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in this episode, I'm exploring some strategies for keeping your mind sharp and mental status on track. NOTE: This is NOT intended as psychological or medical advice. If you are in mental distress, SEEK HELP from qualified professionals. We're talking about tools like: ✔︎ Gratitude Practice ✔︎ Meditation Practice ✔︎ Forgiveness ✔︎ Activity - keeping the brain active and engaged with puzzles, games, exercises, and creative activity. ✔︎ Nutrition - "Brain Food" and avoiding toxic foods, beverages and drugs.

Sep 14

20 min 18 sec

This is the first episode in a a mini-series on health and self-care. This time, we're exploring exercise, along with some of (my) limiting beliefs and how I'm reframing them as I commit to exercising more.

Aug 31

21 min 25 sec

Life is like a symphony, with ups and downs, many surprises, triumphal marches, and instruments in sync with each other.  In music, harmony refers to the combination of complimentary notes. In our daily lives, we seek harmony in our relationships, in our activities, the people and things around us. This episode explores the nature of harmony, some misconceptions about it, and strategies you can implement to achieve and maintain greater harmony in all aspects of life.

Aug 27

21 min 2 sec

Aug 17

12 min 9 sec

Focus and Distraction Intro I’m Gordon Firemark, and I’ve got a problem. I have a really hard time getting focused. Staying focused. I’m easily distracted. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’ve probably got a minor form of ADHD. I love to have lots and lots of things going on. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. But it can also be a detriment. Getting things done can be a real challenge... a test of willpower Staying focused when we need to is hugely important. Fortunately, I’ve been able to learn some skills for getting and staying focused when I need to... and you can do that too. Start with goals - know what you really want/need to accomplish Be specific Write them down Prioritize Be clear about WHY Break own the goals into action steps. - a plan Map the path to completion of each task. Once you’ve settled on your plan, WORK IT. Be methodical and systematic Allocate the time for “deep work” Minimizing interruptions The power of ritual - getting into the Zone Create an environment conducive to focus Quiet? Hubbub? Too much quiet can also be distracting One Thing! Eliminate the common distractions Mobile Inernet Phone, etc. Quiet your mind Meditation Breathing exercises Visualize being in “the Zone” Tools Try some music - has specially designed music tracks with specific tempos and beats to get the brainwaves optimized for focus. To Do lists Set a tomato timer. (Pomodoro method). Stay on task for 50 minutes, then take a short break. Switch tasks from time to time. If you’re feeling the pull. When you know you’re only tied to one task for a short time, it’s easier to stay in the zone.

Jul 27

17 min 39 sec

In this episode, we explore the masks we wear, and how to be more authentic about who we are, what we believe, stand for, and care about.

Jul 13

17 min 31 sec

Let's explore where you're living and how it impacts your success, happiness and achievement. Listen for more details.. it's not how you're thinking.

Jul 8

15 min 42 sec

In this episode, I reveal the power of a carefully assembled plan in achieving your goals. With this system in place, you are three times more likely to complete your tasks and move toward your goals.

Jun 29

8 min 12 sec

This episode explores why we procrastinate, how we can stop and prevent it, and how living from a clarity of purpose can help. Get our free Vision Worksheet at And sign up for a coaching discovery call at

Jun 25

13 min 8 sec

In this episode, Lawyer/Coach/Entrepreneur Gordon Firemark explains why IMPATIENCE is the true virtue for creatives, leaders and business owners.

Jun 17

10 min 46 sec

A recent personal experiment got me thinking about the real meaning behind “You are what you eat”, so in this episode we’re going to talk about the ways that diet and nutrition interact with our succeeding in achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose in life, and some strategies for improving our intake, and thus our output!

May 4

19 min 8 sec

"You are what you Eat, read, watch, focus on, etc." In this episode, I'm recommending books, podcasts, blogs and more to help you on your journey to success and happiness. Drop your favorite motivational and self help material recommendations in the comments!

Apr 29

17 min 29 sec

In this episode, we're talking about that noisy, nosy, obnoxious inner critic we all have, and how to turn it into a positive, useful source fo feedback and empowerment.

Apr 20

11 min 24 sec

Apr 14

18 min 2 sec

What is accountability? Why does it work? How does it help you achieve More, better, faster? How do you hold yourself accountable? How do you build an accountability partnership or team? You'll find answers to these questions and more in this episode of More Better Faster!

