Fashion Assassin Podcast

By C.B. Hoffmann and Dan Hoffmann

Alexa’s turbulent but secretive past haunts her as she attempts to escape a mysterious blackmailer while maintaining her growing celebrity as a fashion designer. But her skills as a former Olympic sharpshooter target her as the blackmailer’s chosen assassin to clear the path for his black market art scam. She buries herself deeper into a hole of murder and intrigue as she struggles to unravel the identity of her blackmailer before he exposes her violent past—or she is apprehended by the FBI. —————————————————————————————— Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher —————————————————————————————— Audiobooks: Audible Apple Books Amazon —————————————————————————————— Check out the #AlexaSilvenChallenge on Tiktok! —————————————————————————————— Fashion Assassin Podcast is an audio drama podcast of the Alexa Silven Trilogy by C.B. Hoffmann. Not relying on sex, drugs or cussing, these books are action thrillers driven by mystery, suspense and dangerous twists. All books by C.B. Hoffmann feature amazing messages of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation. Check out the audio-drama podcast, alive with sound effects, music, and narration by the author, C.B. Hoffmann, Dan Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann and John Hoffmann.

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    Season 1, Episode 1—Fashion Assassin Podcast
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    Season 1, Episode 2—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  3. 3.
    Season 1, Episode 3—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  4. 4.
    Season 1, Episode 4—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  5. 5.
    Season 1, Episode 5—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  6. 6.
    Season 1, Episode 6—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  7. 7.
    Season 1, Episode 7—Fashion Assassin Podcast
  8. 8.
    Season 1, Episode 8—Fashion Assassin Podcast

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