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My name is Marci Baron and I am an Energy Healer. My mission is to bring transformation to as many people as possible and give them the tools to change their lives. During my podcast sessions, I will help you learn how to clear your way home with chakra balancing, energetic hygiene and other explorations.

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0:12 Become, aware, awake and conscious  0:33 Identify what’s going on for you Instead of becoming reactive, you become responsive 0:46 Book: “Clear Your Way Home” by Marci Baron Ego: According to Wayne Dyer: I am what I have I am what I do I am what other people think of me I am separate from everybody else I am separate from what’s missing in my life I am separate from Source,God or Universe 1:43 EGO = Edging God Out This is keeping you from connecting to your truest essence 2:10 We come into this world with amnesia, then we get to remember who we really are 2:24 Why do we have an ego? It is created to keep you safe It is serving your survival 2:43 It doesn’t want you to move forward because the known is familiar. Even if the unknown is healthier. 3:01 Ego is here to keep you safe 3:39 Ego is the gatekeeper to your separation to others and to your higher self 3:52 Test of Judgment to the Self and Others Releasing Judgment is the way you heal 4:11 The more you become aware of what your ego is telling you, then you can calm that voice 4:32 First, acknowledge and notice the story going on in your mind 5:20 Second, Ask yourself, “Is this story really true?” 5:43 Your ego is telling you a story based on the past 5:56 Third, soothe your ego.  6:44 We have a better story to tell about what’s happening. All is well. We can do this. 7:24 Everything is happening for our highest good.  7:32 The past has nothing to do with the present or future.  7:51 Your ego is creating a story to keep you safe. It typically comes from childhood. 8:29 What you’ve experienced is unique to you. 10:10 A friend who cut off opinionated people because of ego, used the three steps. 11:24 We don’t have to disconnect, disassociate, or leave in order to keep safe. “I can stay in this friendship even though we have different opinions.” 12:06 Looking for that inner parent to acknowledge the pain the inner child has gone through.  12:44 Everything shifted for her. 12:46 You get to decide.  “Do I come in unity with myself or others?” 13:32 Just be kind to your ego. Befriend your ego. Know that it’s here to keep you safe. 13:50 Make a different choice of love and passion and curiosity when it comes to the stories you’re telling yourself.   Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Nov 29

14 min 53 sec

0:18 Ancestral = From our Ancestors 0:30 Big Traumas, Little Traumas (Big T, Little T) 0:43 Doesn’t matter how big the trauma is, it’s how our body receives it 0:50 What is traumatic for a person, may not be traumatic for another person 0:55 Trauma can be passed down in your DNA 1:15 You can also inherit unwanted effects from your ancestors’ history 1:30 It is important to break these family patterns 2:19 From a granddaughter of a holocaust survivor, beliefs of unsafety were present 2:41 There is a coding that is passed on to the genes These may be conscious or unconscious  3:40 If you suffer from unexplained anger, depression or fear -- these trauma can be passed on by genes. 4:00 There is research that traumatic experience can be passed onto future generations Emotional inheritance is in our genes 4:22 Our genes can create a blueprint, but they don’t necessarily have to be expressed Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. 5:07 A lot of disease has its roots in emotional trauma The issues are in the tissues. 6:10 A client has adrenal fatigue Did everything she could to heal her adrenal fatigue (Went to a doctor, took supplements) She is a gratitude teacher, practices mindfulness, is very healthy, has no financial worries She lives a very peaceful lifestyle, there was no reason why her adrenal is a constant overdrive She had inherited from an ancestor in Italy, on her maternal side emotions such as panic, terror and horror After muscle testing and clearing the inherited emotions - adrenal fatigue symptoms went away 10:42 Muscle testing and Body Code modality - tap into what your body is holding into & you can clear them 11:15 Emotions are just frequencies, these weren’t of the client 11:31 You can inherit something that isn't even yours 12:28 The trauma that you have inherited is something to explore and be aware of 12:46 Constantly working with my children on the trauma they may have inherited on the panic mode of losing another child 13:38 You can inherit what’s going on with the mother in the Utero 13:57 This is awareness 14:06 It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn Identifying the unconscious core language 14:40 Non-Verbal expressions of the trauma 15:37 Take a look where everything is coming from 15:51 This is an area people don’t even look at 16:05 Identify your core language (can be intuition, beliefs etc.) 16:40  Close your eyes Take a deep breathe, let it out Identify your core language that can lead you to clear your inherited trauma 17:13 I call upon the highest guides of light to help me identify my inherited trauma To be shown all my my unconscious  To understand and pinpoint my deepest fears that live within me that aren't from me Suport, from whatever forms 17:55 Activate change and generate healing immediately 18:42 Take out your journal and start noticing (What you feel, saw and etc.) 18:54 This is an area that fascinates me 19:15 I am clearing so much ancestral trauma And see the ripple to my kids 19:37 What I am doing here, in my own healing, is helping to heal my children and all its patterns and expressions