Apr 1

16 min 51 sec

Exploring the idea of Wisdom. We sometimes find it in surprising places.

Mar 23

13 min 35 sec

Ever hit creative block? This can happen no matter what field you’re in, but when creative work is your lifeblood, ya gotta find a way out, to stay motivated and push through to the other side. Sometimes, it just takes stepping back and taking a break fro your work, but sometimes changing perspective, and adjusting the way you look at things is the answer... for that, I often rely on mind-mapping In this episode, I explain what they are, how to do them, and a bit about the science behind why they're great tools. Oh, and here are some examples: Digital Tool Created

Feb 23

9 min 14 sec

In this episode, I examine the power of Routines, Systems and Processes in our daily lives, business, and creative expression.

Feb 2

22 min 7 sec

In this episode, I explain why perfection (or perfectionism) is really the enemy that prevents you from achieving success!

Jan 19

8 min 23 sec

In this episode, I explain why sometimes it's necessary to slow down, take stock, adjust, implement systems, automations, delegations, before you can accelerate your pace toward your goals.

Jan 5

15 min 49 sec

Dec 2020

12 min 46 sec

In this episode, I reflect back on the year 2020 and what's happened in my life and business, and how I've let optimism, positivity, and gratitude lead me to a pretty good year, despite a pandemic and all the troubles the year has seen. And, I share some strategies and thought experiments that help you do the same.

Dec 2020

13 min 55 sec

In this episode, I explain how Imposter Syndrome can cause even the highest achievers to experience doubts and fear, and share some ideas on overcoming the issue.

Dec 2020

15 min 1 sec

After a short hiatus, I'm excited to be back! In this episode, we examine our barriers and limitations, and how to break through. And I review and recommend a book that's changed things for me... "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks

Dec 2020

14 min 25 sec

Welcome to More Better Faster!, the business success podcast for creative professionals. In this episode, we explore the power of the 3-point plan as way to get and stay focused and motivated to succeed. Within this episode, we mentioned our exclusive "It Starts With Vision" worksheet, available for free at

Aug 2020

9 min 21 sec

Jul 2020

21 min 41 sec

In this episode, I'm joined by my friend, Nick Demos for a fun discussion of why storytelling is powerful for your brand, what the biggest misconceptions are around using stories,  and how you can start using stories immediately for more powerful connection with your audience. Nick Demos is a Tony and Olivier Award winning producer, filmmaker and writer.  who now coaches soul- centered entrepreneurs business strategies and how to authentically utilize stories to leverage their personal brands.   Learn more about Nick at and  on IG, Facebook and YouTube find him  @thenickdemos Get in on his upcoming programs at 

Jul 2020

21 min 30 sec

Jul 2020

10 min 25 sec

In this episode, I implore you to define success according to your vision and values, rather than someone else's idea of what you "should" do or accomplish.

Jun 2020

14 min 6 sec

Success is a team sport. If you're wearing all the hats, and doing all the things, chances are you're not doing anything in a really exceptional way. If you want to go fast, sure, go alone... but, the saying goes, if you want to go far, go together! Listen as I share my own experiences and challenges with outsourcing, staffing, and building a team, and how things leapt forward for me once I did! Mentioned in this episode: for outsourcing one-off and special-expertise tasks. for finding and hiring qualified virtual assistants and team members from the Philippines.

Jun 2020

21 min 15 sec

More Better Faster Podcast is participating in the #podcastblackout Listen. Learn. Do More, Better, Faster! And here are some additional resources 75 things white people can do to for racial justice Anti-racism resources for white people: Rachel Rodgers on why white allies need to do better Trevor Noah on why looting is a symbol of a breakdown in society and not just a free for all: The She Podcasts Team invested in Trudi Lebron’s masterclass called Show Up and Serve. It is brilliant. So You Wanna Talk About Race (get the audiobook or kindle, it seems to be sold out) White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

Jun 2020

3 min 6 sec

May 2020

14 min 58 sec

It’s easy to conflate the concept of intentions with goal, so in this short episode, we'll explore the differences between the two...

May 2020

6 min 33 sec

In this episode, I discuss the use of metrics to improve your results

May 2020

13 min 16 sec

For nearly 30 years, I've been helping creative professionals to realize their dreams and achieve more, better, faster. One of the big mistakes I've seen countless talented people make is failing to set up accountability systems to keep themselves on track. In this episode of More, Better, Faster!, I share a few ideas on how to implement accountability, periodic check-ins, and other systems to dramatically increase successful outcomes. Join the conversation by becoming a member of the More, Better, Faster! Facebook group, at Get clarity of your personal vision for yourself. Visit to download your vision worksheet.

