The Socially Awkward

John Midgley

The Socially Awkward Podcast is the discussion of various things that most sane people would ignore.

However, your hosts delve into the wonderful world of the absurd.

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John and Nicole grab the portable mic and try to fit it in (that's what she said).  The brunt of this episode goes on a rant about people preaching a practice that could seriously hurt babies.  

Feb 2019

23 min 33 sec

This week Nicole and John get ready to explain why there wasn't going to be an episode this week or next and then end up talking about: donuts, movies, more food, weight loss, more food..................they basically ramble on.

Mar 2018

30 min 44 sec

This week Nicole discuss: Nicole being features on The Weather Channel John almost being highlighted on HBO We make up words Create a haiku about “puffy” Nicole states she wants “bipolar depression” John talks about being a negative Nelly We discuss the app that reminds you that you will die. We end with a quote from Coleman Young. However, there were a couple of other things we reference of clips that were not in the episode, so if you stay tuned past the main show, you get a bit of an encore.

Mar 2018

37 min 41 sec

Interview with Steve from The Sneeze! Listen to our podcast to find out: Why The Sneeze was created The Unreleased Steve Don’t Eat It! Music from Cloud Cult And so much more. Pickles the Musical: Cloud Cult: The Sneeze:  

Feb 2018

34 min 37 sec

Welcome to season two when we actually do more pre-work then we ever have before.  We discuss the new format, write a haiku, and tell stories about people's dreams being dashed.  

Dec 2017

41 min 59 sec

In this weeks episode things get a little bit awkward when Nicole tells me that I admire insanity.

Sep 2017

30 min 17 sec

We discuss things you don’t want to hear from your Uber Driver, Shark Week nibbles at my patience, and we discuss the power of magic.

Jun 2017

23 min 1 sec

In this week’s episode things get a little bit awkward when we discuss the wife, life and my childhood strife.  We end it by asking my daughter one question.   We talk about mental health and suicide in this episode.  If you need help please contact the national life line at: 1-800-273-8255.  It is okay to ask for help when you are stuck in the fog and can't see anything brighter.

May 2017

32 min 14 sec

In this week's episode things get a little bit awkward when Mr. Josh tells us about his latest celebrity encounters, his philosophy on math, and then things go off the rain into inappropriate land.  


May 2017

34 min 26 sec

In this week’s episode things get a little bit awkward when we get you drunk, we reveal some news and then we close the show with an interview with my 4 year old daughter which includes making up songs and acting like the Joker

Apr 2017

22 min 53 sec

In this week's episode we discuss who fooled us this April Fools, things that annoy us, and a tale of days past.

Apr 2017

14 min 57 sec

This week's episode we describe for the lapse in episodes, John has a therapy session, and we provide an encore no one wants.

Mar 2017

14 min 33 sec

In this week episode Nicole is sick, we discuss "you hang up first", and we define the difference between the genders (not really, but kind of).

Feb 2017

19 min 2 sec

Bonus episode: Two clips. First clip is me recording ny work sister without her knowledge (later got permission to share it. Then I tell Nicole a story about my recent haircut while playing nintendo with my awesome 4 year old daughter.

Feb 2017

9 min 33 sec

In this week's episode we discuss Nicole's perfect steak, the benefits of 1998 technology, and the way every man can claim he is the dad of the year.

Jan 2017

26 min 6 sec

We talk about MT Bottles, laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.  Oh................


Jan 2017

17 min 51 sec

Part one of a new years bash with the legent, the myth the Myers..................Mr. Josh.  It's just silly people


Jan 2017

25 min 7 sec

In this week's episode Niclle says I can't load a dishwasher, we have conflict, and Myers may make a return

Jan 2017

43 min 8 sec

In this week's episode Nicole talks about making a rope out of her hair, things we wouldn't do not that we're older and Vicotrian Slang Terms. 

Dec 2016

30 min 40 sec

This week's episode we talk to our friend Myers.  He shares stories about being a fake bouncer, breaking out in hives, and falling off stage.

Dec 2016

42 min 56 sec

In this weeks episode things get a little bit awkward when Nicole calls John Mama June, we discuss basketball friends forever, and Steven Crow Bear.

Dec 2016

27 min 17 sec

In this episode CJ and myself discuss when to put up holiday decorations, a discussion about poor brian occurs, and something to do with the number three.

Dec 2016

22 min 39 sec

In this week's episode we post a little bit early so our friend has something fun to listen to while going through medical treatment.  We discuss David Blaine's new TV special, go off on Tagents, and maybe Jacob will finally post a review.


Nov 2016

42 min 10 sec

This week our friend C.J. joins me when she explains why her hands look like she's been using meth.

Oct 2016

21 min 19 sec

In this week's episode we talk about 4 year old behavior, which bookmarks our Kalamazoo behavior. 

Oct 2016

16 min 16 sec

BONUS EPISODE:  I share crazy movie trailers and clips with some of the greatest people I know, and record their reactions.  This is not a typical episode but more of a BONUS EPISODE.  Next episode should arrive at the normal time.

Oct 2016

21 min 29 sec

Nicole explains that I'm dead inside as we discuss the seasons and their personalities.  

Sep 2016

11 min 44 sec

Nicole and John record the introduction of the podcast and their daughter Amelia happens to ask a question.

Sep 2016

2 min 30 sec