watson's to learn more tips on overcoming common difficulties surrounding foreplay, desire, and fantasy! Dr. Laurie Watson is a nationally acclaimed sex therapist, author, blogger, and co-host of the Foreplay Radio podcast. 

Jun 30

37 min 16 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On! Dan talks with Ariel Finlinson from @ladies.talkinglove about misconceptions some people grow up with about their bodies and sex. Ariel shares some personal experiences with how she perceived her sex prior to marriage and how that changed once she was married. Spoiler alert! - Intimacy in marriage is way better than what the world teaches.

Jun 23

33 min 5 sec

Of course we want our marriages to be a lifetime source of happiness, fun and excitement! However, after you've been married for a while, it's so easy to get used to each other and our regular patterns that even sex can seem boring at times. It's natural to want to infuse newness and novelty into your relationship. But how? In this episode we discuss two ways of thinking about novelty: horizontal (by broadening your repertoire) and vertical (diving deep to find hidden treasures within your spouse). We also discuss how to keep things in balance for a long-lasting and "sexciting" marriage! Download our app Intimately Us!

Jun 16

18 min 26 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On! Dan interviews the The Christian Sex Educator, Carlie Palmer-Webb, MS. Carlie is a licensed Psychologist and Sex Researcher. Together Dan and Carlie discuss the importance of Sexual Agency within Marriage. 

Jun 9

33 min 43 sec

Purity Culture has impacted many of our lives. This week on Get Your Marriage On! Dan speaks with Dr. Camden Morgante. Dr. Morgante shares a few myths she actively works to dispel as a licensed clinical psychologist.

Jun 2

34 min 47 sec

April Davis is a sex educator and runs the popular Instagram page called "the Vagina Blog". Join Dan as he and April discuss desire, arousal, sexual health, limiting beliefs, and making your sexuality a priority. 

May 26

51 min 52 sec

All marriages struggle with "fairness" within marriage at one point or another. Join Dan this week as he interviews Nate and Kaley Klemp from 80/80 Marriage on how to not get stuck competing with one another in the name of fairness. 

May 19

32 min 32 sec

Sex at it's very best is intimate. Join Dan this week by listening to his first solo podcast! Dan talks about initiation of sex and how that can differ from marriage to marriage or within a marriage over time! When you change your mindset from 'I want sex' to 'I want you' the very best intimacy occurs. Also! Tune in to hear 2 EXCITING things Get Your Marriage On! has happening this year! Whoot Whoot! You won't want to miss it.

May 12

19 min 57 sec

Do you know your Enneagram number? Join Dan this week as he interviews Christa Hardin the Founder of Enneagram + Marriage! Christa is a Clinical Therapist and Life Coach. Tune in to hear Dan and Christa discuss the benefits of knowing your Enneagram and how it can impact or improve your marriage.  If you are curious as to what your enneagram type is here are some resources:

May 5

29 min 37 sec

Did you know that the wife is the high desire partner in 15-20% of marriages? It's not uncommon for women to have a higher desire for sex than men!   This week Dan sat down with J Parker - a Christian Sex Author, Speaker, Blogger, and Podcaster. J discussed what it's like to be a high desire wife. She also discussed how the common assumption that men are always the higher desire partner is simply not true. Tune in to find out more!  

Apr 28

37 min 27 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On!, Dan interviews Dana Che. Dana is a relationship and marriage coach. Together they discuss how God can help you overcome common struggles within marriages while living true to your identity. 

Apr 21

38 min 34 sec

Do you know what a Pelvic Floor Therapist does? This week on Get Your Marriage On!, Dan sits down with Pelvis Floor Therapists Dr. Becky Allan and Dr. Corrie Maguire. Dr. Allan and Maguire share a plethora of information about the importance of pelvic floor health and dismiss some common assumptions. If you are experiencing pain during intercourse, erectile disfunction, have had a baby, or are planning to have a baby this is the episode for you!

