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Yoga for All

Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes are two yogis that have been practicing their whole life in bigger bodies. Their mission is to bring yoga to people that are underrepresented in the practice.

Amber and Dianne run the Yoga for All training course at

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In this episode we’ll discuss accessibility. What does it mean? What are the different ways you can make your teaching more accessible? How can studio owners shift culture by making spaces more accessible? And much more...

Apr 2019

35 min 38 sec

Dianne and Amber get personal in this short, fun, chat.

Mar 2019

15 min 45 sec

Today we are talking with one of our favorite yoga folks, Jessamyn Stanley! In this episode, we discuss: Jessamyn’s response to her Yoga Journal cover Her reaction to finding out that she wasn't the only one on the cover The internet’s reaction and the aftermath to the "cover split" debacle Defining success as marginalized folks under systems of oppression Her yoga story and what keeps her coming back to the mat How she’s setting boundaries around her online presence and content Allowing herself to be human while still being a celebrity Representing as a fat black femme in the yoga and fitness industry Her advice to folks who are seeking to influence and shift yoga culture Listen in on the conversation as we chat with Jessamyn about her unique perspective on the yoga world. Or find your podcast in your favorite podcast player - Remember to subscribe and leave as a review!

Feb 2019

56 min 6 sec

My talk with Amber about marginalism and co-option of yoga, body positivity and inclusivity. What means to continue to be pushed from the centre of yoga culture. In this conversation we talk about: -Why does capitalism continue to marginalism people? -What does bandwagon jumping do to marginalized communities? We talk about beauty currency, social currency, privilege, and privileged people centering themselves in the middle of the marginalized experience. Check out these resources…myself-as-i-am i

Jan 2019

52 min 52 sec

Join Dianne Bondy and Colin Hall as we talk about the evolution of yoga.

Jan 2019

51 min 8 sec