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Are you gluten free or know someone who is? Well you've come to the right place. Welcome to A Gluten Free Podcast! I'm your host Ben and in this show we’ll be exploring all things gluten free. Whether you have coeliac disease like me, you’re gluten free for other reasons or you just want to learn more about the gluten free diet then this podcast is for you!

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Hey, welcome to A Gluten Free Podcast! In this first episode I share my coeliac disease diagnosis story. I chat about my symptoms and health in the lead up to my diagnosis. I’ll talk about why I have started this podcast and what I hope you as the listener can gain from it. I want to be honest and upfront about my journey and how it has totally transformed my life in the hope that it can help you or someone else. I’ve met some great people and discovered some awesome resources since my coeliac disease diagnosis and being gluten free. Thanks for listening! Links* Coeliac Australia* A Gluten Free Family InstagramGet in touch: aglutenfreefamily@gmail.com DisclaimerI am not a medical professional. Please seek out your own personal medical advice from medically qualified professionals before making any decisions about your health or diet. 

Nov 20

18 min 15 sec