Apr 14

51 min 55 sec

This week Dan talks with sexpert Danielle Savory a trained neuroscientist and mindfulness coach. They discuss why people unintentionally settle for mediocre sex.  Danielle shares some of her expertise on how to increase your mental awareness in the bedroom to enhance pleasure during sex.

Apr 7

45 min 48 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On! we did things a little bit differently. Dan and Emily were interviewed by Ariel Finlinson is the host of the Ladies Talking Love Podcast. Dan and Emily share their story of how a bedroom game changed their marriage. If you feel stuck in a rut or your sex life seems dismal, check out this episode for some tips on how to Get Your Marriage On!!

Mar 31

42 min 55 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On!, Dan sits down with Dr. Chavonne Perotte to discuss what to do when you are living like a roommate with little intimacy or meaningful connection. If you're often disappointed that your needs aren't being met or that you are always compromising but still feel the same this is the podcast for you.  Dr. Chavonne Perotte is a Life and Marriage Coach with a doctorate degree from John Hopkins University. To find out more about Dr. Chavonne's work check out her website here.

Mar 24

34 min 50 sec

Have you ever wanted to have the confidence to give your spouse a sexy lap dance? Join Dan Purcell and Keelie and Austin Reason, authors of the Love Hope Adventure blog on the podcast this week as they discuss how to do a Sexy Lap Dance step by step. By end of the podcast, you'll know all the dos and don'ts of a sexy lap dance.

Mar 17

43 min 58 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On!, Dan sits down with Jessa Zimmerman a Certified Sex Therapist from Seattle to discuss desire level differences. Jessa helps expand the definition of what "sex" is and some of the traps higher desire and lower desires spouses fall into. If you struggle with rejection as a high desire partner or pressure for not desiring sex often this is the episode for you! To learn more about Jessa visit her website or check out her Intimacy With Ease course and transform your sex life from your own home, at your own pace.

Mar 10

28 min 6 sec

Join Dan Purcell on the podcast this week as he discuss honesty, overcoming obstacles, and creating a confident marriage with Sean and Jessica Weeks. Sean and Jessica Weeks run a business called "The Confident Marriage" where they share their story, tools, and resources to help couples create a confident marriage they have always wanted. Follow Sean and Jessica Weeks @confidentmarriage or check out their website to learn more about them.

Mar 3

18 min 8 sec

This week on Get Your Marriage On!, Dan sits down with Seth and Melanie Studley, from Anatomy of Marriage, to discuss entitlement and how it hinders not only intimacy but also your relationship.  You can learn more about Seth and Melanie and their work at Anatomy of Marriage.  If you enjoy this episode, make sure to check out our app - Intimately Us! 

Feb 24

37 min 12 sec

Join Dan on the podcast this week to discuss awakening your sexuality with Ruth Buezis. Together they discuss some common myths that people are taught about sex and how Christian culture surrounding sex can conflict with what the Bible actually says about it. 

Feb 17

40 min 53 sec

Do you date your spouse? Once marriage and kids come along, it's more important than ever to keep the spark alive by dating your spouse! This week, sexpert Amberly Lambertsen from A Prioritized Marriage, gives us tips on how to make date night a priority despite having busy lives. 

Feb 10

38 min 52 sec

Being bored in marriage is totally preventable but it does take some work. Communicating your needs and wants is vital to marriages. Geoff Steurer, a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist, teaches us how intimacy plays a role in healing from an affair and creating a happy marriage.

Feb 3

34 min 26 sec

Pornography use can cause hurt, disappointment and an array of hurt feelings in your marriage. Today's Sexpert, Dr. Cameron Staley is a clinical psychologist and the creator or "Life After Pornography" online program. Dr. Staley speaks about how overcoming pornography and how to use this to strengthen your marriage. If you like this episode, make sure to check out our app Intimately. Us

Jan 27

58 min 58 sec

Does your sex life seem a bit dismal? Are you not having sex regularly? Is your partner NEVER in the mood? In this podcast Corey Allan gives some tips on how to amp up your sex life in a healthy and meaningful way. If you're seeking a better sex life where both you and your spouse look forward to sex, this is the podcast for you!

