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A lost episode has been found! In our final episode of Season 5, Marie D’Elephant joins me to discuss her story of challenging and then leaving her faith. She is one of the hosts of the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast (which is on an indefinite hiatus, but there is a wealth of episodes to listen to), and Marie has […]

Oct 2019

1 hr 18 min

On the season finale of Season 5, I’m honored to have Jennifer Knapp as a guest! We discuss her faith journey as well as her music. We also discuss Inside Out Faith, a non-profit Jennifer created to actively engage faith communities in order to educate, affirm and foster support of LGBTQ persons and their allies. About […]

Dec 2018

1 hr 17 min

Many people see the Pro Choice vs. Pro Life debate in simple terms. Sometimes this even affects how people will vote or what political party they align themselves with. Asha Dahya seeks to change this conversation. On this episode we discuss her recently funded docuseries “Life At All Costs: Going Beyond Pro Choice Vs. Pro […]

Nov 2018

53 min 51 sec

Halloween is upon us! I sit down with Jill Worsley to talk about her podcast At The Fire, hear ghost stories and talk about her experience as the child of a recreational ghost hunter! About Jill Worsley: Jill Worsley is the host of the podcast At The Fire along with her husband, Ben.  At The […]

Oct 2018

1 hr 8 min

On this episode I sit down with Magister Bill M. of The Church Of Satan. We have a fantastic conversation about his journey and why the philosophies of Satanism have resonated with him. About Bill M: Bill M. is a Magister in The Church Of Satan. He also hosts a podcast over at Radio Free […]

Oct 2018

1 hr 28 min

On this episode Lisa Gungor joins me to discuss her book The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen and her journey of marriage, kids and viewing faith through a different lens. About Lisa Gungor: Lisa Gungor has been scribbling songs since she was seven years old. After studying art in college, she and her husband, Michael, […]

Sep 2018

56 min 39 sec

Singer/Songwriter John Mark McMillan joins us this week to discuss his faith journey, as well as tribalism, anxiety, doubt and pursuing Jesus no matter where it takes him. About John Mark McMillan: John Mark McMillan is something of an anomaly: an artist and Platinum-selling songwriter bending genres and defying categorization by carving out his own […]

Sep 2018

1 hr 11 min

On this episode, Michael Gungor stops by to discuss music, life, faith, ego and deconstruction. About Michael Gungor:   Michael and Lisa Gungor are curators of the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as Gungor. The duo uses their skills as accomplished song writers and multi-instrumentalists to tell honest and forthright stories – some personal and […]

Sep 2018

1 hr 7 min

This week my old friend Josiah Hesse drops by to talk about his new book Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star out now on Suspect Press. We discuss his Carnality series, atheism, Evangelicalism, Christian music, the Exvangelical movement and a whole lot more. About Josiah Hesse: Josiah is a freelance journalist in Denver, Colorado. He […]

Sep 2018

55 min 34 sec

This week we wrap up (for now) the LGBTQ+ Conversations with an exploration of gender. I am joined by Alex Iantaffi to discuss his journey as well as the research behind understanding gender identity. 

Aug 2018

59 min 56 sec

What if Seekers, Doubters, Believers, Thinkers, Straight, Gay, Transgender, Men, Women, Conformist, Non-conformist, Christians, Atheists, Humanists, Young, Old, Lawyers, Theologians, Strange Minister Types...What if EVERYONE felt safe gathering in a space to drink beer and sing along with old school hymns and maybe a few classic rock tunes? No agenda, just a community sing-along to celebrate our differences and similarities? Beer And Hymns seeks to do just that. 

Jun 2018

51 min 34 sec

We are continuing our series called "Coming Out." Throughout the rest of the year, you will hear personal stories from the LBGTQ Community about the impact of embracing who they are. This episode Kylie Justine and BJ Colangelo share their stories and we hear from an anonymous listener email.

May 2018

1 hr 10 min

Jay Bakker returns to dive a little deeper into his continued message of love and grace. 

Apr 2018

49 min 48 sec

This week we begin an informal series called "Coming Out." Throughout the rest of the year, you will hear personal stories from the LBGTQ Community about the impact of embracing who they are and celebrating true freedom. This episode I sit down with John Doolan and Brady Hardin to hear their stories.

Mar 2018

1 hr 19 min

What happens when you put an evangelical minister and a lesbian comedian together in a van? An event for anyone who believes that love and laughter can change the world. The fight for civil rights is in full force in 2017, with a slew of discriminatory laws rearing their ugly heads in Southern states all […]

Feb 2018

43 min 4 sec

Mimetic Theory, Monsters, Hell and God collide on today's Armchair Philosopher Podcasts. Hellbound? Director Kevin Miller joins the conversation to discuss a class he was preparing called Mimetic Theory & Monsters. The class would eventually be cancelled because of events outside his control, but it's a very eye-opening conversation and one that Kevin hopes to transfer into future projects.