May 2020

13 min 32 sec

In today's episode, I explore the problem of insomnia, its causes, effects, and some possible solutions to those sleepless nights. Because sleeping poorly leads to poor performance, poor outlook, and poor results.

Apr 2020

23 min 52 sec

In this week's episode we're exploring the trait/skill/ability to be resilient. To bounce back quickly and easily from setbacks is a key to achieving your goals. Join in as we look at the idea of reslience, it's importance, and some strategies to exercise and strengthen your resilience "muscle"

Apr 2020

13 min 33 sec

In this episode, I talk about how Woody Allen's famous quote "Showing up is 80% of Success" is WRONG. Join me as I explain, and share the truth about what it takes to really succeed! Please also join the More, Better, Faster group on Facebook ( where we share lots of strategies, tips, insights and celebrate our wins! Thanks for listening!

Apr 2020

10 min 6 sec

Apr 2020

20 min 46 sec

Author and business consultant Alain Hunkins shares leadership strategies and insights. His new book is "Cracking the Leadership Code".

Mar 2020

31 min 18 sec

Now isn't the time to shrink back in "cocoon mode", it's the time to Keep Going. (or Get Started) and even to ramp things up to play a bigger, better game! Your audience... your TRIBE... they need you. Now, More than ever! Better than ever! Faster than ever!

Mar 2020

11 min 38 sec

Talking this week about choosing to lead from optimism and positivity in the face of troubling times. #coronavirus #covid10

Mar 2020

18 min 32 sec

Quitting sometimes makes sense, but be sure it’s for the right reasons. Here’s how to know.

Mar 2020

19 min 39 sec

Today, I'm talking about how simple shifts in perspective can change your entire experience, and that of the people around you.

Mar 2020

9 min 41 sec

Feb 2020

10 min 44 sec

In this episode, I relate a recent loss, what I've learned, and how to take important lessons from every interaction we have.

Feb 2020

10 min 15 sec

In this episode, I talk about integrity, and why it's so crucial to your success.   Mentioned in this episode:   Starting With Vision Worksheet  

Feb 2020

19 min 36 sec

In this episode, I talk about strategies for limiting your inputs to those best suited to helping you have a good life and achieving your goals.

Feb 2020

19 min 38 sec

In this episode, I explore the three R's of making connections in the industry, or in any aspect of life. Hint: It's about growing relationships, not exploiting them!

Jan 2020

14 min 54 sec

Worrying:  Causing anxiety about actual or potential problems NOTE:  I’m talking not about chronic, pathological, psychiatric level Anxiety Disorder... I’m talking about the kind of worrying we all do from time to time, and sometimes get into a cycle of worry that can be hard to break free from... How worrying manifests itself: Sleeplessness Agitation Bursts of emotion -- anger, sadness, etc. Mind racing Panic Stress Response Fight or flight Hormonse like cortisol - boosts blood sugar and triglycerides Can cause a number of physical reactions including dizzinesss Headaches Fatigue Muscle aches/tension Nausea/indigestion Respiratory distress Sweats IMMUNE Disorders Memory loss Coronary Artery disease Heart attack De3pression Suicidal thoughts Worrying is a waste of your time and energy Most of the time we’re worrying from fear of things that won’t really come to pass or be as bad as we think. We tend to blow up the feared consequences into worst-case scenarios It’s better to view challenges and problems as opportunities for: Solutions Growth Change/Pivot How to break the worry cycle Reframe Ask what  positive things could happen, instead of focus on the negatives. Insist one actual evidence before you make conclusions Don’t discount or dismiss positive thoughts Accept the uncertainty of things you can’t control or solve Exercise Meditation Relaxation exercises Deep breathing Talk it out Mindfulness - Get quiet and comfortable Close your eyes Breathe/focus acknowledge Release Stay focused on the present DON’T WORRY... TROUBLESHOOT! Ask yourself the questions: What is the real problem? Is it real? Is it something I have  control over? No - accept and dismiss. How can it be solved, handled, or delegated? What are the opportunities here? What action can I take right now that will move this toward a positive outcome?

Jan 2020

16 min 19 sec