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Our monthly Tet Talk Podcast sees a special guests from the world of business and tech joining us to discuss interesting topics.

Sit back, enjoy and learn about how technology is shaping the world around us.

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In episode 7 of Tet Talk we chat to Lucy Coles - Partner Account Manager for Salesforce in Africa about investing and growing within our continent. Tune in to learn more about Salesforce and its effects in Africa.

Jul 13

14 min 43 sec

On this episode of Tet Talk we take a technical deep dive into the world of AWS and DevOps and find out how AWS can help your business in a South African Context. Our very own Tetrad Solutions Architect Oscar Sibanda leads the way.

Jul 6

23 min 41 sec

In Episode 5 of Tet Talks we speak about technical excellence with Tetrads Head of Development Ram. We share interesting insights into CRM and discuss some of the fears and misconceptions surrounding CRM solutions.

Jun 22

20 min 24 sec

Our fourth episode of Tet Talk is all about the numbers as we are joined by two impressive Sage Intacct representatives. Please enjoy this informative conversation with Erika More and Gerhard Hartman.

Apr 27

23 min 3 sec

Salesforce Executive Yann Assouline talks about creativity and innovation in B2B Commerce along with a plethora of interesting tech topics. Episode 3 of Tet Talk is packed full of interesting insights into the world of B2B Commerce and beyond.

Mar 31

21 min 44 sec

Here's Episode 2 of Tet Talk featuring a very special guest. We are joined by Philip Sharpe who is the Salesforce Sales Director for the Commercial Business Unit in Africa. Join us for the interesting conversation.

Mar 31

38 min 40 sec

Our first Tet Talk Podcast sees our Founder & CEO Vusi Mthethwa discuss integration & the advancement of technology in the cloud space with Flowgear MD Daniell Chillcott. Sit back, enjoy and learn about how technology is shaping the world around us.

Mar 31

20 min 15 sec