WellSpring SoulCARE

By WellSpring

Welcome to the WellSpring SoulCARE podcast! I’m your host, Richard Gotthardt, and I’m part of the WellSpring Team. I’ve been a pastor for almost 30 years in a variety of churches, from small, medium, to large in roles from Students, Spiritual Formation, and Lead Pastor. Now as part of WellSpring, I’m part of a team and organization that seeks to come alongside pastors, ministry and non-profit leaders to help bridge that disconnect between the outer and the inner life. We want to help you pay attention to your soul, that most important but so easily overlooked and even neglected core of who you are. So in this podcast, we want to invite you into an ongoing dialogue and conversation- between you and your own self, between you and God. We’ll do this as we have conversations with others- leaders, authors, pastors, and others who can offer us perspective, wisdom, and simply honest and authentic vulnerability about what is true and real. I’m so excited and honored to host these conversations and invite you into them as we journey together. Discover more: wellspringca.com

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