Gord McArthur - Throwing Hope

Gordon McArthur

Finding your absolute through a life of survival; the ups and downs of choices made, dreams being chased, and doing the impossible.

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You should exercise unrelenting discipline over your thought patterns.  You are the product of everything you put into your body and mind.  Specifically, the words you use create your reality.  Keep them positive and they will provide the power to transform the quality of your existence.   Champions understand that the sky is the limit, and they demonstrate neverending devotion and commitment to what they deeply desire and want to achieve. Commitment is the major ingredient that separates those who break on through to the other side and experience personal grateness from those who don't. Mastering your "absolute" is the essence of finding inner success; the idea of trying your best, with full commitment, in your every day.  Whether in sport, business, or just general life, it's those moments where every part of you becomes perfect, that your outcome is so in tune that it's magical - it's you looking at the face of the impossible, and gliding right past without hesitation.  The champion knows that once inner success is achieved, there is less need for external victory, because you feel good inside.  With less need for external victory, there is less tension, anxiety, and pressure over having to win.  And with less anxiety and tension, it's easier for the relaxed champion to achieve external victory, the by product of the successful journey, the goal you actually strive for. 

Jan 3

1 hr 4 min

My introduction to what Throwing Hope is; a podcast about my life - the experiences that have shaped me.  There's so many stories to tell, so many successes and failures - through business, being a professional athlete, coming from a HARD upbringing, and now, a family man...yeah...there's lots to talk about.  So here we go...

Dec 2020

39 sec

This episode lays out the foundation.  I'm a professional athlete, a business owner, husband, father, a christian...and i've had the opportunity to experience a lot.  Whether traveling the world, competing for team canada as an ice climber, walking the great wall of china, opening my own climbing gym, raising two teenage daughters, I tell ya...i have stories to tell.  But this isn't just about me.  It's about all of us.  Because we all have stories to tell, experiences to share.  We can navigate together.  We can grasp hold of hope together...harnessing it's power to see us through the impossible.  This is where it starts.

Dec 2020

40 min 59 sec