Jan 2018

1 hr

BJ Colangelo is a survivor. Raised in Chicago, IL, she now resides in Cleveland, OH where she writes about horror films, creates her own films and is continuing to kick cancer's ass. BJ joins me to discuss her battle with Pancreatic Cancer and how Horror films helped in many aspects of her healing and empowerment.

Aug 2017

1 hr 22 min

I run down the insanity of this summer!

Aug 2017

32 min 51 sec

We continue with our series Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda and this week my wife joins in on the fun! Jennifer and I have a candid conversation about her childhood, church background, time in Bible School and how her faith journey has impacted her perspective as a feminist.

Aug 2017

1 hr 23 min

I ramble and read a couple of emails. Enjoy!

Jul 2017

30 min 5 sec

We continue with our series Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda and are delighted to have The Rev. Wil Gafney back on the podcast. Her unique approach to The Bible in regards to Race, Gender, and Culture have been a blessing in my own "faith journey." We discuss her ideas on Feminism, Race and Politics as well as her book Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to the Women of the Torah and the Throne.

Jul 2017

41 min 40 sec

I discuss some materials that helped me through my "deconstruction" process in my faith and gave me a hopeful outlook on the future.

Jun 2017

28 min 38 sec

We begin a new series called Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda this week! Lauren R. E. Larkin and Sarah Taras from the Ezer Uncaged podcast help me kick off the conversation. This episode we discuss Feminism from a Progressive Christian perspective focusing on gender roles, sexuality and their place in "The Church".

Jun 2017

1 hr 25 min

Shunning Jehovah's Witnesses via a doorbell, The Bible Answer Man embraces Eastern Orthodoxy & the terrifying fact that I'm a dad with older kids...

Jun 2017

28 min 11 sec

When I had the idea for this series "Processing Belief Through Music," I wrote out a wish list of songwriters I'd want to speak to. David Bazan was at the top of my list. His songwriting has been a major part of the soundtrack for over a decade now. Scheduling an interview proved that perseverance can be damn hard, but rewarding. As I spoke to TW Walsh and then Derek Webb, Bazan seemed to be the connective tissue of the conversations. It was an honor to be able to speak with David Bazan about his new album and his perspectives on wrestling with belief through songwriting.

Jun 2017

1 hr 37 min

I go back to church. My thoughts on Church, my kids in church and Pentecost.

Jun 2017

27 min 44 sec

Our series "Processing Belief Through Music" continues as Derek Webb joins me to discuss his music, upcoming album and his tumultuous relationship with Christianity.

Jun 2017

1 hr 7 min

I wasn't a fan of Patreon's changing pricing structure, so I took it all down. In 2018, I'll be re-structuring "premium" content for those who are interested in The AxPx Diaries continuing or for those who just want to financially support The AxPx Podcast. Look for a "Patron Saint" page launching soon. Until then, check out the handful of AxPx Diaries episodes I've done so you can get a taste for what the AxPx premium content will be like. Here's my first "AxPx Diary" episode! Enjoy!

May 2017

30 min 30 sec

TW Walsh kicks off our series "Processing Belief Through Music." I've been a fan of his music since discovering The Soft Drugs in 2008. Before that, TW spent time on the road and in the studio as a member of Pedro The Lion. Since he didn't grow up around "Christian Culture," his insights as an outsider looking in are valuable.

May 2017

51 min 17 sec

This episode I sit down with beloved character actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day, Silicon Valley, Heroes just to name a few) to discuss his new book My Adventures With God.

May 2017

56 min 52 sec

While Star Wars was a cornerstone to my fascination with Science Fiction and Fantasy, Star Trek's ideas and philosophies gave me more to chew on as I grew up. Today's episode is dedicated to Star Trek and the impact Gene Roddenberry has made in our lives.

Apr 2017

1 hr 34 min

This week we take things to space as I sit down with Richard Garriott to discuss video game development and space travel!

Apr 2017

48 min 36 sec

This episode dives into The Second Naïveté and are joined on the podcast by Michael Hardin and Margaret Placentra Johnston to help lay the groundwork. Rob Davis then joins me as we attempt to unpack this very important concept of our Deconstruction and Spiritual Journey.

Mar 2017

1 hr 14 min

It’s almost Christmas! Which only means one thing…Krampus is coming to town for all the bad girls and boys! I have a conversation with Greg Horton about the history of Krampus and other Christmas time folklore.  

