Love's Beginning

Julie Boerst

Love's Beginning is a collection of messages about awakening and relaxing into love in everyday life. I receive the messages from my nonphysical friends in order to help me on my way, but the messages are also for anyone who finds them useful.

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Anywhere you feel resistance or judgment, it's an opportunity to agree to new perception. Resistance and judgment is the tug of the old. Respond by asking for new perception. The feeling of resistance means that right now, you are blind. The weight of judgment means that for now, you have shackled your power. It's okay, though. Simple resets are available always, and you are learning to accept their gifts. Read here: --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 21

8 min 2 sec

Thanks to my friend Scott Hotalen, who invites me to mention him. Let's look at personal interaction. Personal interaction seems to be from one to another, across the space between them. You perceive a gap between what you call you and what you call the other. This perceived space, this sense of otherness, is the ground from which judgment seems sane and necessary. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 19

10 min 12 sec

I received the outline of this message yesterday, and then later in the day I became aware of an event–a concert at which people died. As I prepared to receive the whole message this morning, the image of the concert came to me (entirely in mind’s eye, haven’t actually seen any footage), and I knew that references to this perception would be woven through the message. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 11

13 min 58 sec

The fearless is what you see when you look upon a forgiven world 💙 Read here A Course in Forgetting You are invited to add, edit, or delete text or images as inspired.   --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 10

3 min 20 sec

This is the reintegration of perceived personalities "out there" 💜 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 10

9 min 50 sec

I'm starting to feel agitation that I never noticed before 💙 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 10

14 min 36 sec

Wherever you seem to bring yourself, you’re bringing a gift. This tradition of bringing a gift to the hostess of a party, it is only a reflection of the true gift you bring. You can never bring a gift that is not already held by the other you seem to approach. Bringing your gifts together with willingness to see them as the same activates and deepens them in both. This is why every encounter is holy. Every encounter is an opportunity to see the shared gift in the foreground and to allow all that isn’t real to fade into the background. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 6

7 min 1 sec

There is one True Will, and you can ask to see evidence of that. Whenever you find that you are seeking, planning, or trying to figure out, you have an opportunity to pause. In this pause, you can ask for anything. Ask to see evidence of the will that all share. This brings the peace that seems to be lacking. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 3

7 min 55 sec

The answer is not on a surface--on a you or me surface 💙 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 2

21 min 24 sec

We introduce you to no-neediness. No needs of any kind. As you truly Are, this is how you are. As all truly Are, this is how they Are. You perceive needs. You think you need. You think they need, and this is okay. This is a time when thoughts about needs can float to the surface, be exposed, and be released. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 30

11 min 31 sec

I got the call to reach out to Jesus, and I felt very resistant to it. I reached. And reached and reached. It felt empty, and I felt alone. More and more, I feel I have to reach deeper, to go seemingly further into the stillness than I have before. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 28

7 min 6 sec

Okay, so another part of the document came through! Remember when I was questioning the idea of the book? Well, this felt very playful because it just mentions book over and over again. May all the answers to all of my questions be so obvious! I find a difference in the way this comes through me. The “regular” messages here come first in the form of an outline that I receive easily when I am standing in the shower. I have Google Keep open on my phone, and I just grab it and note the several sentences that come through. Then when I sit down to receive the rest of the message, it comes very quickly and easily. I just type. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 27

7 min 14 sec

This is a course in forgetting. This is a course in remembering that the past isn’t real so you can allow the world to come alive all around you. Instead of what you wanted to see in hate, you now allow the world to show you in love. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 27

10 min 58 sec

You can’t rely upon what feels so awful anymore. It’s too clear not to. As you go deeper into witnessing the insanity that egoic thoughts offer, you come to see that it has taught you to regard everyone without exception as your sworn enemy. Do not leave anyone out. Mothers, fathers spouses, children, friends–ego instructs all to feed and reject, feed and reject. As ego instructs you to feed and reject, it also trains you to expect this same treatment from all, and it trains you to call it love. Leave no one out. Be bold. Allow all of the misperception to be cleared. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 18

