Coach Your Way to Contentment

Claire Skaptason

Are you content within all areas of your life? If not, Coach Your Way to Contentment might be just what you need. Hosted by Life Coach, Claire Skaptason, each episode will consider how you might bring greater contentment to your life. As well as speaking about her own experiences, Claire will also interview different people to find out how content they are and the path they have taken to get there.

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In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I speak to Founder of the People Consultancy, Emily Perry about all things 'manifestation' and how the process of inviting things into her life has certainly lead to greater to contentment.

Oct 20

17 min 18 sec

In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I speak to Chief Banana Officer (yes that is her job title!) Elaine Hart about how when she found her WHY she found greater contentment in her life.

Oct 6

14 min 54 sec

In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I speak to Alys Bryan - Furniture Designer, wife and mother of two - to find out what contentment means to her.

Sep 21

13 min 59 sec

Effective listening is a skill that underpins all positive human relationships. It’s a skill that we might think we’re good at but we’re probably not as good as we could be and when we get better at listening we can build better relationships and with better relationships comes greater contentment. In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I consider the small things that you can do to improve your active listening skills both at home and at work. 

Aug 2

12 min 24 sec

We all have a choice about how we react to certain things – whether it be people, words or different situations. We can stop and think or we can jump straight in and risk over-reacting. What do you tend to do? In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I share how 'reacting' is a key area of personal development for me, I explain what I'm doing to improve my actions and I discuss how, when we chose to respond instead of react, the outcome is often better.

Jul 20

10 min 7 sec

All too often we think we need to make big changes to see any significant difference but this simply isn’t true. Sometimes making too big a change can lead us to overwhelm which can then halt progress and therefore results. Making small changes more regularly can be much more beneficial. In this episode of Coach Your Way to Contentment I ask you to consider the overlooked and unexpected areas of your life that if you made small changes in these areas, you might start to see bigger results.

Jul 6

10 min 10 sec

Do you need a kick up the behind from time to time to get back in the zone? Do you feel the motivation slipping away from you? It happens to us all from time to time but will not help us to achieve our goals. So what can we do? Well in this episode of Coach Your Way to Contentment I look at different things that you can do to get back in the zone and continue on your road to success.

Jun 17

10 min 27 sec

Visualisation is a tool that helps top athletes to succeed and many world class Olympians cite the technique as one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. So if it works for top sportsmen and women why can’t it work for us in everyday scenarios? Well it can. Whether you are preparing for a job interview, about to deliver an important presentation or sitting an exam, visualisation can be an incredibly effective tool. In this episode of Coach Your Way to Contentment I look at how you can bring greater success by incorporating the technique of visualisation into your daily routines.

Jun 7

11 min 32 sec

We have thousands of different thoughts that cross our minds everyday but for many of us a large percentage of these thoughts are negative and when we repeat these negative thoughts often enough, we start to believe them which can be incredibly destructive. But there is a way to try to shift the negative thinking into a more positive way of thinking. In this episode of Coach Your Way to Contentment I look at how you can bring greater positivity through incorporating positive affirmations into your morning and evening routine. 

May 21

11 min 47 sec

When you NAIL your morning routine, you can set the right tone for greater positivity and success in your day. In this episode of Coach your Way to Contentment I look at the different things that you can be doing as part of your morning routine that could lead to greater success in your days.

Apr 30

14 min 15 sec

Personal growth is about continual development, pushing yourself to reach your full potential. Some people will chose to focus their personal growth on developing new skills which might support them in their career, some will focus on changing their mindset and becoming more positive, some will want to develop their positive habits while others will want to grow in terms of how they deal with different relationships and how they come across. Personal growth is different for different people but, if you chose to invest, it can be an incredibly positive experience and can potentially take you in a direction that you might not have been expecting.

Apr 14

8 min 32 sec

Consistency is the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way. I am a HUGE fan of consistency because I believe that where you are consistent with your behaviours and your habits, things in your life will feel a little easier and as a result you might see more success.  In this episode Claire discusses consistency and how you can introduce greater consistency into your life which may lead to greater success and contentment.  

Feb 13

11 min 23 sec

There might be times in your life when you wake up and you just 'don't feel like it' and you find your self needing to reach for the reset button. Whether it's because you have set unrealistic goals which has caused you to lose momentum or you are procrastinating and just not feeling motivated to achieve what you need to, you are in control of hitting the reset button at any time. In this episode Claire looks at how to tackle some key areas that might lead you to hitting the reset button while encouraging you to think differently in the first place so you do not need to hit it quite as often.

Jan 30

12 min 45 sec

Perservance refers to our ability to just KEEP GOING even when confronted with obstacles and challenges. It refers to our ability to pursue a goal or passion over a period of time and stick with it even if we encounter setbacks along the way. In this episode Claire discusses perserverance and considers key things that you can do to build the skill and find greater success and contentment.

Jan 14

13 min 4 sec

At the beginning of each year people set about making resolutions but many will fail to see them through. The key reason is that many do not follow some simple steps that can provide a greater chance of success.   In this episode Claire talks about making promises instead of resolutions and provides you with some key rules to follow if you want to set goals that you are more likely to achieve.

Dec 2020

14 min 7 sec

Mindset is key if you are wanting to achieve more and it can most certainly help on your path to contentment. Where you can start developing a growth mindset you will start seeing positive changes in your life.  In this episode, Claire introduces five things that you can start doing today to develop more of a growth mindset, which in turn will support you in reaching your potential.

Dec 2020

12 min 2 sec

In life our mindset determines which road we travel down. It is a key component of success, in business, sport and life in general. Our mindset can either hold us back or can help us to achieve more - our potential. In this episode Claire introduces both the Fixed and Growth mindsets as researched by psychologist Carol Dweck, as well as the considering the abundant mindset versus the scarcity mentality as coined by Stephen Covey. Claire encourages listeners to become more aware of what kind of mindset they have ahead of the next episode where she will discuss how to develop more of a growth and abundant mindset.

Dec 2020

9 min 57 sec

Choosing to be more positive really can help support your journey to contentment, and the great thing is that you are in control of how positive you want to be every day. In this episode Claire looks at different things you could consider doing to bring greater levels of positivity to your life.

Nov 2020

10 min

Where we say say yes to opportunities we experience new things that could or could not bring us closer to a greater feeling of contentment. Where we don't put ourselves forward to experience new things, we might be left asking ourselves 'what if.' In this first episode of Coach Your way to Contentment, Life Coach, Claire Skaptason considers what opportunities she has said yes to and where it has got her in terms of contentment.

Oct 2020

15 min 11 sec