Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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Join Stacy Jones, the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles branded pop culture partnerships agency specializing in product placement, celebrities and influencer marketing. Learn from her 25 years of experience as she shares advice and insights, and interviews experts on a wide range of how-to-do business and marketing topics.

With over 250 episodes recorded since 2017, the podcast series is positioned for entrepreneurs, brand marketers and agencies to learn best practices from, and better ways to run their companies. Learn both the ‘magic sauce’ to finding success, and the mistakes that should be avoided along the way.

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In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Rand Fishkin, who is the Co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, a Seattle-based tech start-up that provides tools for audience intelligence and market research. He is also the author of Lost & Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World. The two discuss the importance of better knowing your audience, as well as the downfall of creating a fictionalized avatar. Rand also shares why he believes it’s best not to invest all your money in Facebook or Google ads.

Nov 30

34 min 28 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Peter Erik Neeyvoll and Maria Rigger, who are the co-founders of AweSM Sales & Marketing, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build successful online courses. Here, they discuss why it’s important to find your niche, and create a marketing strategy, before you produce your online course. They also discuss the importance of keeping in mind your big “why” and the reasoning behind their philosophy of “just do it—even if you’re not ready yet.”

Nov 2

35 min 27 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Ben Worthen, who is the CEO of Message Lab, an award-winning agency that helps organizations get results by bringing stories to life, through leveraging journalism, data, and design. The two discuss Ben’s experience in journalism, and how it has impacted his approach to marketing and creating content. Ben also shares why, he believes, it’s important that each piece of content has a job and adds value. They also chat about ways in which brand owners and agencies can create a culture where their team members create and share company content. The two also chat about leveraging SEO and social targeting to create ROI.

Oct 26

38 min 39 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Donnie Boivin, the CEO and Founder of the Success Champion family of companies. He is also the founder of the Badass Business Summit, and Events with an Edge. The two discuss Donnie’s extensive experience in sales and how his Success Champion companies came to be. He also shares the Success Champion mindset, and why business owners should incorporate it into their professional lives.  Donnie shares why he believes that you should find your niche and pick clients that you can do cocktails with. They also discuss the importance of establishing systems and processes (and why you should be open to adjusting them, as well.)

Oct 19

38 min 32 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Mandy McEwen, who is the Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing and Luminetics. The two chat about the ways that marketers,  agencies, and brand owners can better leverage LinkedIn, and tap into the power of humanized content marketing. Mandy also discusses the dangers of automation as well as the importance of personalized messaging and content. They also share why businesses should know how to repurpose materials to post on their socials, and the importance of “mixing-it-up.”

Oct 12

41 min 12 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Alex Sinatra, who is the CEO and Founder of Your Potential For Everything, a strategic sports consulting business that helps women and minorities grow in the sports and esports industry. The two touch on Alex’s background in marketing, journalism, sports, and law, and discuss the ways in which student athletes can monetize their name and likeness. Alex shares what athletes should be way of when signing contracts for brand partnerships, as well as the importance of viewing athletes as a person, and understanding them outside of their sport. They also discuss the differences, and similarities, between influencers and athletes.

Oct 5

33 min 25 sec

In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Amanda Rabideau, who is the CEO of Arch Collective, a company that takes on a unique approach to marketing for post-A-series, B2B tech start ups. The two discuss why businesses should consider fractional CMO's and freelancers, as well as the benefits of hiring part-time employees. Amanda also shares her 3 step process for taking on clients, and why she favors working for companies that are specifically, post-A-series. She also provides tips on what businesses can do to make their freelance employees feel included in company culture. 

Sep 21

30 min 34 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Michael Buzinski, who is the CMO of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing, and the author of the best-selling book The Rule of 26. The two discuss the difference between DIY-ers and buyers, as well as the necessary connection between authenticity and marketing. Michael also gives his insights on using call-to-actions, and designing websites. In addition, he also shares why he believes that recognizing your competitive advantage will allow your businesses to better connect with its perfect client. Stacy and Michael also touch on the difference between serviced-based businesses and service-centric businesses.

Sep 14

36 min 26 sec

In this episode, Stacy sits down with Dre Fox, who is a social media coach, blogger, speaker, and the CEO of TimeOfDre Media, a media consulting firm that helps women monetize their message through online platforms. The two discuss how to profit off your socials, and build a brand for you, or your business. They touch on key differences between marketing yourself and marketing your brand, as well as the failure that (sometimes) follows from imitating others’ success. Dre shares why it is important to know your ideal customer—or follower, and master one social media platform, at time. They also talk about the importance of adopting a message that is real and unapologetic.

Sep 7

25 min 51 sec

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Spencer Brooks, who is the Founder and Principal of Brooks Digital, a digital firm that helps health nonprofits improve their online presence. The two discuss the importance of finding your niche, building a great website, and discovering the digital metrics that actually matter. Spencer also shares his “agile” project management philosophy, and why be believes that copying your competitor can stifle your creativity.

Aug 31

35 min 10 sec

In this episode, Stacy sits down with Wayne Mullins, who is the Founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing.  Wayne shares his philosophy of "results based marketing" and why he thinks businesses should stay wary of vanity impressions, and other certain metrics. The two also discuss why businesses need to put work into their websites and socials in order to utilize these platforms as effective tools.

Aug 17

31 min 57 sec

In this episode, Stacy sits down with Melissa Howell, who is the Director of Client Partnerships at Wilkins Media, an out of home specialist firm based in New York City. The two discuss Melissa's unique, millennial perspective of an old school industry, and how she convinces digital and social heavy brands to take a chance on out of home advertising.

May 18

34 min 4 sec