9 min 30 sec

Every form perceived is just a lamp. If you are in a dark room, you only want the light to go on. You’re not particular about what the lamp looks like or the past you perceive for the lamp. A lamp is just a means of illumination. You are Light meeting Light, always. You are Love meeting Love always. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 15

3 min 51 sec

There are many ways to receive guidance. In some cases, writing down what is heard can help to keep the channel open. In other cases, walking or another activity can help keep the channel open. Activity will be used by Spirit as it is appropriate. The point is, is that a channel opens, and it’s a conduit to who you and all Are. The point of this is to allow the channel to open, to stay within the spaciousness there, and to learn to be still within this spaciousness at all times, keeping the channel open at all times. The channel, the seeming conduit to your True Self, is the conduit to the True Self of all. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 14

9 min 13 sec

Pay attention to any sense of threat that arises during the day. Can you catch it before it becomes anything specific, meaningful, or believable? That sense of threat is the indicator that you are attached to the idea that all of the seeming threats within this illusion are real. Question the reality of all of the seeming threats within the illusion. Ask to be shown what is prior to all sense of threat. The sense of threat is the foundation of the perception of separate selves. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 13

9 min 2 sec

It’s always a nice day for undoing, isn’t it? "Good Girl Winnie Foster" Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 12

11 min 56 sec

We wish to speak about frenzy in the mind. At times you can become aware of a frenzy in the mind, like an agitated program running. At this point, you will be tempted to call your separate self crazy. You’re right. All the separate selves were originally made of the stuff of insanity, but don’t stop there. Any separate self is not a Real Self. The Real Self, shared by all, is entirely sane. Rely upon this. Rely upon your brother’s sanity, and you rely upon your own. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 12

8 min 25 sec

I’m annoyed. I’m very annoyed right now. Instead of my very floaty, beautiful light friends coming to me in the shower, Jesus showed up. Actually, I just typed “Jesus came,” but then I thought that writing “Jesus came in the shower” would be kind of dirty. My new instructions are blunt honesty and share (overshare?) the personal. This is uncomfortable, thus my annoyance. I’m being pushed waaaaay past my comfort zone, but somehow I sense that’s appropriate and helpful. Read here & here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 9

6 min 43 sec

Time is really stretchy. Truly, time isn’t, as in it doesn’t exist. But given into the hands of Spirit, time loses all of the rigidity that you still believe it needs to have. Consider how perceived structures in time and space seem to lend order and safety and predictability to your experience. Consider how there seems to be a need for these structures to be solid, immovable, and reliable. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2

8 min 30 sec

There seems to be a vicious biting back in the mind. You may believe that biting back or defending your separate self in some way is useful. You may believe that the world is poised to bite you back in some way. You may believe that it already has, and that you are suffering because of it. You may believe that others have been bitten harshly by the world, and they suffer because of it. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 1

6 min 18 sec

When you look upon the future and on your idea of “what is going to happen,” we would like to illustrate for you what is going on. We want to illustrate it for you, and then we want to reframe it in a way that recognizes your vastness, the profound stillness that you Are. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 30

3 min 38 sec

Anytime you feel your mind attack another or push against anything that seems to be out there in the world, turn around. Look at your mind, the projector of the world you see. Find your willingness to go into it. Find your willingness to allow any hidden resistance to be washed away. It's very simple. If you see anything wrong "out there," remember to turn around. You need to look at the cause, not at the effect. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 29

4 min 16 sec

Are you willing to give up the thoughts that cause anger? Anger is not caused by a static reality that is someone else’s fault. Anger is not caused by a static reality that is your fault. Fault does not exist, but in a world of illusion, it seems to. Anger is caused by your mind’s acceptance of a lie, and it is always a very useful indicator. The appropriate response to anger is to rest in a moment of willingness to release your attachment to the lie you are believing. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 26