Nov 22

21 min 3 sec

My Dearest Beautiful Souls! In this episode, I share to you the training I went through that changed the trajectory of my life and led me to be the energy healer that I am today. In the previous episodes, I talked about the lessons of our souls. These lessons are based on our past lives that we ought to undergo and learn in the journey of our lifetime. Today’s topics about Past Life Regression Therapy and the concept of Soul Fragments help us connect with our multi-dimensional selves and clears all the trauma from there so we can achieve complete healing in our present life. Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss [0:55] Our Deepest Soul Connection [4:17] Accessing our Past Lives [7:23] The Story of Dr. Weiss [9:27] Past Life Regression Therapy [18:03] My 2012 Israel Awakening Journey [19:09] Soul Fragment [22:43] It is one fascinating experience I had the privilege to make it happen in my own life which I hope you can all try, too. I am excited to pay it forward. It is such a profound experience to have. Visit my website for an individual or group consultation. I am always here to hold that space for you. Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Nov 15

27 min 21 sec

0:52 Three levels of understanding: knowledge, integration, embodiment 1:25 Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz 1:35 Premature son Benjamin So much grief, pain, guilt – my fault Painful for me – clotting problem Victim Mode, first pregnancy at 31 3:06 several yrs later Psychic medium-- He spared your family from so much pain Hysterical crying, full release Our souls never die He advanced his soul 5:05 We have a choice to decide what is going to happen --- soul 520 Healing in my heart He’s with his Nana Blew me away and brought me so much comfort 610 Life is a one room school house where we all incarnate to learn the lessons of our soul Individualized curriculum depending on what we need to learn Our lessons are unique to each person 635 We decide these lessons in soul planning meeting with our soul family and guides before we are born 701 Free key decision points—freewill 731 Choose your own adventure stories You get to choose – always a choice where you want to go 813 Choice points as a soul Integral to our journey 828 If you see yourself’s purpose, your life, your journey... blue trail or the red trail 940 I choose to learn the lessons of my soul through joy, ease, and peace. 951 “Your Soul’s Plan book” You have a choice 1020 Discovering the real meaning of the life you plan before you were born 1042 Pre-birth planning sessions In between states— 1120 Ex. lesson unconditional love Parents’ divorce, my own divorce, etc major challenges All of these are set-up to grow How this is happening for you and not to you 1223 Shift your perspective of why you’re here 12:59 Not for the purpose of suffering but for the growth that will result 13:17 Spiritual Awakening is a remembering The essence of who you are—a soul 13:33 Understand Look at your challenges rich with purpose, with opportunity Shift into a place of growth or gratitude The death of my son required so much healing of my heart and led me to this path to hold space for the healing of others Through my deepest pain, my wounds that turned into my wisdom Really powerful 15:00 You set it up before you were born You are pure light True nature: Oneness 15:28 Separation is an illusion Compassion and empathy for yourself because you are everyone 15:57 We are One 16:06 You are the ocean in this drop Soul’s purpose—we get to remember 16:32 Remember Re-member: We bring back pieces of ourselves that were lost 16:57 What is it that you need to learn? The lessons of your soul Life will give you whatever experience for the evolution of your consciousness This is the experience you are having at the moment>>need 17:40 Imagine… standing in the forest Identifying what you’re struggling with>> what your soul needs to learn, lesson 19:10 Example, client Harder financial times Lesson: humility, gratefulness of everything he has 19:50 woman needs to control everything, struggles with fear Organ transplant Lesson: she really isn’t control of anything She can only control her response 20:21 another woman struggles with being heard Yell, lose his temper; divorce and custody battles Lesson: control and diplomacy 20:43 The lesson repeats as needed Keep coming back in diff forms Until your soul learns the lesson 21:05 awareness: happening for me to grow victim mode: “ to me as I am being punished powerful shift in mindset 21:22 Step by step way to identify the lesson of your soul 21:33 a. You can never get it wrong,  you never run out of time Once you master this one, there is always another one to learn; another level up there is no there, without a destination 22:05 It is the journey that we’re here, meant to enjoy and learn 22:28 1. Get a piece of paper Deep breath, present in the moment 26:46 Be open to receiving more information at a later time as you have set this intention 26:56 The point in doing this is awareness When you identify what you need to learn, you are empowered to make a different, more loving choice 27:16 If you are tempted to react in an old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future Curiosity and compassion You can decide It’s up to you to decide the path, and when you are ready 27:59 The universe never runs out of time You can never get it wrong 28:12 You can come back to all this incarnation to learn the lessons of your soul 28:37 Past Lives What is the opportunity here?   Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Nov 8

