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There’s something about suffering for Jesus that helps us to better follow Jesus. The hostility of the World and the holiness of the Church seem closely linked! In this message we listen to Peter as he gets very specific about what following Jesus environment can look like in the home, at work, with friends and in society in general. We discover very practical instruction about how humility & gentleness can actually go together with courageous determination to do what is right even when people in power try force us to do what is wrong. As we live for Jesus even when it costs us there is a curiosity aroused in people who may ask us the reason for the hope that we have.

Nov 21

38 min 8 sec

In the first chapter of his letter, Peter describes the way followers of Jesus are strangers in a world that has rejected Him. This is not our home and there’ll be moments when it becomes really clear. As well as holding out in faith until we are finally at home with God, we’ve been given something else really precious that gives us the capacity to keep living for Jesus in the world – we’ve been joined together as the people of God. In this message Mike shares with us from 1 Peter 2 about the work that God is doing to build us together and two critical things we must do to experience the blessings of belonging to God with His people.

Nov 13

32 min 45 sec

As we look to the 1st chapter of 1 Peter we are challenged to be Strangers in the World. But what does that mean? Brendan helps explain what was going on as Peter wrote his letter and why he calls not just the original readers but us too to be strangers in this world.

Nov 7

24 min 51 sec

On halloween Mike reflects on the increasing discomfort many Christians feel in the way our society is moving further and further from our Judaeo-Christian heritage. However as we examine this discomfort more carefully we see that it’s just part of the broader human experience as we instinctively make judgements about environments where we fit or don’t fit and people who we feel safe with or nervous around. As we look more closely at this issue we get to a core problem: some people are treated better than others! That problem has always been with us, ever since sin entered the world. Our society is grappling with it, sometimes well and sometimes poorly. But the real definition of the problem and the only complete solution to the problem is found in the Bible, which points us to Jesus and who we are called to be in Him. We look at the beautiful way the Church is invited to live in Colossians 3 as a roadmap to healing and hope.

Oct 31

46 min 38 sec

What matters most about church to you? What excites you and keeps you engaged? What discourages you and causes you to pull away emotionally, spiritually and physically? In this message we tune into the heart of Jesus for His Church, trusting that what He most wants for us is what we most need from Him! In John 17 Jesus prays for His first followers and all those who would believe in their message. It’s often called the “High priestly prayer” and it’s a beautiful window into the heart of God for His people and how we can experience it in our daily lives

Oct 10

26 min 17 sec

The first public proclamation of the gospel is found in Acts 2 and it gives us a great template for how we receive the amazing gift of salvation through faith in Jesus. On the one hand, Jesus has done it all, fulfilling the Old Testament promises and saving us despite our disobedience and rebellion. We can’t earn God’s love, forgiveness, presence through His Spirit or the certainty of eternal life – but they are a free gift that He loves to give us. On the other had, to believe Jesus is Lord and Saviour, it must mean that our lives are not our own any more. We belong to Him and we rely on Him. Seeing what that meant for the first followers of Jesus can be a great lesson in what that should look like for us too.

Sep 19

25 min 13 sec

The gospel is good news for right now and good news for the life to come. In this message we look at the story of the crippled beggar in Acts 3. It’s a great case study of how God’s saving power at work in our lives here and now is so often what creates the opportunity to proclaim the faith in Jesus which saves us both in this life and the next. We reflect on what happens when we focus too little on either salvation here and now or salvation to come; and challenge ourselves to be the people who receive and share the full blessings of the essential gospel.

Sep 12

23 min 29 sec

Christians believe that the gospel – the good news about Jesus – is the best thing you can possible receive yourself and share with others. It’s the high point of all the many ways that we get to share and declare God’s love. What is it that makes the gospel so great? In this message we use Paul’s summary in 1 Corinthians 15 of the essential gospel to share the core message of Jesus that brings salvation to all who receive it by faith. This is the message that we need to know, live and share.

Sep 5

26 min 27 sec

This week we hear from two of our members as they reflect on a partnership trip to Zimbabwe in 2015 and give their thoughts on the medical clinic project for 2021/22. We then tune into Hebrews 13:1-3 which talks about the love that God gives us for one another, those He brings into our lives and those we need to be careful not to forget. It’s this love connection that drives partnership and facilitate’s God’s blessing as we share His heart and follow His will.

Aug 29

41 min 42 sec

In Acts 4 we get a beautiful snapshot of a local church that genuinely works like a family. So much so that no-one considered any of their possessions their own, but they shared everything they had (Acts 4:32). How do you get to that kind of attitude toward your church and toward your stuff? In this message we take a closer look at how it worked in Acts 4, how Jesus said it ought to look in His kingdom in Matthew 25 and we also hear a personal story of what it has looked like for someone in our church family. The answer is the same every time and it gives us simple but powerful way to completely reshape the way we live and the way we give.

Aug 22

37 min 32 sec