Dec 2015

56 min 49 sec

I have a conversation with Bob McDonald about his journey through most of the major religions and his decision to start up a church of his own: The Gnostic Church Of Dharma And Virtue.

Nov 2015

1 hr 3 min

Rob Davis returns to the show in an impromptu discussion about life on the other side of his journey from full-time ministry 6 years ago to normal, every day life. When anyone “deconstructs” their faith there is a natural progression that takes place, very similar to the various steps of grief. Rob and I talk […]

Nov 2015

1 hr 8 min

As we journey through life we will lose people we love along the way. It's something that can shake us to our core and challenge our world view. This week I have a conversation with Ronn Compestine about his faith journey after the loss of both parents 10 years ago.

Nov 2015

50 min 40 sec

As we near Halloween, ghost stories are on everyone's minds. This week I have a conversation with Ghost Hunter Ray Friis. We discuss the paranormal, demonic activity and even the Catholic Church's real life exorcism division.

Oct 2015

1 hr 6 min

The AxPx is back! After a hiatus that went far too long, I am very happy to be in a place in my life where I can bring this podcast back. This week I talk to Blake Collier about Horror movies and how he approaches these films as a Christian.

Oct 2015

1 hr 26 min

Joey Avalos finally returns to the show! Sean and Joey catch up and discuss their journey so far. Music by Shearwater.

Feb 2014

55 min 38 sec

Daniel G. Harmann is the founding member of the band The Trouble Starts. I have a history with his music since about 2010 when I discovered his album “Risk.” Since then, I’ve wanted to get the chance to interview him and the stars finally aligned. Here is my candid conversation with Daniel G. Harmann. Show […]

Jan 2014

59 min

We’re back! I know, you’ve missed us. Welcome to Season 2 of The AxPx Podcast. I’ve been wanting to get this going again for some time, but life always seemed to get in the way. This week I talk to an old friend of mine, Mike Wittig. He’s just launched Wittig Works a personal training […]

Jan 2014

44 min 26 sec

In this imprompu episode, Sean drinks Gin & Fresca, attempts a call-in show and ends up talking to Joey for almost an hour about Gay Marriage and other random topics. Enjoy!

Jun 2013

58 min 3 sec

On June 19th, Exodus International (a Christian “Gay Therapy” organization well known for their “Pray The Gay Away” strategies) announced that they were closing up shop. This announcement was came by way of Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International with a blog post simply titles “I Am Sorry.” Chambers then announced a day later at […]

Jun 2013

54 min 10 sec

Greg Horton (@expastor) joins us this week to discuss skepticism and theology. We piggyback off of last week’s podcast with Tripp Fuller, so I suggest you give that one a listen before this one. Enjoy! Show Notes: Greg Horton interviews Trip Fuller Suggested Reading: Christian America?: Perspectives on Our Religious Heritage  Schools Of Theology: Calvinism […]

Jun 2013

1 hr 11 min

  These past couple of months have peaked our curiosity in Process Theology. So, we enlisted the help of Tripp Fuller from the Homebrewed Christianity and the Theology Nerd Throwdown podcasts to explain to us what the hell “Process Theology” actually is. The result? We’ve barely scratch the surface. Enjoy! Show Notes: Guest: Tripp Fuller Website: Homebrewed Christianity Links […]

Jun 2013

1 hr 22 min

The AxPx Podcast is a year old! Wow. I had no idea it would last this long. Joey and I reflect on how we’ve grown this past year. We’re both more comfortable in our skins and realize that a sense of community is to thank for that. We’re both looking forward to the conversations we’re […]

May 2013

1 hr 12 min

Sorry it’s been a while. Sean checks in with the announcement of SKPTC. A local meet-up that will begin in Temecula, California on June 5th. SKPTC: Beer, Wine & Free Thought June 5th at Crush and Brew in Temecula, CA Click the above link to RSVP

May 2013

11 min 50 sec

This week, I (Sean) travel to Brea, California to visit the Brea Congregational United Church of Christ. I went to the morning Sunday School where they were doing A Faith & Reason series by John Dominic Crossan “The Challenge of Jesus,” then I visited the church service. Everyone at the church had a smile on their face. […]

May 2013

1 hr 29 min

  Sean and Joey have a casual conversation with Rob Davis (@coffeeorsuicide) about doubt, depression, health and balancing doubt, unbelief and a healthy lifestyle. Show Notes: Musical Break #1: Mike Hale, “Fuck The World” from the album Broken With No Hope. Musical Break #2: Mike Hale, “Lives Like Mine” from the album Lives Like Mine.

Apr 2013

1 hr 42 min