With Deadly Force Podcast

By International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc.

Scott Reitz, former member of LAPD SWAT, co-founder and lead firearms instructor for ITTS, Inc., and both a state and federal court qualified "use of force" expert, conducts interviews with firearms industry leaders to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of when you can and can not use a firearm in defense of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Scott has been involved in five officer involved shootings that were ruled justifiable with not a single resultant lawsuit. He has taught hundreds of officers that have subsequently been involved in gunfights and to his knowledge, not a single one has resulted in an out of policy shooting. On an average year, Scott conducted the accelerated and advanced firearms and tactics training for over 7,000 officers a year and he did this for fifteen years with a perfect safety record. He has established training programs for numerous entities which have proven to be imminently successful.

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