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The era of Angela Merkel is coming to an end. The actions, and inaction, by Germany's chancellor have reshaped Europe for years. Our hosts will follow her moves over her last months in office — possibly the toughest yet.

Politics podcast: Merkel's last dance
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Outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel really is going to step off that dance floor soon. What better way to end a podcast dedicated to her last dance, i.e.her last year in office, than with a rare exclusive interview? DW's Max Hofmann waltzed the German chancellor through the interview and has the backstory for us in this final episode of "Merkel's last dance."

Nov 11

32 min 31 sec

China, the transatlantic relationship, the future of the EU - foreign policy didn't play a large role in Germany's election campaign. But there are huge issues for the next government to address. As Olaf Scholz works to establish a new coalition, we ask his party's foreign policy spokesman what the world can expect from a Germany under Scholz's leadership.

Oct 19

50 min 41 sec

The Greens will likely play a central role in a future government coalition. September’s elections have elevated them to new levels of political power. The current rounds of exploratory and coalition talks will determine just how green Germany will go from here. DW’s Nina Haase and Guilia Saudelli team up with chief political editor Michaela Küfner to unpack the Greens’ governing potential.

Oct 5

30 min 5 sec

The beginning of the end of the Merkel era is here. A narrow win for the SPD under Olaf Scholz has left Merkel's camp damaged, and given unprecedented leverage to the "kingmakers," the neoliberal FDP and Greens, in the search for a new coalition. In the latest edition of Merkel's Last Dance we catch up on the state of play and speak to potential FDP Foreign Minister, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff.

Sep 30

53 min 41 sec

Compared to other world leaders, Merkel is seen as the one leading the charge in the global effort to combat climate change. But, says Claudia Kemfert, she’s also had a number of disappointing moves, like extending the use of nuclear power, siding with the car lobby, and not exiting coal sooner. 

Sep 10

35 min 35 sec

Europe’s richest country is lagging behind the US and China in technology - and Angela Merkel knows it. But how much is the chancellor herself to blame? In this episode, Merkel’s top digital advisor talks to DW’s chief technology correspondent Janosch Delcker about Big Tech, digital deficits exposed by the pandemic, and what reforms are needed to get Germany out of this mess.

Jul 14

42 min 48 sec

America's 43rd President invited DW's Washington bureau chief Ines Pohl to his family's summer house in Maine. He doesn't give many interviews any more. But he made an exception to talk about "his friend" Angela Merkel - and about a shoulder massage that made headlines at the time.

Jul 14

28 min 18 sec

How does she do it? How has the German Chancellor managed to stay on top for 15+ years? What does "Merkeling through" mean? Find out from somebody who has served as minister under Angela Merkel, working closely with her, but also campaigning against her.

Jun 3

42 min 5 sec

Angela Merkel's political career has been marked by many "firsts." But: in her 15 years as German chancellor, what has she done for the equality of the sexes and for moving gender fairness forward? We talk to the woman who publicly posed the question: 'Are you a feminist, Ms. Merkel?' Miriam Meckel did not only find Merkel's reaction surprising, she also tells us where Merkel disappointed her.

Apr 30

40 min 38 sec

Angela Merkel has gone from Europe's leadership champion in the COVID fight to lagging behind on vaccines and testing. In this episode, podcast series "Merkel’s Last Dance" explores whether her legacy may be rewritten.

Mar 5

41 min 32 sec

As China and the US slip deeper into geopolitical confrontation, Angela Merkel's approach to Beijing is being questioned as never before. In this episode, Merkel's Last Dance explores a complex legacy.

Feb 18

39 min 7 sec

In this episode, Margot Kässmann tells host Michaela Küfner about an important piece of advice she received from the German Chancellor, when Kässmann became the first woman Leader of Germany's Protestant Church. The Covid-19 pandemic puts Merkel's religious roots on display, says Kässmann. But which values drive Merkel? And does she always stand by her principles? Margot Kässmann doesn't think so.

Jan 6

42 min 6 sec

Wolfgang Ischinger was German Ambassador to the US when Angela Merkel made her first visit to the White House as Chancellor back in 2006- to meet with then-president George W. Bush. He talks to Max Hofmann about a special moment during that first meeting, as well as about the ups and downs in Merkel’s relationship with ‘her’ three US presidents so far – and about what love’s gotta do with it.

Dec 2020

48 min 14 sec

Angela Merkel has always made a point of not drawing attention to her East German heritage. But how much does it still shape the chancellor? In this episode, find out how a panel discussion on suicide and a shopping trip to buy oysters can help us answer the question.

Nov 2020

24 min

Has Angela Merkel held the EU together or has she pushed it towards the breaking point? Hear what Yanis Varoufakis has to say in our first podcast episode.

Sep 2020

40 min 49 sec

The era of Angela Merkel is coming to an end. The actions, and inaction, by Germany's chancellor have reshaped Europe for years. Our hosts follow her moves over her last months in office — possibly the toughest yet.

Sep 2020

1 min 17 sec