[Abridged] Presidential Histories

By Kenny Ryan

From Yorktown to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor to 9/11, discover the pivotal moments that defined each president's life and legacy and the lessons we can draw from them. New episodes will be available the first day of each month.

  1. 1.
    20.A.) Garfield and the Gilded Age Evolution of the GOP, an interview with Todd Arrington
  2. 2.
    20.) James A. Garfield 1881-1881
  3. 3.
    19.A.) Hayes' evolving views on slavery, an interview with Dustin McLochlin
  4. 4.
    19.) Rutherford B Hayes 1877-1881
  5. 5.
    18.C.) Grant, Lincoln, and Reconstruction, an interview with Ron White
  6. 6.
    18.B.) The evolving myth and reputation of Ulysses S. Grant, an interview with Joan Waugh
  7. 7.
    18.A.) The moments that shaped Ulysses S. Grant, an interview with Nick Sacco
  8. 8.
    18.) Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877

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