5 min 8 sec

Whenever you feel tension, stress, distress, judgment, or disquiet, it’s only a service. Think of a little bell going off: “You are attached to old perception.” Be grateful for the service of this little bell. Hear it when it is a little bell, and heed its message: “It’s time to pause in a moment of willingness to allow old perception to pass away.” Look at the beautiful gift for all that you usher in when you simply pause in willingness many times each day–at the least disquiet, at the least discomfort. Simply pause to allow the old to pass away. What a beautiful gift for all. Rejoice. Celebrate as you do this work. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 25

10 min 50 sec

You seem to be in a never ending story that extends infinitely out into time, but time is finite. What is prior to time calls to you to allow all of the story to be placed into its hands for a happy conclusion for all. Place what is already encompassed by Love into Love’s hands for a joyful resolution for all. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 22

5 min 30 sec

In these intense times, recognizing the blessing of discomfort can help us relax into the assistance that is always here for us 💚 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 13

17 min 36 sec

Everything sensory is a mirror, and you need not be afraid of the mirror. Anything that seems to spur any reaction in you is only a very helpful way to notice the thinking present in your mind. Any thinking that disturbs can always be released. Peaceful thought, or a very simple flow, is always available right underneath. You can always stop to allow all thought, speech, and action to come from the Peace at your foundation. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 11

5 min 37 sec

Instead of suppressing opinions, I can allow them to sit in the light 💚 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 10

10 min 21 sec

Everyone has always loved everyone. This is the Truth hiding underneath the illusion. If you are experiencing the illusion, it is always because you chose it. If you believe you see anything different than the extension of love everywhere, your choice has everything to do with it. We tell you this not to place blame, but so you can see where a shift needs to occur–in your decision about what you want. Blame is part of this illusion that you chose to experience as real. In Reality, blame never existed. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 9

4 min 31 sec

Today I’m inspired to share how Source (and I’m asked to call it specifically Source today, although I can use so many names) will guide us so slowly through healing whenever we need it. In my experience, sometimes the realignment of mind comes to me in a flash, just in an instant of going in with a willingness to be helped. And other times it feels more like deconstruction. I’m taken through a pattern I’ve performed in mind over and over and over again, and shown how to reverse out of it. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2

12 min 9 sec

Today is a first-person account of a conversation I had with what feels like a new being on my platform. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 29

6 min 59 sec

Any certainty that feels stressful is false. It does not matter if you have all the worldly evidence lined up. Any certainty that feels stressful is showing your attachment to an illusion, trying to make the illusion real and trying to find your reality within it. This will never work, and this is very good news. You can let go of all of it now. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 27

5 min 49 sec

We wish to question the idea that there are some things you can do nothing about, that there are some things that are not in your power. All power is of the Oneness, and you Are that Oneness. Therefore all power is of what you and all are together, and it is accessible to all. This power will show you the truth of anything, and it is always a very joyous truth. You only need to ask. When you feel helpless, ask to see things as they actually are, not as they appear to you. This ability to ask for right-minded perception in any situation–this is your superpower, and it is one that belongs equally to all. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 26

4 min 18 sec

Beautiful, delicious experience comes. And it ‘s not because of your effort. It’s not because you have become good enough. There is not one who has not had experiences like this. In these beautiful and delicious experiences, even if they only seem to last for a second or two, we feel one. We feel held, We feel carried. We feel loved and at ease. Read here Photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 25

5 min 11 sec

Seeing that the power we all Are is the power we all share 💚 --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 18

16 min 52 sec

Feeling the tension of separate identity means that I am attempting to handle things when the Oneness can do it for me and through me 💚 Watch here  --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 16

11 min 16 sec

Allowing the senses to be used by the inner light 💚 --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 13

