The Kris Lindahl Show

By Kris Lindahl

Is successful entrepreneurship about promoting the hell out of yourself, or building a killer culture and focusing on relentless personal development? Find the surprising answers as real estate rock star Kris Lindahl interviews business leaders from all walks of life. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll learn how to win in the marketplace—and life—by finding your authentic self and communicating it to the world.

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    Humanity Over Business
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    Matt Majka of the Minnesota Wild wants you to be a “servant leader.” The key: personal humility coupled with a strong will.
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    What’s the secret to success? Charles Eide says it’s not believing in secrets. Great leadership is a process that starts with dreaming big and always questioning the status quo. And it never ends.
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    Every time you say these three words, you’re either making excuses or accidentally trying to defeat yourself. — TKLS #28 One on One
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    Strength of the Pack
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    Want to be a better leader? Then shut up and shut down, because leadership starts with listening
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    Some Uber drivers understand leadership better than most CEOs. At least, that’s what Kris just found out on a recent speaking trip.
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    Leadership is about persistence. What’s leadership about? Persistence. Did we mention that leadership is about persistence? — TKLS #24 One on One
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    Leadership is about confidence, not cockiness. Do you have the confidence to lead. And if not, what can you do about it? — TKLS #23 One on One
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    Is it lonely at the top? For most leaders, it is. But while it’s completely normal to feel lonely as you rise the ranks, you can take constructive action to manage it. — TKLS #22 One on One
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    What makes a good leader? Kris has noticed that today’s most effective leaders share 8 key traits, and they’re not what you think. — TKLS #21 One on One
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    Tracy Call disconnected from her business to “stress test” her team. The results changed her business (Media Bridge Advertising), her marriage and her views on effective leadership. Here’s how. — TKLS #20
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    Be honest: What do you struggle with? Kris addresses the question we don’t like to ask ourselves, shares some of his own challenges and offers constructive ways that you can deal with your struggles to become a better leader and person. — TKLS #19 One on
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    What do you know now that you wish you had known then? Kris answers this question for himself, emphasizing that leadership isn’t about looking back or having regrets; it’s about growing and looking forward. — TKLS #18 One on One
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    How has Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon built the world’s largest fitness chain and America’s #1 franchise system? Through leadership that invests in the whole person, not just the “employee.” — TKLS #17
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    Traditional goal-setting doesn’t work. Kris reveals a more effective method for achieving what you want in life and being a better leader. — TKLS #16 One on One
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    Rachel Mairose went from rescuing 1 animal to saving over 17,000 in less than 10 years. Now Secondhand Hounds is a breed apart—an example of what people can learn from animals, and what businesses can learn from nonprofits about leadership. — TKLS #15
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    Mark Crea has grown Feed My Starving Children 40% a year for 13 years. How has he done it, and what important lessons can businesses learn from the charitable and nonprofit world? — TKLS #14
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    Kris has four critical pieces of advice for you in 2019, all learned from his personal triumphs and challenges in 2018. — TKLS #14 One on One
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    Cesar Castillejos’ life changed when he asked himself two questions. The answers helped him truly understand leadership, stewardship and the right way to help young people become leaders. — TKLS #12
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    “Why can’t I be like them?” — TKLS #11 One on One
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    Kristi Piehl will get you good media coverage … and teach you how to be a successful woman without the “Mom Guilt.” — TKLS #10
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    Kathy Robideau is changing journalism and elevating women … one breadstick at a time — TKLS #9
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    BombBomb’s Darin Dawson is out to “re-humanize the planet,” and he’s doing it in ways you’d never expect. — TKLS #8
  17. 25.
    Brady Forseth does the right things for the right reasons, and he never tries to do it alone. — TKLS #7
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    Kris expresses gratitude for his supporters and TKLS listeners
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    Jennifer Smith loves a good crisis, because she sees big possibilities in hard challenges. — TKLS #6
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    Bill Svoboda wants you to create ‘experiences worth showing up for,’ because that’s how he turns commodity businesses into consumer experience powerhouses. — TKLS #5
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    Josh Neumann’s product is reducing bullying and proving the power of a purpose-based brand, and that’s not just lip service! — TKLS #4
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    Justin Havre talks accountability and self-improvement, two keys to great leadership and culture — TKLS #2
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    “Who do you think you are?” Kris takes on the most important question in leadership and core values — TKLS #3: One on One
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    Jon Cheplak gets vulnerable and talks about the importance of transparency to good leadership — TKLS #1
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