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An in-depth look at all things animorph. The beloved Young Adult novel series (and T.V Show) by K. A. Applegate. Tune in each episode for mockery, morphs, and of course, morons. Title image used from Giazzo Carronni's flickr gallery a Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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The introduction for our amazing podcast!If you want to jump in, and don't feel the need to catch up, this is the place to start!We explain the characters, the show, and the book series in general.Join Chris and Nate in the Animorons.


Jan 2019

7 min 18 sec

184 pages of the finest introduction a Young Adult series could ask for. Ride with us as we explore the foundation of K.A. Applegate's beloved Animorphs series, filled with relevant 90's references, teens written like adults and children, and speculation as to how much of the plot we can actually remember.


Oct 2019

54 min 39 sec

The second installment of nobody's favorite young adult book series is here. Join us as we laugh, cry and cringe at the mayhem, mischief, and mishaps the animorphs get themselves into, from Rachel's perspective. Follow along with us, Rachel, Jake, Marco, Cassie, and Tobias as they infiltrate Visser Three's inner circle, and get that much closer to defeating the yeerks, or mess it up completely. Jam packed with morphs, morphs and morons, this episode has everything, from overhanded animal similes, to x-men references, and even the attempted assassination of a cat. Only 23 years late to the game, dive in with Chris and Nate, as they analyze in depth the in's and out's of 5 tweens trying to stop an alien invasion. 


Oct 2019

1 hr 10 min

Swoops, dives, saves, and thermals. All this and more in this episode of Animorons. Told from the perspective of everyone's least favorite Hawk-Boy hybrid, join Chris and Nate as they explore the weird sexual tension between a hawk and a gymnast. From ill-laid plans, to physics defying plot holes, this book has it all. Will the 5 Animorphs make it out of this book alive? or will they finally put us out of our misery for having to read yet another chapter that's just a metaphor for puberty? Is Tobias the best hawk-boy in the world? Tobias isn't even the best hawk-boy in the Animorphs.


Nov 2019

1 hr 23 min

Join us for book four of the dear existing book series, Animorphs. This week we hop into the perspective of America's favorite cop-killing, vegan pushing, PETA activist. Will the Animorphs learn from their mistakes (no) and create better plans (no) in their attempt to investigate a mysterious signal coming from somewhere deep beneath the ocean's surface. Or will they find themselves in self created predicaments once again? Find out on this week's podcast. Or a wikipedia article. 

Dec 2019

1 hr 31 min

Muggins. Mall cops. Sad dad figures. Heavy-handed foreshadowing. This and more in K.A Applegate's instant classic.Join Chris and Nate as they delve into every bad plan that Marco details, and spoil what little K.A leaves to the imagination.The secrets are flying, but the professions of love are not. This book adds even more plot holes to the ever expanding chasm that is technology in the Ani-verse.Follow along as Marco explains in excruciating detail what the hell turning into an ant feels like. But don't worry, the gang still manages to don their battle morphs


Feb 12

1 hr 9 min

6 of Animorons in one hand, half a dozen of the best Animorphs podcast in the other.Chris and Nate return with yet another thrilling installment of the podcast voted most likely to exist, by our mothers.Join us as we explore the deeper questions in life such as "are these good plans?", "does Cassie hate the animorphs?", and "how many jokes can we make about Marco's mom?"We catch up with Jake, an average teenager with normal problems, like an intergalactic slug controlling his every move, his friends kidnapping and tying him up in the woods, and having to see the memories and pain of his brother who experienced the same fate.


Mar 8

1 hr 1 min

Look! In the sky! It's a reptile! It's a mammal! Wait, can we remember what the difference is between those two? Maybe!Join Nate and Chris as we explore, both our knowledge of random trivia facts, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, and sexism in YA books in the late 90's,Is this a podcast about the 7th installment of everyone's favorite Animal Morphers? Probably!See the harrowing, drug-fueled acid-trip the Animorphs endure through Rachel's eyes, everyone's favorite hot cousin.Drop a tab, pull up a chair, and join us on the K.A Applegate Experience in real time.


Mar 25

59 min 39 sec

Is megamorphs an expertly crafted masterpiece by our lord and savior K.A. Applegate, or just a money hungry cash-grab?Listen as we try to find out!Join Chris & Nate as we try and summarize 229 pages of repetition, peril, and repetition.The narrators switch off in this book, so get ready to hear from all of your favorite characters, such as bird-boy, the secret-keeper, and early-onset Alzheimer's!Get ready to laugh, cry, and wonder why this book even exists. Does it have any bearing on the main series at all?Maybe!


Apr 12

1 hr 18 min

Do you ever feel like an alien, 1 million light years from home, keeping secrets from the only group of people trying to help you?If you answered yes, you might be Ax in episode 8, The Alien.The bad plans come fast, and they don't stop coming.Join Chris and Nate as they explore the ins and outs of Yeerk orgies, the complexities of K.A Applegate's plot holes, and the merit of suicide in Andalutian culture.Follow along as we try to figure out how Ax could have possibly come up with 4 bad plans all in one book


Apr 25

51 min 37 sec