15 min 50 sec

You are an instrument in an orchestra. Your joy is in allowing yourself to be played. When you feel any disquiet, the cause is trying to act out of accord, trying to act as a separate one. A separate one you are not. When you are trying to act out of accord, you are attempting what cannot be done--what has never actually been done. In an illusion, yes, you believe that there are separate ones who have actually acted in discord, but this is not possible. That is why we call this experience an illusion. You witness to that which is not possible, and you feel discord because it is not possible. Read here Photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 9

3 min 18 sec

What you want is the purity of the message. There is always a message available for you, whenever you need it. Ego makes the same offer, along with the drug of a bewildering constellation of emotions that make separate-you and separate-other feel very real. If you try to run away and hide from ego’s offer without reaching through to the real message available to you at all times, you remain bewildered. Read here Painting and photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 22

3 min 55 sec

Watch here Realizing the helpful influence of what seem like galactic ride-alongs 💚   Agata Langer, my inspiration: Diana Kenyon: Interview with Vera Scroggins: --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 20

14 min 30 sec

You don’t need any evaluation from the world. All have already been evaluated, and they have been found equal. Nothing can change this evaluation. You can, by choice, obscure it. Whenever you have a feeling of disquiet, this is what it tells you: You have chosen to cover up the reassurance of our shining equality with an illusion. You can choose again. Our shining equality is also your safety. That feeling of disquiet means that you have chosen to cover up the truth of your safety with an illusion. Just ask to see it differently, and you will be shown.   Read here Image by Justin Phillips from MindVenture Club (a creative arts club on Facebook) --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 18

4 min 37 sec

It looks as if those others out there elicit different responses from you. You can get distracted by how this one seems to need you, how this one seems to have something you can get, how the other one is capable of hurting you in some way, how this one seems to have more of something, how that one seems to have less. Each one seems to have a certain kind of behavior, always remembered from the past, and you expect that behavior to repeat. You believe you can judge and analyze each character in a way that is self-protective. You believe that you can decide which characters offer a safe invitation to draw near, which characters send you the signal to move far, far away. Read here Eleanor Rigby Photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 11

7 min 38 sec

As you go further into allowing Spirit to control everything you perceive, you can hit what seems like an immense wall of terror. This is a trick. It is not an immense wall at all. Think of a projector shooting out a huge and real-seeming terrifying image. Looking at the image and believing it has meaning, you may react. You may recoil. Turning around to look at the projector, there is nothing threatening there. You know it is just a machine projecting an image. There is no threat here. Read here Photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 9

7 min 56 sec

Manipulation is a cloud covering inspiration. More accurately, the perception of manipulation is a cloud covering up inspiration. The idea that you are a separate self manipulating separate components goes along with the idea that there are other separate selves that manipulate separate components. When you believe this to be true, you believe your world is real, has weight and value, and is a place where harm is likely. The perception of separate selves means the perception of separate autonomies. Read here --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 8

4 min 31 sec

When you are judging something you are judging a thing, separated and cut off from the whole. When you place a high priority on how you feel, you can feel judgment. That feeling simply says, “Stop. Go within.” Whatever answer or resolution you were seeking from the activity of judgment, it is available from within. It flows from within. Read here Painting and photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 6

4 min 16 sec

Not knowing is a divine opening. Think of the open-heartedness of not knowing. See how you have flung wide the doors. When you don’t know, you are not putting any substitute in front of what Spirit knows. You are completely dependent upon Spirit, and this is a safe place to be. Read here Photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 27

8 min 5 sec

When I was talking about Wayne Liquorman’s FSA, I meant to say “false sense of authorship.” 💚 Watch here --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 26

9 min 23 sec

There are three uses for effort. They are noticing, noticing, and stopping: Noticing what you are feeling, noticing what you are thinking, and stopping to go in with willingness. The effort we speak of is not used to accomplish anything in the world. This effort is used to allow clarity to be revealed, to allow what obscured the mind’s sanity to be removed. When you use effort in this way, the world’s job becomes reflecting this clarity back to you. Read here Painting and photo by Margriet Hassink --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 21

5 min 7 sec