29 min 43 sec

Hello there, Beautiful Souls!  In this episode, I focus on defining and elaborating the word I often use throughout this healing journey: EMBODIMENT. The 3 Levels of Knowing [0:56] When You Embody [6:56] Each to His Own [7:45] My Own Journey of Embodiment [10:49] When you embody something, it is so much a part of you that you don’t consciously put so much work on it anymore. This is a process so, be patient with yourself. Trust that everything will find you when you are ready for it. For now, hold it as an understanding while we are working through it. I am here to hold that space for you. I have a free e-book and a course you can check in my website if you want to know more about Spiritual Flu and dive deep with it. See you there! Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Nov 1

15 min 22 sec

Hello there, Beautiful Souls!  In the previous episode, we have learned how Spiritual Flu is such a disruption and how it may bring discomfort to us. However uncomfortable that is, such is necessary for us to bring ourselves to our higher state of consciousness. It is an invitation to go deeper. In this episode, I talk about what are the benefits of responding to this invitation and how you can shift a paradigm on such discomfort: What is the Invitation? [2:42] The Benefits of Embodying Your Spiritual Self [3:25] When You’re In The Flow [8:00] Jump Timelines [11:30] Quantum Leap [13:00] There is No “There” [14:40] Always remember that the discomfort has a purpose—on why it happens for you, not to you. Are you willing to respond to this invitation and really go deep?  I am here to hold that space. I have an e-book and a course you can check in my website if you want to know more about Spiritual Flu and dive deep with it. See you there!   Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Oct 25

18 min 16 sec

Hello there, Beautiful Souls! As we move from different states of consciousness, which were discussed in our second episode, we experience discomfort. This may be a Spiritual Flu. A Spiritual Flu is an energetic spiritual reset likened to a system update in gadgets. In this episode, I am sharing with you all about Spiritual Flu and what must you do if you’re experiencing it: What is Spiritual Flu? [1:35] The Importance of Spiritual Flu [5:29] Symptoms of Spiritual Flu [11:00] What You Must Do [14:20] A Spiritual Flu is an invitation to embody your multi-dimensional, spiritual self. A shift in the way we ask—from ‘why is it happening to me’ to ‘why is it happening FOR me’—creates a big difference. Disclaimer: I, Marci Baron, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, heal, cure or treat disease. My work is a complement to conventional medicine and psychotherapy. I am an energy practitioner, intuitive counselor and coach. I do not claim that the counseling, energy work and modalities I practice are a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. For such issues you may wish to seek the proper licensed physician or health care professional. This energy work may help the bio-field to come into energetic balance, and based on the theory that when one’s energy field is in balance, the body’s latent healing ability can heal itself. I make no promises or guarantees about the results of this work. Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Oct 18

19 min 9 sec

Hello there, Beautiful Souls! Do you feel any discomfort at the moment? It means something is changing and you are moving. We are moving—on a planetary level—into a lighter state! Movement means letting go of the old as you take on the new, lighter state. Tune in as I tackle what is happening on our planet, the different states of consciousness, and how we can thrive through these states: The Planetary Movement [1:07] 3D-Living [2:50] 5D-Living [5:26] The In-Between [6:40] Thinning of the Veil [10:30] The Spiritual Flu [16:56] Yes, movement is uncomfortable but it is also exciting. This is a necessary step to your transformation—into higher states of consciousness. I am here to hold space for that healing. Hang in there! Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Oct 18

20 min 18 sec

Hello, Beautiful Souls! Welcome to the premiere episode of my podcast, Mondays with Marci!  Mondays are created for new beginnings, and so is this podcast. There is a reason why you are here. Like many people, you may just have been going through life so unconsciously that you accumulate energy backpacks which make you feel heavy. So, I am here to help you become conscious and lighten your soul. I am Marci Baron, an energy healer. I am a certified Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy ® Master Instructor, Body Code Practitioner, Past Life Regression Practitioner, and a Dual Masters of Science in Education degree holder. Let us start your soul journey with learning all about Energy. The essence of your soul—your energy—cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can only be shifted or transmuted; and, that is a law in science. This episode will help you understand how energy works, how you use it, and how it impacts you because awareness is the first step to change: Everything is Energy [1:02] What Influences Your Energetic Signature? [2:20] The Purpose of this Podcast [4:13] My Energy Healing Journey and its Ripple Effect [5:12] Energetic Backpacks [6:12] Energy Hygiene: The 5-Minute Energy Cleanse [11:36] Your soul is just pure light and your goal here is to bring yourself back to this state, your highest self. Let me help you shift into your lightest being—clearing your way home. Practice the energetic hygiene consistently and your life will change. ‘Til our next episode!   Instagram @marcibaron Website: Subscribe to Newsletter:

Oct 18

23 min 51 sec

Are you feeling heavy and don’t know where to start? I am Marci Baron, your Energy Healer and Homeward Bound Guide to 5D-Living. I will share with you the tools, techniques, and modalities to support the journey of your soul and lighten your energetic backpacks. Let me help you clear your way HOME. I am so glad you’re here!

Oct 8

30 sec