Jan 20

31 min 30 sec

For this Sexpert Interview, Dan sits down with Sarah Belzer. Sarah is the President of Coconu, an all natural personal care company. Dan and Sarah discuss all things lube and there's a lot more that goes into lube than you may think!

Jan 13

14 min 50 sec

Nate Bagley is the founder of Growth Marriage "Where Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Love". Nate believes that most people suffer from a disease called "mediocre love" but they shouldn't! Nate's mission is to help couples achieve a ridiculously fulfilling marriage.  In today's podcast, we discuss with Nate why "nice guys" have bad sex, how being a "nice guy" previously impacted Nate's relationships, and what to do if you find yourself being a "nice guy". 

Jan 6

37 min 36 sec

Amanda Louder is a Certified Life Coach & Intimacy Coach that helps conservative Christian women embrace their sexuality and love their sex life for themselves. In short, she's an expert at helping individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs so that they can live with more joy. We cover topics such as: How limiting beliefs affect ourselves, our potential, our sexual and spiritual capacities, and other areas of our life How we can identify what our limiting beliefs are The link between living a life of integrity & being honest with ourselves and our spouse and the capacity for deeper intimacy How limiting beliefs sometimes get in the way of sexual desire in relationships How couples co-construct each other’s limiting beliefs over time in their marriage, keeping both people in the marriage stuck What mistakes higher desire spouses tend to make, and what mistakes do lower desire spouses tend to make, and how to escape your destructive cycles Amanda isn't afraid to tackle controversial sexual topics, such as masturbation, toys, anal sex, and the like. We discuss why it's important for individuals to think about the meanings they associate with sex, and to discover for themselves what they feel is right for them and their marriage. How to best approach your spouse about something sexual you’re interested in doing together, but are unsure if they’ll respond positively. We discuss tips on how to best handle those hard conversations. And Amanda's black belt sex tips! For more information about Amanda Louder, check out

Dec 2020

30 min 23 sec

Studies show that men reach orgasm regularly during sex about 95% of the time, compared to 48% for women. Also, many of those in the 48% haven't always been in that group -- it's something they've grown into.  Today's guest is Sheila Wray Gregoire, a fellow "sexpert" and creator of a research-based orgasm course for women. If you or someone you love in life wants to improve her orgasms, this one is for you! In this episode, we tackle questions like: How many women struggle with reaching orgasm?  Why is there such a big orgasm gap between men and women? What myths get in the way of a healthy view of sex & orgasm? What are some of the relationship factors that affect a wife’s ability to get there? How does pressure to climax, such as coming from the husband, affect a woman’s ability to orgasm? How do your own expectations and pressure you put on yourself affect your ability to orgasm? What steps can a wife take on her own, for the purpose of getting comfortable with your own body and learning what feels good, for the benefit of the marriage? What are some techniques couples can try, besides intercourse? Why do people say oral sex so effective in this area? How can husbands help their wives get there? What should husbands NOT do to help their wives get there? How can women learn to have multiple orgasms? We also want to emphasize that there’s more to sex than just orgasms. A WHOLE lot more. If you like this episode, be sure to download our app, Intimately Us at  

Dec 2020

41 min 41 sec

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is one of the best teachers I know that teach how to build a truly meaningful & rich relationship. She has her PhD in clinical psychology and teaches men's, women's, and couple's courses on sexuality and relationships.  In this episode we talk about the three stages of sex and how to bring your marriage from whatever level you're at to the next level. We discuss the risks involved in being a better lover as well as what really good lovemaking looks like. To find out more about Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, check out If you like this episode you'll also enjoy our app. Download it at

Dec 2020

43 min 50 sec