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Im telling it like it is, from the Australian Sex Worker point of view. I bring together important ppl from my world and connect them with you, the civilian listener to broaden your mind. Buckle up! it may be a rough ride. XXX Ari G

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Its been a hot minute since a new episode of The Golden touch has been produced, partly due to Covid but when I reconnected with a local friend since being grounded in Bris, I knew I had to get this amazing Woman's story on air. Whatever you think you know about escorts, be prepared to have that view torn apart. Introducing Emma, a mature adventurer who has taken her love and enthusiasm of life and transferred it to literally every corner of her escorting career. We regale our tale of the trying times in a Brisbane establishment over some Prosecco and she reveals some of the principles of living that have taken her from a high flying corporate career, quite literally,  to a successful and well sought after travelling companion in Brisbane. Emma has been on a journey of authenticity recently and taken it public with revealing her face, then real world age, and lastly with preferring to be called her real name in all escorting press. Emma has taken back the power that can be so hastily ripped away from those in the Sex industry by being 100% real and utterly authentic in her work and has some fantastic advice for those teetering on the edge of coming clean to family and friends about escorting. She is an intrepid adventurer and takes this attitude into her time with suitors so if you’re searching fo a Woman who is confident in herself and her skills, that is well travelled and capable of anything a man is, you have met your match in Emma.  We candidly chat about everything from Brisbane brothels to sailing the globe to her journey through a literally life changing health diagnosis that we all can relate to on some level. With Covid putting the spotlight on mental health of humans world wide, this kind of openness is valuable, needed and could be the difference between another seeking help with a diagnosis or not. Take a listen and be enchanted with Emma Valence.  --

Sep 25

1 hr 1 min

What can I say to introduce you to a podcast with the  effervescent Olivia Sparkles?! She’s my mate of over ten years, she’s my ride or die bitch so I guess I’m biased I urge you to take a listen for yourself as you will meet an individual that will not meet your expectations of what a Domme is nor an EM “should” be and why would anyone want to frankly ?! She’s quirky she’s educated she’s from a fantastic middle eastern family and boy did she break the mould of what the world expected her to be. As her namesake suggests she Sparkles Brightly   It is a longer episode that I usually prefer but we just have that much to share and too many stories to squeeze in. I dare say we will record another more in depth episode at a later date. We share our meet cute and some of the things that bonded us, broke us up and it was Covid that eventually pulled us back together as sisters from another mister, and rightly so. We discuss friendships forged in the S3x industry, coming out to our families, getting through COVID, how she pivoted and ultimately grew her business and skill set due to the pandemic. What doesn’t break us only makes us stronger is a quote that resonates throughout this hour (and a bit). It relates to our friendship and the highs and lows of striving and ultimately thriving in a pandemic as a S3x worker. Olivia went from touring & in person sessions to Only fans and phone sessions in a day and found a new passion for a different side to her craft   Strap yourselves in for a laugh, a learning curve and a generous helping of soul food X Ari

Apr 29

1 hr 17 min

Bella Green is charging for it -  she’s cashing cheque’s, kicking ass and taking the comedy world by the short and curlies and forcing audiences to see us sex workers It’s quite extraordinary how much Bella has achieved in a short time in her new gig as a comedian - so much so that she puts the trope of the struggling stand up performer to shame ( or to bed?) It’s not luck as I find out, it’s good old fashioned lady balls and hard work that got her travelling Oz to comedy festivals with her show Bella's Charging For It. If you haven’t seen Bella’s charging for it yet, you’re going to have to pull your finger out and be quick as she’s writing another show and a Book. Her daily life is a delicate balance of creative writing and SW that is a source of comedic gold that she generously shares with the world on stage entertaining and providing much needed laughs to civilians and SW Time waits for no one and if there’s one thing all SW have in common is we’re tired. Real tired. We hustle, go against the grain of society on the daily and have a unique view of the world which Bella captures so well with humour and an new breed of authenticity that’s so relatable. If no holes barred realness is something you’re attracted to you’ll simply love Bella. Take a listen, have a few belly laughs and check out the dates of her upcoming tour dates at Twitter: Instagram:

Dec 2019

39 min 1 sec

When writing a bio for Tristan Manas - the mind boggles on how to fit so much into few words   Before meeting #Mrwednesday, we see the barrage of hot hot women and almost half a million followers on insta and we could pass judgement on what his life is like - travelling the world shooting luscious women from ALL angles. He’s living the life man! From Strip clubs to Hollywood Hills He’s a photographer, videographer, TV producer and promoter.   To say he knows his shit and has put in over 20 years of deliberate hard work is an understatement.   He is a master in the digital image wether moving or still. Dreams of being a film maker in NZ took him to hosting and producing TV in both NZ and Australia. An entrepreneur with various visual art degrees under his belt his success is grounded in a solid tertiary education and an unwavering work ethic.   His star is rising and it’s not by accident. You can hear many many pennies drop for me in the podcast - he drops knowledge bomb tips and tricks from a business stand point and online that will improve anyone’s social media profile. This level of success could come with a international attitude or entitlement but Tristan is not that guy, he gives advice in general conversation, is generous in nature and without a doubt he radiates a positive energy.   We take a leaf out of Jerry Seinfeld’s reinvention book stealing his concept of comedians in cars getting coffee as we discuss creative inspiration, money making, the endless censorship of the female form, retirement and of course Booty. Twitter: Instagram:

Oct 2019

45 min 28 sec

Sekushi is the Japanese word for sexy and this man not only captures sexy from behind the camera but he has captured the hearts of Aussie Sex workers with his support for the industry. Just read the comments in any of his Instagram posts - they are a true testament of this!   Andy is one half of a wholesome family business that is the quintessential pairing of the female muse and the photographer. It’s a tale as old as time - with a entrepreneurial twist. Andy’s wife is an out and proud sex worker, Tash Hamilton.   In just two short years he has gone from corporate lawyer to business owner of Sekushi Studios, a thriving photography business predominately for sex workers with his beautiful wife Tash and two sons by their side. His life is an open book for all the world to see, judge and learn about on social media, which is how I made the connection with Andy and his incredibly modern and fresh photography. His ability to connect and help others is a skill which extends outside of his working life into advocacy for partners of sex workers across Australia. His calm demeanour is a superpower and is essential in his success in juggling his roles as husband, father, content creator and business owner.   An inspirational yet casual chat covering topics from ethics to family life that will no doubt challenge “the norm” in your views on marriage, business, and sex work stigma.   Here’s Andy in his own words ...   “Sekushi is the Japanese word for sexy, and you are definitely sekushi. We all are! For the past 2 years Sekushi Studios has been collaborating with sex workers from around the world to create content that attracts their target audience, and emphasises not only their sexiness, but their unique personalities and broad range of services. If these professionals trust me to deliver the goods, you can too, whether or not you are a sex worker. I would love for everyone to be able to say #iamsekushi!”   Website link:   Twitter:   Insta:  


Sep 2019

53 min 1 sec

Who is the real Vivienne Black? There’s so so much more to the glamour puss we all see gracing the covers of men’s magazines as I find out on a chilly night in Sydney. Behind the ever glossy dark mane of hair is a mind that’s creative, focused, driven and far from your stereotypical high class international escort. As intelligent as she is vivacious, she openly discusses her passions and some of the roadblocks that have indeed challenged her progression into the mentoring and business development part of her career but not dampened her thirst for success. A self confessed workaholic from her uni days, she talks us through the making of a femme fatale from a small town in country Victoria.  Creating her new business Sin by design has been a journey of formal learning and self paced study which has blended seamlessly with her extensive years of service in the Sex industry. Vivienne is well equipped to nurture the new breed of tech savvy female entrepreneurs into financial freedom utilising the sex industry as a platform. Learning of her family history is the icing on the cake of her fated success as a leader and mentor in her field. Yes she’s out and proud to her family and there’s no doubt she will carry her family’s legacy of strong successful women into 2020 and beyond. The giggles are real and the talk uncensored - join us in an inspiring chat as we smash apart any last remaining pieces of sex work stigma for a peek into mind of Australia’s infamous Miss Vivienne Black. She’s the one to watch trust me! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her for the entire hour   Vivienne's website: Sin By Design: Vivienne's Twitter: Sin By Design Twitter: Vivienne's Instagram: Sin By Design Instagram:


Jun 2019

54 min 5 sec

If you love women looking strong, edgy and in beautiful locations then you’re bound to have come across Emma’s work, maybe from instagram or maybe in print but one thing is for certain - you can not mistake her striking images for someone else work. Emma's pics are like an insight into her soul and views on femininity.   Highly original and always breaking new ground in art, she has made her company The Black Light, synonymous with cool. In Episode 4, listeners will be engaged in learning how this backpacker from London trotted her way across the globe gathering inspiration and skills that would lead her into the world of glamour photography in a highly competitive field. With a professional background in music management and graphic design, it was her hobby pole dancing that led her to taking a camera to the epic shapes of pole dancers grooves. From here, The Black Light has evolved to being the leader in pole, fitness and erotic photography and with the moving picture becoming so in demand driven by social media, Emma now offers video. Herein lies what I believe is one of the secrets to Emma's rise to stratospheric proportions, her drive and go get 'em attitude. She sets goals, smashes them and proposes more challenging ones. Where is the limit? Frankly who knows! One things for sure, she’s not holding back. Forever travelling and collaborating with other working women also gets her creative juices flowing.   I was intrigued to learn more about what drives this female entrepreneur so chatting to her in her home surrounded by her beautiful pets in a chill vibe was a real honour. Passionate about animal rights and environmental welfare, she leads a vegan life and points to some life-changing documentaries that cemented her beliefs and being from a nutrition background, I lamented in the conversation!


Mar 2019

57 min 46 sec

We talk lifting the stigma around sex work, safety, current state of politics, feminism, law, what men want and have a good laugh in the process. Learn to throw the term 'dick appointment' around correctly at your next BBQ from Abi D'Winters & Arianna Gold, two Aussie Sex Workers.  Be empowered as they come together to give context to South Australian Swinburne Uni Masters in Writing student Sharmin Paynters' research paper on the case for decriminalisation in South Australia - 3 savvy sassy women spreading information relevant to anyone passionate about workers rights, sex, taxable income and putting up with men's shit.

Mar 2019

1 hr 18 min

Think all that glitters is Gold? Think again. We gain insight into the world of Anessa Caputo the Woman behind Penthouse Australia, the best Men's mag on todays shelves. Intriguingly, sometimes that golden glow is the straight sweat of sheer perserverance from battling the big banks and conservative printers to facing stigma in her own family life. Anessa is a powerhouse of a woman and a new mum who works to put together stunning images for print and curates the online presence of the most revered Adult franchise in the World. Notorious for breaking the rules since its inception by Bob Guccione, Penthouse has evolved with the times, become an avenue for  the Adult Industry to advertise and now come back to its roots as a freedom of speach publication. Now when we consider the current climate around Sex Work and the stigma the Sex Industry endures, we begin to hear how Anessa & Penthouse have also faced obstacles, even when not preforming the act itself. By playing a supporting role, we learn how it has effected her life both personally and professionally as she informally chats to the ever curious Aussie Sex Worker Arianna Gold about her beginnings from an Adelaide ballroom teacher to the helm of the empire that is Penthouse.  Fancy yourself a connoisseur of the nude female form? Love a debate of "is it porn or is it art?" Then you will find this hour thoroughly informative and entertaining      


Mar 2019

1 hr 13 min

Welcome to the wondrous world of Assplay in a professional setting & debrief about our lesbian doubles booking with a regular gent. Touching on the elements that brought about our long friendship in and out of the Adult industry, we give great tips on enjoying the forbidden taboo of straight men and the pegging trend. Thanks Abbi & Ilana of Broad City! lols. As 2018 comes to an end, which could be called the year of the Ass, we deconstruct what it means to us to be part of the vast collective of Sex Workers and how we bring ourselves back to earth through self care, natural healing and embrace our feminine wiles. sexwork #podcast #swisrealwork,pegging,lesbiandoubleact,massage,touchtherapy,sexytalk #freedomofspeach,femalesupremecy,research,adult,adultindustry      


Dec 2018

1 hr 5 min